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My approach is integral—meaning you'll leave our sessions with bits of wisdom that you can integrate into your daily life. These tools for life might look like simple movements you can do at your desk, breathing exercises that reduce stress, or seeds of perspective that bloom when you need them and make life a little bit easier.

I aim to honor traditions of yoga, but also meet you where you are right now. This means that the practice will be adapted for your needs.

Physcially, I emphasize helping you increase structural stability and flexibility. When your flexibility is matched by balanced strength, your whole body is better supported for life.

My students see improvement in the following areas:

Hip and pelvic floor awareness

Increased shoulder mobility

Thoracic spine mobility

Reduced or eliminated sciatica pain

Grip strength improvement

Overall improved range of motion

Improved digestion

Breath is a key element of yoga, and in our sessions it is used throughout the practice to calm your mind. By practicing control of your breath, your mind becomes focused and a meditative state is much more accessible.

Some benefits of breath work include reduction in stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, plus better digestion and better sleep.

There is no greater joy than what I feel when I witness when my students realize their ability to help and heal themselves through yoga and mindfulness.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Before we start our first lession, we'll spend 10-15 minutes chatting about your needs and goals.

    E-RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, having taught over 1500 hours of classes)

    YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

    200 hour teacher training plus 200 additional hours of training


    Seeing so many loved ones rely on conventional medicine led me to seek out my own path to wellness. Once I fell into a local yoga community, I was hooked and enamoured by the empowered souls around me. I was home.

    While I've taught people with many different needs, I can best assist:

    Older adults looking to improve balance and mobility

    Athletes looking to increase ROM and flexiblity

    Either of the above looking to reduce stress and improve recovery

    Do not settle on just any yoga class or teacher. Your teacher is someone you'll be sharing your time, space and energy with. Find someone who speaks to you and your needs. 

    You should always bring up any injuries, illnesses or conditions (even pregnancy) with your yoga teacher. For all the benefits of yoga, there are also contraindications, so ask if there is anything you should avoid or be mindful of. 

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