Juggernaut Basketball Skills & Performance

Juggernaut Basketball Skills & Performance

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Here at Juggernaut Basketball we focus on developing athletes as complete players, intelligent minds(thinking the game), strong bodies(elite performance training), & confident spirits(mentally prepared to overcome adversity/challenges).

We train to make IN GAME IMPACTS, not just cool fancy drills that don't yield results. By learning the game skills, performing the game like reps, and building the confidence needed to compete at a high level, athletes/players are most likely to have the best opportunity to be successful in games as well as practices/trainings.

As a certified personal trainer as well as a certified skills coach with over 14 years experience, I have a COMPLETE range of development techniques use to build better athletes.

Check out the Juggernaut Basketball Instagram and Facebook pages (Juggernaut Basketball) to see more examples & details of trainings & services provided.

The joy that you feel when you see your athletes buy into THEMSELVES is amazing. All the hard work and dedication correlates to way more than just on court performance. I love to see more confident ladies/guys as a result of the dedication and self investment that is earned.


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    Scott R.

    Coach Isaac pushes my 2 boys and all the boys during training to be the best they can be.
    Coach Isaacs knowledge and extreme passion for the game of basketball is helping develop young boys into respectable young adults. I total recommend Coach Isaac to train your son or daughter.
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    June 11, 2017

    Aly R.

    Absolutely an awesome experience; its good, hard work, with attention to detail and in game skill development and awareness. Love the way coach Isaac teaches the kids. I have been going for a couple a years and have see a vast improvement in my boys.
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    June 11, 2017

    Alonso H.

    Coach Isaac is a great coach that wants nothing other then for you to get better he pushes you to reach your full potential and you are guaranteed to get some good work out of him
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    June 10, 2017

    Damien G.

    Coach Isaac Holloway challenges , inspires, and encourages the kids to do there very best on and off the court. A++++
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    June 10, 2017

    George S.

    Isaacs ability to train all ages and skill levels is remarkable, he demonstrates a unique way to connect, instruct, coach, and encourage everyone....from the most athletic to the least. His knowledge and passion for basketball are always on display, which is a great example and motivation for all . Moreover, hes challenges kids to do their very best and never settle for mediocrity.
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    June 09, 2017


    Ive seen tremendous growth in my son, within only a short amount of time. Isaac is a no nonsense coach and training. Not only does he show the players what to do he takes time to explain why its important and how it relates to the game. By far one of the best Ive worked with.
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    June 05, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    Typically I would take a new client through an evaluational workout. That would include surveys on general health, special conditions or complications, and get an idea of activity levels/sedentary habits. We would establish a process which is design around goal setting to help clients become a new person. 

    I have played scholarship level college basketball, I am a NASM CPT, and have been running & coaching basketball teams & classes for over the past 10 years.

    Group sessions

    Individual sessions

    Outdoor bootcamps

    Prices differ depending on clients interest.

    I always had a love for training and coaching because the rewarding feelings you get from supporting & encouraging others is priceless.

    I love when you get to see personal growth in players on and off of the court!

    Corporate Projects


    Fitness Seakers

    Weekend Warriors




    I run a travel basketball program, Juggernaut Basketball. I thoroughly enjoy the entire process. From the beginning stages of the tryouts, to going through the development and preparation pieces, down to game prep and game play. 

    To help these players grow and develop into confident players is an amazing journey to witness.

    Ask a ton of questions and tell exactly what you are looking for. 


    Specific attention or needs to details they are concerned with.

    A trainers experience level.

    Clearly express your goals.

    Learn to communicate effectively. 

    Services offered