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Offers online services
Offers online services


I love yoga. My dream is to get everyone on a mat. I started doing yoga over 15 years ago not knowing what really what I was doing. I have gone to many different styles of yoga classes, and being taught by some of the best teachers out there. My motto is " Take a leap of faith and see where it lands you" and that's what I tell people hesitant to try yoga. Yoga can help you not only mentally, but also can help you recover from injury or even get you in shape. I would love to help you discover your journey on the mat.

I love the peace and calm that being on a mat brings people. I have seen people and experienced it myself. After a stressful day or even after a anxiety attack I have seen people get onto a mat and find peace and calmness. They discover they can have a hour to themselves and bring peace and calmness back into thier life. It's a wonderful thing to experience and see.


5 years in business
Serves Milwaukee , WI
Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    My process is easy. I have a assessment  that I would like to send you . This assessment asks your experience with yoga, what you would like to accomplish with your sessions and your general knowledge about yoga. I also ask if you have had any surgeries or injuries that I should be aware of. These questions help me plan a proper yoga sequence for you. 

    My price is $65.00 for a session in Milwaukee. While in Chicago I would charge $100.00. And if you are outside the 25 miles , I will charge a traveling fee. 

    I couldn't find a teacher that looked like me. Sad to say but I would go into a studio and felt like a outcast because there wasn't a plus size teacher or student. It wasn't until one day talking to someone I knew when they said they wouldn't go to a class because of that reason also. That's when I decided to change the way the yoga community looks. 

    Find a teacher that you are comfortable with. It's your session you have the right to find someone that makes you feel comfortable, accepted and if you feel like laughing through your session, well your teacher should laugh with you . 

    1) What's my main reason I am here ?

    2) What do I want to accomplish? 

    3) And will I listen to my body and what it's trying to tell me ? 

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