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"When you take lessons with Tony, you're not just taught chords so you can play a Van Halen or a Nirvana riff. You're taught the fundamentals in a way that you become familiar, almost in tune with your guitar. If you find any other knucklehead that can do that, I'll pay for your lessons. Actually, I won't, but you should take lessons with Tony anyway. He's that good." - Jessica Green "Tony kicks the most ass of any guitar teacher out there. He is patient and encouraging, but in no time will have you playing things you didn't think you could play. He will give you a good music foundation while letting you learn the music you like the most. If you're serious about playing guitar, he's the man." - Ami E Albernaz "I have been taking lessons from Tony for about 4 months now, and to say I have gone far beyond what I expected would be an understatement. He seems to have an innate feel for what the student is capable of, then reaches just beyond, to get the most from you...... I have not had one lesson where I did not come away feeling that I achieved something..." - Alan D. "I've studied under four different guitar teachers and Tony is the first one that's been able to clearly explain how the different parts - key signature, chord progressions, scale patterns, picking technique - all fit together. My first lesson was six weeks ago and the guys in my band have already noticed a huge difference." - Glen Goland "I have been going to Tony for lessons since this past spring and my playing has improved tremendously. He has helped me work on my left hand technique, improve my picking, introduced me to new approaches to playing various types of licks, and has helped me with my approach to learning other artist songs. On top of that, Tony is an excellent teacher, an amazing player, and extremely easy to get along and work with" -David Schwartz

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