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Offers online services
Offers online services


My service stands out in the way I give the class and the patience with the student.

The knowledge is the same everywhere, but the way to implement it is different, and that ́s where I stand out.

I make sure my students are confident in their learning journey, giving my 110% in every class, by being for them outside of the class and through class material that will be helpful for them.

I enjoy seeing my students grow and improve their musical knowledge.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing my students doing what they love and actually being good at it.


Serves Nashville , TN
Offers online services


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Armando is just GREAT. He knows his stuff and thanks to him, I’ve been able to play in my church for the first time.
I feel prepared and hungry to learn more.
Thanks mann!!
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July 30, 2021

Frequently asked questions

The first thing I do is ask each student to define their goals and expectations for themselves. Do you want to become a stronger guitar player? Do you just want to know the basics? Do you want to shred like Eddie Van Halen? I exist in all these spaces and can offer advice and things that have helped me grow, but the first thing is we have to know where we're going before we set out.

After our first lesson I can write up a detailed plan telling you exactly how long to practice different techniques, scales, songs, etc. Whatever they may be each day and I guarantee you'll see improvement. 

I studied for two years in a private music academy in Guatemala, as well as ten years as a full-time gigging musician (playing guitar, piano, bass, harmonica and ukelele).

$50 an hour, $30 half hour 

My mom was a piano prodigee. She would give piano concerts every weekend, and as soon as I was born, she taught me the fundamentals about music. After a certain age, I started studying piano, winning contests, and then I expanded myself to playing the guitar at my church. 

As I progressed, I started giving classes as well. 

I´ve been giving classes for +5 years now.

I've worked with children as young as ten all the way to grown men and women in their eighties, anyone who wants to learn is welcome. 

Look for a teacher that relates to what you aspire to be.

If you are looking to play Indie music, make sure your teacher knows how to get you into the music you want to play, so that you can grow theorically and through experience. 

Make a list of your favorite musicians and songs you'd like to work on. So the teacher knows your music inspiration and where you are trying to go. 

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