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I am a teacher first and a guitar player second. Because I have spent my career as an educator, I feel that I know how to reach students-especially beginning students-where they are. Questions are powerful tools and I use them as a means by which to gauge what my students know, and what they want to learn. I ALWAYS start my first lesson with a student with this question: How can I help you out? It's an open-ended question that gives the student the power to explain what specifically they are trying to learn. This sets the expecations up front so the student is always in the driver's seat with their learning!

Also, because I am a teacher, you can always expect me to set up lesson goals and outcomes clearly via useful handouts and lessons that will allow you to learn what you want when you are ready to learn it! In other words, you will always be ready for each skill you learn provided you practice and put work into learning as well.

I have played the guitar for 27 years, both individually and in bands (I have been a member of my current band since 2016). Additionally, I have taught students from children up until adult age. One thing I do not do is "show off". There is no room for that in lessons; I never want to do anything that's going to intimidate or lower the esteem of my learners. Working with me you will find an approachable, friendly, and encouraging teacher who wants to see you enjoy playing the guitar as much as I do!

I love taking something I know or know how to do and opening up that opportunity for my students as well! I "come alive" when I am able to see my students succeed and futher their learning in ways they never though possible. Because I enjoy playing the guitar so much, I want to be able to share that enjoyment I feel with others!


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    Cliff H.

    Chris is an excellent music teacher -- very patient, clear, and knowledgeable. He and I taught elementary-age children instruments together for several semesters. Chris taught guitar and was also one of the drum/percussion teachers. His approach to teaching is very positive and encouraging, which is great, especially for younger learners. And he developed lesson plans with fun and helpful exercises to keep the kids attention while they learned. I highly recommend Chris and Guitar For Everyone.
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    June 03, 2020

    Stephanie H.

    Chris is such a great guitar teacher! He has been teaching the kids at our church both guitar and drums for a couple of years now. He is incredibly patient, encouraging, very talented, and always has a smile his face. You can tell he loves teaching! He helps the kids work through difficult passages in their music slowly and thoroughly to make sure they really understand what they are doing. I highly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar!
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    June 01, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    When working with a new student, I first start with the question: What would you like to learn? In other words, I "check in" with the student by inquiring as to what it is I can specifically help out with. I also begin by asking students what it is they already know, and what they are looking to add to that knowledge. I feel questions allow both the student and I to get a stronger grasp on what strengths they already have and what challenges they are facing so as not to waste any of their time.

    I have been playing guitar since 1993, and I took private lessons for four years. Additionally, I studied music theory in college, and played in various bands during that time. Currently, I have been playing both acoustic rhythm guitar and electric (rhythm and lead guitar), in my band since March of 2016.

    On top of my experience with playing guitar, I am a certified K-8 elementary school teacher, and I spent nine years as a classsroom teacher before moving into Higher Education administration. I hold both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education with a dual major in English Literature and Elementary Education.

    I charge 30$ per half hour lesson, and $45 for the full hour (with the first lesson offered for free as a consultation session). This allows the student and I to determine whether we would be a good fit working with one another, and if I would be ale to meet his or her learning needs.

    I discovered my career in teaching by taking an Introductory Education course in college to "check it out". Little did I know that within the first four weeks of the class I would be placed in an actual classroom and given real students to work with. I loved it from the second I stepped into the classroom and never looked back until I earned my degree and my own classroom!

    I have taught and tutored students from kindergarten up until adult-age. Besides classroom teaching and teaching guitar, I have tutored math and English reading and writing.

    I recently had the chance to meet my new nephew Jack through the glass of his front door-as our families are still quarantined. He is my third nephew, and it was a joy to (almost) hold him!

    My strong advice would be to look for a guitar teacher with an approachable and patient demeanor. In other words, you want to be comfortable with your teacher's personality so that you feel free to ask questions, make mistakes, and try your best knowing that you will be both challenged and supported.

    You also want to look for a guitar teacher who has the expertise to teach what it is you would like to learn. Every guitarist has different training and different musical preferences, so you want to search for a guitarist who has confidence in teaching you specifically what you want to learn or improve upon.

    What are the specific things I want/need to learn (or to improve upon)?

    What age/gender teacher or tutor am I comfortable working with?

    How much am I (or my parents) comfortable spending on my lessons?

    How much time will I have to practice outside of lessons?

    What do I hope to be able to do once I have completed lessons?

    Do I have all the materials needed to be successful?

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