Mat Oldiges - Piano, Drums, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording.

Mat Oldiges - Piano, Drums, Vocals, Songwriting, Recording.

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I teach classically with a spin to help learn harmonies and scales quickly. Develop a relationship with the instrument first. Be able to read sheet music and write your own tunes in just a few lessons. I am a performing musician with a ton of credentials including albums, radio plays, music videos and more. I can teach from the ground up.

I am willing and able to produce professional albums for students as well as music videos.

Inspiring people to build tools for coping with this wild world.

I am also a Registered Nurse. Teaching music feels similar to helping someone get over being sick.


Serves Austin , TX
Offers online services

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Matt B.

Mat is a kind, intuitive and amazingly strategic piano teacher. With just a few lessons, my son, Jonah (9yr), learned the entire scale of fifths. And just a handful of lessons later he can now play a few full songs as well as READ music! I attribute Jonah’s sincere love of piano to Mat’s innovative and accepting teaching style and his capacity to make piano lessons something that Jonah looks forward to every single week (aka making piano lessons fun! Pretty rare, from what I hear!).
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October 20, 2017


David B.

Piano lessons for my 11 yr old step-son. Great instructor,very patient and keeps it interesting. The kid is having a great time,we will definitely keep coming back.
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October 19, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I like to get students comfortable on their instruments first.  We build a relationship with the instrument before pulling out sheet music.  I typically start by teaching scales and chords with classical finger positioning.  We start with the easiest scales and build upon them. My goal is to make music a a fun tool for expressing oneself.  

Once comfortable we can even produce your own album/music video.

I started piano when I was 8. 
I started drums at 14.

I am happy to teach song writing and recording.

I have been recording for 12 years and in pro-studios for 7 years. 

I am in a band currently performing live shows, receiving spins and interviews on college radio stations nationwide, and loaded with press reviews. 
I have professionally recorded 4 albums and willing to do the same for my students. 

For the first lesson, I start at $30 for a full hour.  

For children 10 years and younger I prefer start with the expectation of 30 minute lessons for $20.  If they are still having fun and paying attention after the 30 minutes, I will extend to a full hour ($30).  It is important for young students to not be turned away from music in reaction to too strict of lessons.  

NOTE: one of my strongest students is a 9 year old and has done hour lessons from day one.

After trialing 4 lessons at this rate I increase to $40 for the full hour and $30 for the half. 

I'm a registered nurse and musician.  I inspired a friends kid to play piano and drums and it felt incredible--Just as good as healing the ill when I work in hospitals.  So, I marketed to more friends, gained more students, and feel even more inspired than ever.

Piano- Ages 8 to 35 years.  Beginner and Intermediate level students.

Drums - Beginner and Intermediate level students.

Vocals/Lyrics- Beginner and Intermediate level students

Song Writing/Recording- Beginner and Intermediate level students

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Have fun!  It takes work but it's called "playing" music for a reason.  There will be little frustrating puzzles to figure out but it will be fun and rewarding. Don't get stuck taking lessons from a boogar with a bad attitude. Its so important to love the privilage of making music.  Don't hang out with a teacher you don't enjoy, respect, and draw inspiration from.

What kinds of music do you the most?

What makes you want to play music?

Do you want to make your own music?

What is the scariest thing to you about getting started?

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