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My name is Bri, I am a passionate yogi, who has a great drive for knowledge. I have been teaching for over 3 years now, and I have taken over 700 hours of certified yoga teacher trainings. 200 hours didn't seem like enough training for me, especially as I learned about the anatomy and the bio-mechanics of yoga. I will always be eager to learn more as long as I am on the path of yoga.

I am trained in Rasa yoga. Rasa yoga teaches you to intentionally breathe, connect to your heart and align your body all simultaneously. I teach multiple types of yoga. I focus mainly on vinyasa style in public classes, as well as yoga therapeutics, and restorative yoga. With my vast knowledge on the body, I tend to heavily focus on healthy, safe biomechanics, as well as clear alignment cues and explanation for why I am telling you specific cues. So often I am in a yoga class and I hear a teacher tell me a cue, and my immediate thought is, WHY?

Yoga is more of a lifestyle to me, rather than just a physical practice. I find the physical practice helps me connect deeper to my own hearts desires. Since I started teaching, I actually began with private students, and this is where the magic happens. When I am teaching one on one, I love how I can directly ask my students questions, and visa versa. Students have my eyes totally on them, and when they are working with an injury, they are able to have special attention, and we can move and flow in an optimal way for their body. If students have a specific posture, or group of poses they want to work out, private sessions are a great way for you to understand small but impactful cues that will enhance your daily practice.

I feel very passionate about helping others reach their goals. Whether it's strength, flexibility, or simply building your confidence, I can assure you that you will grow if you decide to step on the mat with me. Yoga is a transformative practice, change cannot be avoided on the path of yoga. *I will drive to you if you live in the greater Seattle or possibly Snohomish county area. Otherwise I offer zoom online private yoga, as well as group yoga! Yoga is slightly discounted via zoom since we cut out the travel time. Prices range from $100- $200 per private lesson depending on size and group. Prices vary for group classes. Send me a message on my website (bendwithbri) if you have any questions, or via Instagram. Instagram: Little_bri_lee

I Enjoy turning that lightbulb on in a students head, when something finally clicks for them in a pose and they have this better understanding of what they would be doing with their body and why. I love watching people start to fall in love with the practice of yoga.


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    Skit O.

    Bri loves and lives yoga. She is knowledgeable for both beginner and beyond practicers. As a business owner she is accountable, responsible and flexible. She has never once flaked.... In fact she appreciates scheduling and wants to know when the strengthening, stretching and grounding will happen. I highly recommend bending with Bri!
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    November 18, 2021


    Shawna T.

    Why can I only like and not love this page! So proud of you! Xoxoxo
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    June 21, 2021


    Christina M.

    Congrats Bri! Youre doing great, Im happy to watch you reach your goals, girl!
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    June 21, 2021


    Jean W.

    Expert. Caring. Deeply, yet humbly, knowledgeable about the principles of yoga.
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    June 18, 2021


    Jenny o.

    Bri is so welcoming and such a bright personality. She brings her own unique joy and heart to the practice of yoga. Not to mention, she is super knowledgeable about asana and anatomy, and great at giving suggestions on how to progress or deepen your practice. I trust Bri and would totally recommend spending some time practicing with her beautiful spirit.
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    June 17, 2021


    Ben C.

    Bri is a very skilled Yoga instructor. She is effective in demonstrating the various Yoga pose and sharing her Yoga knowledge. She makes Yoga fun as well as accessible to all skill levels.
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    June 15, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Typically when I am working with someone new, I identify their desires, wishes and main reasons for coming to the practice of yoga, as well as any previous or current injuries. I also teach similar postures to the student in the begining, so they can learn a basic flow well enough so that they can practice some yoga on their own. consistency is one of the most important parts of the yoga practice. 

    I have taken 2, 200 hour teacher trainings and a 300 hour yoga teacher training. All my training is verified with yoga alliance. All my training has been done with Greta Hill, a Seattle based yoga insturctor. I am certified in Rasa yoga. 

    My pricing can vary, depending on your location (how far I have to travel to you) and I also discount yoga if the classes are bought as a package! Example: If you buy a 4 pack of classes for a private session, it will only be $80 a session (20% off) If you buy a 10 pack it will only be $70 a session

    I enrolled in my first teacher training from simply wanting to learn more in depth about the practices of yoga, and about the philosophy of yoga, and once i actually was certified, I jumped right into private yoga sessions with some close friends I knew who were eager to learn about yoga. 

    I have mainly worked one on one with 50-70 year olds in my private sessions, and anywhere from 17-50 in my group classes at studios. I love working with beginners, and I'd say I specialize in teaching beginners, but I also love leading my public classes to a funky peak pose to challange their body and minds. 

    I recently taught 9 woman for a bacheloratte party weekend, and it was wonderful. The energy when people come together and spend time intentionally in community while celebrating is unreal. I feel blessed to have been able to lead them through the flow to start their morning off on the right note. 

    I would say the most important thing is making sure you like the style of the teacher. There are so many teaching styles and you want to make sure that you are able to find a style that helps you connect and challange you at the same time.  

    A student should know when they ideally want to meet to practice yoga, Do you prefer mornings, evenings, mid day? 

    -know how long you want to practice for and how regularly. 

    -If you have no interest in the spiritual side of yoga, possibly state that so you don't become caught off guard when the teacher teaches you some sort of philosophy, mantras, or meditiaton that is simply just not in your interests. 

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