As an instructor with 15 years experience, I come with knowledge that covers fighting in the ring, the cage or self defense for the streets. I'm still an active professional fighter and I'm constantly staying ahead of the curve when it comes to my training methods. Being a great martial arts instructor is one thing, I compliment this with real world functional workouts. Thinking outside the box is what keeps you a step ahead, so taking your body through real world motions, beyond the saggittal plane, is where it's at. Kettlebells, steel maces, and medicine balls is just a few of the tools I bring to the table. Along with mastering how to manipulate your body through corrective exercises, you'll turn yourself into a walking, breathing, striking, grappling weapon.

The ability to change an individual's mindset is most rewarding. Every person has the ability to be awesome in something, but what stops them is the mind. Doubt, fear, anxiety are some of the issues I've came across when dealing with new students. But once you try it you'll be addicted to the feel of accomplishment and conquering one's fears.


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    Frequently asked questions

    I start out with a basic fitness assessment to see where you, as a student, is at as far as conditioning, flexibility, dexterity and stamina. I then go over your goals but I keep it realistic and start with the short term. For example, getting to bed on time, drink more water, have a positive mindset about the outcome ahead. Once I have understanding what the program should look like, we start our journey and stay on task the entire ride. 

    I have my 3rd Dan blackbelt in katsugo kickboxing 

    4th Dan in Gin Jan do karate mma both under grandmaster Steven Musuko.  Please YouTube him and I to see video testimony of my credentials. 

    I also am a 4 stripe blue belt in Brazilian Brazilian jiu jitsu 

    I am currently enrolled in Bryan university to earn my degree in exercise science. 

    All together I have 15 years experience in both mixed martial arts and personal training/fitness

    My personal training packages start at

    1 session $145 all per hour and up front. No taxes

    6 session $125

    12session $95

    24 sessions $85 

    36 sessions $75

    I got started in the martial arts as a means of self defense. I was bully a lot as a small undersized kid in the Bronx. My brothers and I were constantly fighting, whether it was each other or to protect one another and my mother raised all 3 by herself. I started out boxing in high school. My older brother took me to my next door neighbors class, I wasn't too interested in it because it wasn't boxing. At the time sensei musuko was a karate and kickboxing amateur champion but also did grappling as well and that's the class I ended up taking. I got to learn my first throw and I fell in love with it. I then went on to fight amateurly in muay thai, k1 kickboxing, grappling tournaments, sports jiu jitsu matches and mma.

    I work with students of all backgrounds and experiences. Starting from age 3 years and up

    Always ask questions on how the possible can help you improve in all your problem areas, whether it be physically, or mentally. Yes exercise can help stimulate positive growth in your mindset. Look for references, trainers like myself have social media, so check out what they've done beyond their credentials. 

    Always think about your needs. What are you looking for, physically, mentally and spiritually. Working 1 on 1 is more than just a workout, it becomes a platonic relationship where you'll be exchanging energy. You want your trainer to fit your vibe and vice versa. 

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