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Personal touch . I served in the USMC honorablely discharged. I have 4 awards expert with firearms . 12 years Aikido training in Japan, certified at NASA special security training certificate. I teach basic rifle, basic pistol, and unarmed self defense

Helping people over come fears and building confidence!!


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    Brian K.

    Friendly , very knowledgeable. We had a great day at the range
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    November 01, 2019



    The instructor handle my daughter and son with great respect ! he taught them good gun safety and to always treat every weapon as it was loaded . He took his time and let them get comfortable using small caliber weapons then worked his way up with what they were comfortable with.
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    November 01, 2019


    Steve M.

    November 01, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    First step is meeting in person and find out the mental state and physical state of the student to be trained.  Going through basic safety procedures, Making sure they understand the range rules and can comply. Teach them how to load there own weapon safely and unload. Depending on what type of weapon they are using run a few dry fire drills with no ammo watching there grip, body postion, and stance. From there live fire and watching there reaction to recoil and making adjustments and they get more comfortable with themselves and there weapon. 

    USMC, Special Security agent training at NASA, 12 years Marital Arts training In Japan 

    25 a hour for 1 student, Group rates may vary depending on size of group and how long they will train.

    I naturally fell into teaching , I was a athlete most of my life from elementry thru High School. From there went to the Marine Corp, then into Aikido. I always have shot firearms since a child starting with BB  then pelet guns . I started emporting optics from Japan and teaching long range shooting,  quickly finding out most people didn't know how to sight in a scope correctly. Found I had a natural knack for it! 

    Mostly beginners, Women and families, wanting to learn the basics and safety of firearms and from all ethnicties. 

    Recenty I taught a family of 4 Mother , daughter, Father and cousin. 2 of which had never fired a weapon before. By the end of the day they had gotten comfortable with the training and purchased a firearm that day from the range we were at. Since then they have continued training. 

    Find someone you are comfortable to be with, stay focused and follow there instructions. If you haven't already purchased a firearm try several first and start with a small caliber . Ladies I recommend 22LR to start with low recoil and great to practice with. 

    Gun caliber and fit . Bigger is not always better . Try several different weapons before purchasing one . If you have small children where can you keep the weapon at safe and out of reach.

    Services offered

    Mixed Martial Arts
    Gun Safety