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Offers online services


My name is Joel Sprayberry. I love music, but more than that, I love seeing the bulb turn on in someone's eyes when they discover their musical talent. Of course they light up. Musical success is fun, rewarding and life changing. Come to Dallas Guitar Studio to find what sparks your musical passion. Choose from acoustic, electric or bass guitar, percussion, dulcimer, ukelele, didgeridoo or even crafting your own pedalboard design. Contact me today!


Over the years I have learned so many techniques and teaching styles that I have been able to create curriculum uniquely suited for everyone from beginners to veterans to achieve their music dreams.

I have learned that hardline traditional curriculum can suck the love of an instrument right out of the heart -- and fast. That can be devistating. Although playing any instrument takes diligent practice, excitment and passion are key. I could never stand by and watch someone loose their love of playng an instrument. My talent lies in catching the spark, flaming the fire and watching it burn.

I have a business degree from Texas Tech University, but have been a professional musician for over 25 years. I have been playing music since I was a small child. Starting with piano lessons and then moving on to percussion. After years of working out my youth on the drums, I finally found my home inside the sound of an acoustic guitar.

I am passionate about pursuing the gift God has given to me. I love opening up new worlds of musical learning and performing for students of all ages. The best part comes when I can stand back and watch my students rock out confidently with smiles on their faces. Oh, and that light-- the light in their eyes -- you can't miss it. It's magnificent.


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Offers online services

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    Jack M.

    Joel is amazing! My whole family loves having him come over. Hes personable and makes learning the guitar fun.
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    February 15, 2020
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    Jack M.

    Hes great with kids!
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    January 24, 2020
    Hired on Lessons


    Paige M.

    Joel is very knowledgeable and easy to learn from. He has a ton of experience playing and teaching. He comes to my office after work to give me lessons, so it is very convenient.
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    September 18, 2019
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    Estrella A.

    Joel was very good at explaining how to play bass. Easy to understand and very knowledgeable
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    June 15, 2019
    Hired on Lessons


    Austin K.

    Joel is a great guy and talented musician. Hes got a knack for hearing what will stand out in a song. Ive played with Joel for over 4 years and learned a lot.
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    April 10, 2019


    A. C.

    Joel is one of the best guitar players I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. He is an excellent teacher and has something to offer any student from beginner to advanced proficiency levels. Highly recommend!
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    April 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I love to teach/play with everyone:

    • The 5-year-old whose mommy wants him/her to learn to play an instrument
    • The preteen who is exploring his/her talents and wants to find that spark
    • The teenager who really just wants to rock out or play it cool
    • The college student who wants to learn folk, song writing and how to function as a part of a band
    • The career driven folks who need a lunch break worth a darn
    • And retirees who want to prove that an old dog can always learn new tricks.

    I have a business degree from texas tech university.  i started with piano as a young child taking lessons for many years, moving into percussion for 7 years and then finding acoustic guitar was my "home".  while only taking a semester class in college on classical guitar i am predominantly self taught.  which i believe is helpful as a teacher because i will not lead them astray in other more traditional methods that they might lose interest in quickly.

    For the New Year i am discounting lessons from $50/hr down to $35/hr!  

    $20/30 min


    We are passionate about student who wants to learn. Talk to us about scholarships.

    in the 2000's when i was playing 250 shows a year i needed something to do at home during the day other than watch movies and eat tacos.  I started with a few students and found that i really loved working with people that really wanted to learn a new instrument.  

    over the years i have learned so many techniques and teaching styles that i have been able to adapt to each persons unique personality.

    the entire spectrum of ages:  5 year olds that mommy wanted them to learn a discipline, preteens that were finding out about themselves and wanting to make a difference in life, teenagers who really wanted to rock out!, college students that wanted to learn folk, songwriter and worship music. 35-50yo career driven folks that needed a lunch break worth a darn.  70+ that wanted to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  i love it.

    playing at the grand opening of the hippodrome venue in waco tx.  

    Find someone that is laid-back and patient.  there is nothing worse that learning somehting new and the teacher being annoyed with you.  

    great question!  find out what style or songs you want to learn and see if that person can cover that style.  do a background check as well.  be safe.

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