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Offers online services
Offers online services


I've been playing guitar since 1991 and as a bonus I have skills in piano, drums, and shamisen (Traditional instrument of Japan) Students can learn musical notation, music theory. I also encourage students to have songs for us to work on together. I also offer jam sessions and group lessons as well!

The best part for me is watching my students go from knowing very little to blossoming into seasoned musicians.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    When it comes to new studnts I listen to their desires. Not all of them are the same. Some studnts want to learn how to read music and in that case I have thme puchase a lesson book I teach out of. I give them assigned songs to practice and when they come back for their next lesson they play what they practiced. I don't care how fast or how slow they play a song; I'm focusing in on their understanding of timing, accuracy, tone, and understanding of the notation.

    Along with learning notation, I also have the student choose a song for us to work on together.

    For students that want to learn theory and/or songs. We kick things off by learning all the natural and accidental notes on the guitar. Then we learn major and minor scales abd from there we learn about the formation of chords. Then students will learn about key centers and modes. My main goal with theory based studnts is to make them well rounded in all subjects of music theory. Music theory students are also encouraged to have a song in mind for us to work on together. 

    I've study music since 1991 and I've been teaching for the past five years. I also have experience working for School of Rock which is a performance based program. I have expience teaching both children and adults and I like to keep things fun and light rather than the hard teacher with a ruler. I expect my students to try their very best and to practice on a daily basis; I can only open doors I can't force anyone to walk through it.

    $50.00 for a one hour lesson

    $40.00 if you're a student

    $35.00 if your're a San Jose State Student 

    I got started teaching when I discovered School of Rock. I learned about this performace based program while on the internet and so I applied and became a part time teacher. This experince prompted me to start my own business which serves students of all ages. 

    The youngest student I've taught is seven and the oldest was in his seventies. 

    I recently saw one of my favorite bands perform in San Francisco. The band I saw is a Japanese metal band called Babymetal. I was front row at the concert and I made a couple of conections with band. One of the memebers saw a shirt I was wearing pointed smiled and she gave me a thumbs up. Then at the end of the show, one of the guitar players threw his pick into the audience and I caught it.

    Make sure you find a guitar teacher who is going to deliver what YOUR looking for. Furthermore if you have experince make sure the teacher challenges you and if your a begginer make sure they communicate and listen well to your questions.

    Will I have at least an hour everyday to practice? Am I patient person? 

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