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  • HybridMethod Kickboxing Fitness, Movement, & Martial Arts

    HybridMethod Kickboxing Fitness, Movement, & Martial Arts

    Leesburg, VA 20175

    We have proven strategies and solutions to helping people - if necessary, to build muscle - or tone muscles, lose weight, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and feel confident. "Hybrid" is used in our name, as we incorporate a diverse mix of exercises and body movements from all martial arts and fightsports, as well as functional & bodyweight movements, while mixing in weight training, resistance, & cardiovascular training. We are also the area's trusted & leading authority for obstacle race preparation & conditioning (American Ninja Warrior, Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Dirt

  • Infinite Fighting Concepts Martial Arts Academy

    Infinite Fighting Concepts Martial Arts Academy

    Rockville, MD 20852

    We offer a family atmosphere with real world training. We offer Children, Adults and Women only self defenses classes. Come check out Montgomery Counties premier Mixed Martial Arts Academy! Our Brazilain Jiu Jitsu instructors are IBJJF Certified Black Belts. Our boxing coach has trained World champion boxers. We offer a World-Class training right here in Montgomery County, MD. 

  • Clev Wason, Personal Trainer

    Clev Wason, Personal Trainer

    Alexandria, VA 22314

    I 'm a NASM CPT( National Academy of Sports Medicine ) certified personal trainer with experience in boxing , Krav Maga, and endurance racing. I'm also a certified NASM MMACS ( Mixed Martial Arts Certified Specialist instructor). Currently pursing my CES ( Corrective Exercise Specialist), PES ( Performance Exercise Specialist) both through NASM in addition to a CPR instructors certification through the American Red Cross.I have successfully completed the several Tough Mudders and a Metro Dash and have started training for the heavy GORUCK challenge. I have a passion for weight training  a

  • New World Mixed Martial Arts

    New World Mixed Martial Arts

    Philadelphia, PA 19138

    5.0 1

    ABOUT OUR FAMILY Welcome to New World MMA, Boxing, and Fitness, your first, best destination for a premier kickboxing school in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. Our trainers teach a wide variety of mixed martial arts and fitness programs all in one convenient place, ensuring that you have access to the finest techniques and tools to help you build a better you. Just a few of our services include... MMA Instruction Kickboxing Wrestling Catch Wrestling Fitness Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai Bootcamps Weight Loss Kids Boxing

  • Iron Dragon Martial Arts Academy

    Iron Dragon Martial Arts Academy

    Willingboro, NJ 08046

    We teach martial science. You learn the Martial Arts and the Science as to why and how they work. I hold Black Belts in Kempo, both systems of Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword) and have trained in many other systems including Kick Boxing

  • Pittsburgh Combat Club

    Pittsburgh Combat Club

    Pittsburgh, PA 15220

    5.0 5 THE SELF-DEFENSE CLASS THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE. The Pittsburgh Combat Club is not a chain martial arts school nor is it a cardio kickboxing class. We do not train for sport or for exercise. We train so that we can, if called upon, protect ourselves, our family and/or those in need when under personal attack.  In so doing, every effort is given to make training a realistic endeavor.   STUDENTS TRAIN WITH US BECAUSE: Partner Drills: we work with a training partner & do very little solo practice. Our classes tend to be no b

  • Martial Arts/self-defense Lessons

    Martial Arts/self-defense Lessons

    Sanford, FL 32771

    4.0 1

    I have been training in martial arts for over 13 years. I am a certified instructor in Krav Maga Street Defence. I have been teaching for over 4 years and the ages range from 3 years old to 70+. 

  • Monster Martial Arts

    Monster Martial Arts

    Sanford, FL 32771

    5.0 1

    At Monster Martial Arts we strive to make you the most comfortable and complete fighter possible. Join our team of professionals in a journey to greatness.

  • Korean American Martial Arts Academy

    Korean American Martial Arts Academy

    Orlando, FL 32812

    5.0 1

    Master Nelson shares over 40 years of Martial Arts experience and is the areas ONLY official 8th Dan Taekwondo & Hapkido Instructor in Central Florida. A retired US Army Captain, multiple combat injured Veteran, former FLEO, and BSN-RN, Master Nelson is certified at the Korean World HQ's and recognized around the world for his expertise and leadership in Korean Martial Arts. Master Nelson looks forward to and takes pride in producing the absolute best Martial Arts practitioners in the world! 

  • Bushido Martial Arts Academy

    Bushido Martial Arts Academy

    Pinellas Park, FL 33781

    Martial arts are about than teaching children to punch and kick. In addition to the fundamentals of karate, we also teach our younger students about responsibility, honesty and respect through our S.T.A.R. Program. Plus they understand the importance of a positive manner, mental growth and physical health.

  • Progressive Fighting Center

    Progressive Fighting Center

    Pompano Beach, FL 33065

    5.0 4

     Teen and Adult Martial Arts Program's primary goal is to help you develop a healthy life and teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones, while providing a safe training environment. As a member you'll be introduced to progressive categories of training. These categories include empty hand training; including striking, stand-up grappling, and ground fighting; as well as weapon training in stick and knife tactics. As you find success in this training not only do your survival skills improve, but your confidence will grow. An increase in your confidence is immeasurable and will p

  • Team Crave

    Team Crave

    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351

    Team Crave is one of the best and most prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense academy's in the world. We thrive on being a professional, clean and curriculum based academy.  Our coaches are all highly trained and headed by our Sensei Yaniv Rosenberg who is a BJJ Black Belt and a Krav Maga Expert.  We also offer a competition team for the students who would like to take there training to the next level. 

  • Quest Martial Arts Academy

    Quest Martial Arts Academy

    Hialeah, FL 33016

    5.0 2

    Come visit us for a Trial class in KRAV MAGA, Children Adult Taekwondo, & afterschool care. See all details at  call or text 7864779409

  • Modern Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc

    Modern Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc

    Miami, FL 33138

    4.8 5

    We offer small group classes in Muay Thai kickboxing and Israeli Krav Maga for teens and adults staring at age 14. We also offer Kid's Kickboxing which is based on Muay Thai for kids 6-12.

    Best of 2018
  • The Cage Boxing Club

    The Cage Boxing Club

    Miami, FL 33131

    At The Cage we offer multiple martial arts classes such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BootCamp, Krav Maga, and Jiu-Jitsu. All the classes are taught by professional fighters and we accept students from all levels of experience, from beginners to competitors. Anyone can train at The Cage even if they are coming back from an injury because our workout builds strength which prevents our students from any possible future injuries. In case you seek a more customized training, The Cage offers private classes. This 60 minute workout will explore the martial arts of your preference. Woring with mi

  • Corydharma Meditation And Martial Arts

    Corydharma Meditation And Martial Arts

    Miami, FL 33145

    5.0 5

    Hello, I'm Cory!  I'm a teacher of the body, the spirit and the mind.  I teach self defense, martial arts, meditation, and languages to promote a holistic study of life and well-being.  I also offer an apprenticeship program modeled after Zen monastery living retreats in China.  Self Defense:Martial arts can take decades to master and are an amazing life path of self discovery, but they aren't suited for modern self defense. You need practical, useful, and simple real life techniques you can use to defend yourself on the street the day you learn them. Learning even the

  • Magnan Martial Arts School Of Self-Defense

    Magnan Martial Arts School Of Self-Defense

    Miami, FL 33186

    MMA for Self-Defense. Hybrid of Kenpo, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Bruce Lee's JKD/Filipino Kali, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing.  Also teach separate Krav Maga and Muay Thai Kickboxing classes for Adults. Only school in the area teaching Authentic Krav Maga as taught currently by the Israeli Defense Forces. Only school in area teaching Authentic Muay Thai as taught by World renowned trainer Master Toddy.

  • XS Martial Arts Dojo

    XS Martial Arts Dojo

    New Orleans, LA 70125

    XS Martial Arts Dojo is a family-run school with a focus on reinforcing family values. The atmosphere at our school creates friendship, camaraderie, support, accomplishment and team spirit. And we train even the youngest members of your family, ages three and up, because we believe the family that kicks together sticks together! XS Martial Arts Dojo has been offering instruction and training in martial arts since 2002. Located in New Orleans, LA, XS Martial Arts Dojo has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts. Ma-KiBo-Karate Do MA-KIBO-KARATE-DO® (The way of Martial

  • Max Effect Self-Defense By Mr. Dhee

    Max Effect Self-Defense By Mr. Dhee

    Cypress, TX 77433

    5.0 3

    We provide Self-Defense techniques & tools that you can use right away. You don't have to "get ready" for our training.  Come as you are, because we fit the training to who you are - no cookie cutter approaches. We've trained 1,000s of clients & students on 3 continents (Asia, Europe, & the U.S.) in Street, Home Defense, & Combat Skills that range from A to Z.  Who we have trained has ranged from 5 yr. olds to Elite 'Green Berets' to Senior Citizens. Choose to learn Hard Style (like Boxing & Combatives) or Soft Style (like Tai Chi Z) or a Mix - There is something

  • Lone Star Personal Training And Fitness

    Lone Star Personal Training And Fitness

    Richmond, TX 77406

    Since 2016 Lone Star Personal Training and Fitness has been here to help each individual reach their specific goals and fitness related aspirations. Our personal training programs are geared towards helping improve the overall fitness of the body through the use of a wide range of exercises that incorporate work across multiple planes of motion, strength training, cardio conditioning, and mobility training to help improve the overall fitness of your body. Our Beginner and Intermediate boxing sessions will work with you to help learn, or improve on, your basic techniques as well as teach you th



    San Antonio, TX 78213

    5.0 1

    We are a health and fitness firm  that fulfills and exceeds all your health and fitness goals., and fofer in-home, instudio, workplace and outdoor personal training, athletic training, rehab services throughout San Antonio, Austin and all surrounding areas.We offer programs, for individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and health levels. From Beginners, Recreational Athletes and Professinoal Athletes.We always strive to accommodate your clientes preferred training days and times. Monday Through Sunday as early as 4:30m to 10pm Including some holidays!