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As the first complete martial art system where one can learn everything from blocks to punches, kicks to elbow and knee strikes, takedowns and throws, grappling along with weapon defense and much more, we're considered the most well rounded system in the world.

Most schools these days teach their main system, along with a secondary program like grappling. Some schools are mixed martial arts school however. These school hardly ever teach everything. This includes third party protection or multiple attacker defense, weapon defense, etc.

A martial arts system that is truly complete is rare, but we are the originals founded in 1981...12 years before MMA.

With over 38 years training and over 28 years as an educator, my passion for the martial arts is second to none. Nine Hall of Fame inductions later, over 10,000 students taught, and learning from countless masters worldwide I can't wait for another 38 years.

I want you to feel the passion I have.


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    Andy R.

    Sensei Dan is straight to business but the best coach you could ask for. I was a student and instructor of UMS and enjoyed the practical and efficient maneuvers. If you want to learn defense go to Sensei Dan!
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    October 14, 2019

    Irene C.

    Sensei Dan has been in the Martial arts since he was born. I have had the privilege of training with him over the years and his ability to explain technique and push students to their fullest potential is worthy of his ranking.
    You will reach your goals with Sensei Dan in your corner.
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    October 06, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I'd like to speak with them in learning what their underlining goals are.  Most students don't even know what they really want and if they have an idea, they don't know where to go to get it.

    Then we can begin with training...simple.

    -38 Years in the martial arts

    -28 Years teaching the martial arts

    -6 Different black belts

    -9 Different martial arts hall of fames

    -International Chief Instructor of Universal Martial System and highest rank

    -Founder of world leading combat system; UMS Combat

    I do not however for private lessons my students must agree to train no less than 3 months and take a minimum of 2 classes per week ranging from 45 - 90 mins depending on the age. 

    Lastly, private classes must be paid for the full month in advance unless otherwise agreed.

    If you are looking for group classes the all aplies besides the prices rate which is substantially lower.

    My father is a Superme Grand Master with over 20 black belts and many hall of fames.  Best friends with Chunk Norris and Bob Wall, I was drawn to it from a very young age and learned to love it from the beginning. 

    I work with every type of student from you typlical student to students with disablities ranging from the visually impaired/blind to those who use wheelchairs as well as special needs and so much more.  I also work with seniors, military personnel, law enforcement, the list goes on.

    Truly try to find what you're looking for.

    Many people don't know much about the martial arts but they've heard about the UFC and MMA and how it provides a mix of martial arts.  

    What they don't know is that mixed martial arts although great is limited as most people want combat martial arts which is geared for real life street defense.  This includes weapon defense and more which MMA doesn't provide.  

    Combat martial arts; what I teach is like MMA juiced up.  But if you want MMA, know it's not a combat martial art, it's a sport combat martial arts.  Unless you're going to compete in tournaments, then most likely the average person interested in MMA really wants CMA.

    So, just do your research, visit several schools and ask a lot of questions.  A lot!

    There are sport martial arts, sport combat martial arts (MMA), combat martial arts, traditional martial arts and complete martial arts (all of the above/what I teach).

    -What will I learn in total.  What will I NOT learn?

    -How often can I train a week and how long are the classes?

    -See if you can view a class and look at the highest ranking students to see their skill set.  See if their techniques are clean or sharp, if they have balance, and how they move.  You can judge where you'll be by viewing where they are.

    -Ask each instructor to demonstrate two types of self-defense (defense against a hold or a grap) techniques in order to see the real effectiveness within those two techniques.

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