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Burn With Kearns

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Personal fitness coaching , corporate wellness functional strength training, self-defense, boxing and Kickboxing in your home , office , corporation, online , or my studio in RI . I have 31 years in the fitness , Health , wellness ,martial arts, and self defense training industries. This is my passion and my calling it's all I do. I help change people's lives for the better through fitness , nutrition , mind set and motivation.

I enjoy helping people reach their goals in the most effective, efficient and safe way possible. Fitness has been my passion for my entire life and I like to impart people to feel good about they are doing and feel I sense of overall wellness in their lives. To me, it's about changing peoples lives for the better and improving the quality of their lives long-term. This enables to give back to everyone.


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33 years in business
Serves Cumberland , RI

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    Tony K.

    Kevin is a great teacher and instructor. Coming to my academy on many occasions teaching his programme to people from all over the world.
    Always fun in learning with Kevin.
    Recommended to anyone who wants to learn.
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    November 22, 2018


    Brian G.

    I have been working out with Kevin for about five years, and I really appreciate that he regularly mixes up the programs so I dont get bored while ensuring I am building and maintaining overall strength and flexibility. Kevin is very creative and has lots of innovative ways to kick my butt. We work out in my basement (very convenient) and he uses music I love for motivation. Its all about me - which is a nice change from the rest of my life!
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    November 15, 2018


    Douglas W.

    Knowledge, intensity. Personality, passion and he truly cares and about who and what he’s teaching. As well as his willing to help others
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    November 15, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First, we meet for an intake form. It's necessary to have all medical information and fitness needs as well as goals. This enables me to have a better picture of where the client is and where they want to go. 

    I have a BS in exercise physiology as well as multiple certifications in the field. I have worked in this area for over 31 years with people from athletes to the general population. I most well known for working with 15 UFC Fighters and creating a certification system around that. I am a columnist for Train magazine and Fitness Trainer online. I have written and published over 250 articles in industry magazines. I'm a public speaker in the world of fitness and anti bullying. I have one book on the market " Always Picked Last " and working on my second now. 

    It depends if we travel to the client or the client travels to us. 

    I started teaching as my internship in college. Then started my company in 1991. It has been a labor of love. Fitness and martial arts saved my life after my father passed away when I was 12. It made me stronger mentally and physically for life. 

    15 UFC fighters 


    Moms and dads. 

    I presented anti-bullying my book to 300 Lowell Mass students last year. It was awesome!

    I would say make sure the trainer has your needs and goals in mind. A direct referral is great as well. 

    What are their actual goals?

    How realistic are those goals?

    Why do you want those goals?  

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    Mixed Martial Arts