Andy's Self Defense Classes

Andy's Self Defense Classes

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hey future martial artists!

I've been doing a variety of martial arts since I was very young, I have over 16 years of martial arts. With the many years of experience i have intermediate knowledge of over 20 martial arts, including boxing, kick boxing, systema, muay Thai, judo, jeet kun doe, various aninal styles in kungfu, wing chun, kyokushin karate, savage, etc... I also hold black belts for many listed above.

I work as a kyokushin karate instructor with Kpforkids teaching kids from ages 3 and up and have been teaching martial arts for 6 years now.

I'm also a personal trainer, and currently studying to be a nutrionist, so I can assist in weight loss and conditioning.

Most of my clients can tell you a day with me is a like a month anywhere else ;)

Find me on Facebook: Andy Melendez

I enjoy supporting people in reaching there goals. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than see someone accomplish there goals.


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Tevin G.

I took martial art classes with Andy a couple of times. He is a great instructor. He understands the strengths and growth areas of each student. His words are motivating. He is disciplined in his craft. Lastly, hes a great role model. Definitely must check out. Five stars!
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July 18, 2017

York M.

He brings a high level of commitment and effort towards each person all while teaching extremely satisfying workouts bringing out your hidden strength. Truly an experince that cant be found anywhere else.
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July 05, 2017


Best personal trainer Ive had. He doesnt just tell you what to do, he gives you knowledge you can use when hes not around. Ive learned how to really understand my body and what I need to stay healthy. All though I dont work out with him any more, I still use his work outs and continue to lose weight and feel great.
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July 05, 2017

Martial P.

Hello My Name is Paul Im a martial arts student of Ricardo Melendez for three years .And I have to say For three years taking lessons from Ricardo Melendez has been terrific,Because he is more about the martial arts he very compassionate of nature and he always willing to push to you at your very best because he knows you can do it . Seriously This Guy is a miracle worker when training with him he doesnt just suggests me to work on my strength but he also provide excellent reasons to why we should work on our weakness also . I advise you guys take three lessons from him and it will excell your confidence and would definitely change your perspective about nature and other things.
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July 05, 2017

Andrew M.

Ricardo is one of the best martial artist Ive met be prepared to learn some awesome and practical moves, he is also an outstanding one on one personal instructor.
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July 05, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Well I'd like to help out anyway I can, so i like to find out the goal, end game, your why. With that Information we can work together to create a plan, to get you there. When that's mapped out it's all about the journey. Soon you'll be on your way.

I've been doing martial arts since I was 4. I'm a certified personal trainer, and currently going for my nutrionist certificate. I've worked in ardon sweet science gym as a boxing instructor, and worked with 4 after school programs teaching/tutoring children from 6th grade to college

Martial arts.                                                    $50

Personal training session                             $40

Martial arts & Personal training/dieting     $75

Prices are daily. And for 1 to 3 hour long sessions.

I trained at ardon sweet science gym for boxing. When i was 14 my trainer gave me a job at the time I was there for about 5 years. I did pad work with children and adults. I also sparred with anyone who needed the practice for an upcoming fight.

I've worked with students as young as 3 years old. In my current job I work with some students who have learning disorders, and I've worked with many people who have chronic diseases and Injuries.

I'm fond of everyday I work with a student, but to be more specific recently at my job we held a huge promotion with over 200 kids promoting for their next belt, and EVER STUDENT PASSED!!! It was a beautiful day.

Take your time. You will not get the result you want over night. Be patient, believe in yourself, and challenge yourself. Don't over do it now, you should know your limitations, but always tell your self two more. If you can only do 8 pushups, dig deep and try to do two more. And finally do your best, do not train to best someone, train to be the best you.

Think about what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable.

Think about your goal and how bad you want it.

Think about what you can and can't do.

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