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Offers online services


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I strive to help students focus on their love of music and to achieve their true potential while not merely honing in on mechanical skills.

I knew I wanted to be a violinist 46 years ago and have been a professional for 34 years. I studied violin at Mannes School of Music and attended The LaGuardia H.S. of Music and Art and Performing Arts before getting my Bachelors of Music at Indiana University and my Masters of Music from New England Conservatory. I've performed as soloist, concertmaster, first violinist in chamber music ensembles, and have recorded with numerous groups and orchestras for albums, filmscores, music videos, and just about every other medium. My writing and arrangements have also appeared in film and advertising, often with myself as soloist.

I also was a founding member of a World Music group based in Italy which had been the focus of a documentary called "L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio" and went on play worldwide, winning many prestigious awards such as the Donatello.

I've always loved teaching students the violin even while pursuing a very intensive performing career in the US, Europe, and in Asia. My approach to teaching has been tempered through decades of evolving as a performer, composer, and educator of hundreds of students from all seven continents. Much of what I incorporate in my particular method has come from what I've learned hands on and knowing exactly what works, thereby saving my students time and unnecessary anxiety.

I am fluent in Italian.

I love to inspire my students through sharing my own passion for music; I get excited when I see that process start to take shape in their life.


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    Olga Z.

    After almost a year of working with John, I dont even know where to start.... Fist of all, he is not just a teacher. He is your guru, your coach, your friend, your inspirer, your angry parent, and all you can wrap your head around. His approach is not based solely on his perspective or knowledge, but on your individual mindset, your habits, your skill level, your personality and your goals. He has this unique ability to make you want to be your best even if you are losing the sense of purpose. He helped me learn and understand so much. He helped me grow and develop my skills to the level I never thought possible. If it wasnt for John pushing me forward, I would quit my violin a while ago. He always tells me that he teaches me how to teach myself, but he does so much more than that. Besides giving the knowledge and sharing the experience, he inspires you to be your best self and encourages you to love every single moment playing your instrument. John is immensely talented musician and a teacher and if you ever get a chance to work with him, dont lose it. I promise this will be your best ever experience studying music. John, I hope you know, I truly am grateful to you and I appreciate everything you taught me. Every single bit of it was incredibly helpful and without you my love for violin wouldnt be the same.
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    December 31, 2022
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    Isabelle R.

    John is a truly dedicated professional with an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of music making. I’ve never met anyone with such true passion for his craft.
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    August 05, 2021

    Alyceson R.

    John is a great teacher. Very professional yet open, patient and even funny.
    His music experience is top notch. I highly recommend him.
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    May 04, 2021

    Ben H.

    First and foremost, John is a fantastic guy who has shed loads of patience and always has a smile on his face. Not only is he vastly experienced, but also a genuinely great person. I fully recommended getting in touch with him if youre looking for more than just a-n-other teacher.
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    May 04, 2021

    Alex A.

    Mr. Maida not only taught me violin skills but also how to be patient and stay dedicated. I’ve studied under him for a few years now, he has shaped and molded me into a great violin player. He holds his students to a very high standard that does nothing short of setting them up for success in the music world.
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    May 04, 2021

    Barry M.

    I find John to be a fantastic teacher. I had always wanted to play the violin, but was always quite intimidated by the idea of learning the intricacies as a complete beginner. John really put my mind at ease during our first lesson, and has been really patient with me since. His knowledge of music and his ability to explain things in an easy to understand way are unrivalled. I have absolutely no problems in recommending John!
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    May 04, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    I like to understand what the student's previous education and preparation has been, if any, and what their short and long-term goals are.

    I started studying the violin at age 5 and earned my Bachelors of Music from Indiana University and my Masters from New England Conservatory in Boston. After winning several concertmaster jobs in Italy I was chosen to participate in a specific course there for concermasters, while also having a violin studio of my own of 30 students.

    I also have studied jazz, filmscoring and composition as well as having vast experience playing the electric violin.

    I charge $50 for a 30 minute individual lesson and $35 per person for a 30 minute group lesson. Lessons can be scheduled for 30 minutes, 45 min, 60 min, etc. Discounts available in certain cases such as families, semester payments in advance, etc.

    I was asked when I was 10 years old, by one of the moms of a younger child studying with my teacher, to tutor her son once a week. I discovered how good for me as a player that was, how much it reinforced my own playing at the time. Soon I was being approached by other mothers and I became accustomed to accompanying their kids as well for their recitals; this broadened my understanding of our repertoire even more.
    While in college, amongst my other courses I also studied Music Pedagogy, where I had my second series of experiences teaching young people (just a few years younger than me). Once I finished all of my studies, I was fully confident in my own teaching abilities.

    I've literally taught students practically ranging from ages 0-99. My most common age groups tend to be in the 11-25 yr old range, but there have been so many exceptions to that. I've also worked with students who have physical or learning challenges to face. 

    Today, the mother of a former student thanked me in the pics of her older daughter graduating High School on Facebook. Her daughter won the music award of the entire graduating class because of her accomplishments both as a violinist and as a composer (she would also compose works for her ensemble!). She thanked me "for nurturing her love for music". I couldn't be more proud.

    I would encourage them to be thorough in checking credentials, experience, and what methodology the teacher adopts. Most of all, I would try and understand if they are excited about teaching music!

    A student should first be willing to be honest with themselves about what they aspire to achieve and how much energy they are willing to invest in accomplishing that. After that, I think they should write doen their top 3 questions, briefly and concisely.

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