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Go The Distance Fitness is a Premier Boxing Fitness Facility.

"No Contact” , Group Classes where Actual Amateur and Professional Boxing Experts teach the Technique, Strategy and Conditioning of the sport. You will learn the boxing workout that conditions individuals like no other. What stands out to me is how the workout is about intensity, not about equipment, weights or acrobatics. It's about how hard you can push yourself to get where you want to go.

Our Boxing Credentials are second to none in the area. Classes and Private Sessions are done by USA Boxing Registered/Certified Coaches, Fighters and Trainers.

This work out can actually change lives and most certainly delivers in the health, confidence and over all athletic performance. We have been fortunate to have our share of very successful amateur boxers come through the program and that is very rewarding. My biggest reward is to see kids that come in and may not be interested in becoming the next champion but use the classes to build confidence, through learning the art of boxing and benefiting from the workout. The pounds come off, the push-ups, pull-ups and sit-up reps increase. The results are visible. Great Stuff.


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Serves Kenosha , WI

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    Frequently asked questions

    Great question as people can be a bit intimidated just walking into a Boxing Gym. The thing is 95% of the people who walk through the door have never boxed before.  Your first class after the warm-up we take you to the side and give you a lesson on the basics of boxing, Stance, Punches and Movement before you rejoin the class. 

    We have worked with a very broad group of clients. 

    Pro and Amateur Boxers and Athletes

    All ages.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with clients that may have a physical or mental obstacle we just need to work through. examples include Parkinssons, Eypilepsy, Autism. Wheelchair, anger issues, bullying, been bullied, overweight are other examples.  Of course, we need to rely on your Doctors advise and your comfort level for direction. 

    Ages 5-to 75

    Yes, Boxing isnt just for the guys, it's for everyone.

    We have found a great niche in being able to help athletes who may specializre in a certain sport but use the Boxing Workout in the off-season to increase athletic performance.

    There's so many, the best is seeing kids blossom under the program and come back and say hello and share their experience and what their time here meant to them.

    We also have an Amateur Boxer on the US National Team training at the USA Olympic Center in Co. and traveling the world representing the US.  That’s a real testament to the coaches and trainers involved here at the gym. 

    Make sure they have a true boxing background and when you find a gym, make sure they are interested in you as a person and not just an athlete.  You don't play Boxing; do a bit of homework before walking in. 

    What do you want to get out of the experience?

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