Ms. Margarita

Ms. Margarita

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I am a Worldwide Acclaimed Composer and a passionate, dedicated professional with over 20 years of teaching experience, located in Fort Lee, NJ. I am currently considering adding one to two more students to my schedule. My knowledge of music has led my students to such achievements as:

Awards in composition

Creation of musicals

Musical releases

Successful passing of the “Royal Conservatory” Piano, Theory, Aural and the AP Music Theory Exams

My background is diverse, ranging from classical music to rock, pop and jazz. I have worked with children as young as four, and adults of varying skills (from absolute beginner to professional). My fee is $80 per hour. Some of my students choose to take my lessons on biweekly basis.

To set a free trial lesson please feel free to give me a call!

You can learn more about me on my website:

1. It is very important to me that my students leave inspired after each lesson. I love it when they say "What? That's It?" This moment happens every time with my students, they do not notice how the time flies by.

2. I enjoy finding a unique approach for each student, whether it's finding the right music or working on physicality (how to turn the hand, which finger to use).

3. It is important for me that every lesson opens a new door on the path of this amazing adventure into the world of music.

4. Having a sense of humour is super important, this makes the experience enjoyable, memorable and lighthearted.


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Catherine A.

Margarita is a very patient piano teacher and explains things very well. She finds many different ways to explain a concept so that the student can understand it well. She knows how to motivate and inspire. Margarita has excellent knowledge of all kinds of music and encourages the student to play different genres. We are very pleased to have a piano teacher like her! Highly recommended!
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August 25, 2016


Gail L.

I had the privilege of studying piano with Margarita Zelenaia for several years before her move to New Jersey ended our lessons. She is a professional of the highest caliber, a gifted teacher, who encourages, explains, demonstrates, and guides the student to mastery across a wide musical repertoire. Margarita has the ability to teach students at all levels - from the beginner to the advanced level. Although I no longer enjoy her physical presence, I hear her words and see her notes, marked on the musical text, whenever I sit down at the piano. The hallmark of a master teacher is the ability to help the student develop strong piano technique, while simultaneously encouraging the student to appreciate what the music is trying to convey.
Margarita Zelenaia has helped me to do both.
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August 17, 2016


Michio S.

When I was looking for a music composition teacher for my daughters two years ago, their piano teacher strongly recommended Margarita. She was right! Margarita impressed me from the very first lesson. My daughters were 11 and 8 years old back then but she took different approaches based on their ages and skills. She was passionate, determined but also fun. She made them focused through the whole lessons. Since then, my daughters have learned not only how to compose music but also how to interpret music and those skills have brought a positive impact on their piano playing as well.
Margarita is also very flexible and accommodative of our needs. I was so appreciative when my older daughter had a big surgery last year. While she was in a hospital, the nerve of her left hand was hurt by IV and her left hand became unusable for almost six months. Even in such a situation, Margarita designed interesting lessons for her every week and added something new as my daughter’s left hand recovered. Margarita’s warm caring and support encouraged my daughter a lot!
Margarita is not only an inspirational, enthusiastic, patient teacher but also a beautiful person. I feel so lucky that my daughters have Margarita for their composition teacher.
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August 15, 2016

Frequently asked questions

I learn about his musical interests, what the student likes to sing, I do not rush to begin a deep dive into music notation and reading the music, we explore the piano by starting with improvisation. I assure you that a person who has never played the piano before, will be able to start improvising right away. For instance, imagine a rainy day: you press a pedal, and use black keys only. At first, you play, without rushing, several black keys at a slow tempo, when the rain starts pattering, you increase the tempo, you can go up or down, and then you hear thunder. Naturally, you move down to the low range, and start hammering those black keys. And so on...This is how I show the abilities of the instrument. And only then we start getting to know music notation, ercognizing rhythm, dynamics, etc.

Gnessin State Music College, Moscow – Professor of Composition, Piano and Theory.

State Art College, Moscow – Professor of Composition, Piano and Theory

Northern Westchester Center for the Arts. Mount Kisco, NY -Piano and Composition Instructor

  • Piano students shown the best result playing recitals among the students of the complete Piano Department of the Art Center
  • Teaching Composition for an adult composer who worked on releasing a CD with his music
  • Teaching a Vocal student the art of sight-reading

I charge $80 per hour. I realize that to many, it may seem much higher than what a regular music instructor would charge. There is a good reason for that, however, and that quality and enjoyment. At the same time, my lessons are very intense, as a student, you get a lot of them. For this reason, I give a free trial lesson so that my students can get a first-hand experience. I realize that budgets may vary, and some choose to study on biweekly basis, which is totally fine, if the student continues to follow my instructions during this extended time period. I permit my students to do audio recording of my lessons for them listen to the lesson over and over.

 I have worked with children as young as five, and adults of varying skills (from absolute beginner to professional).  

I have an Australian Premiere in Sydney of my monumental, 32-minute, composition, titled "Double Variations based on Mussorgsky" for piano solo. I have used two contrasting themes from Boris Godunov genius opera by Mussorgsky. Accepting congratulations at the moment ))

I have put together 10 traits you should look for when hiring a teacher:

They should take a trial lesson, and not rush into a commitment. 

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