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The Knowledge how to defend yourself is one of the most essential life skills you just need to have.

Mankind is violent. It always has been, and it probably always will be. As a species, we like it or not, one of the few constants in our history and future is the presence of violence.

Self defense is not a martial art or sport. It's not learning how to fight. (Self defense is legal - fighting usually illegal)

It's a survival system.

It is actually mainly about Attitude and Awareness. It isn’t the fancy technique or contents of your bag that will determine whether or not you survive when an emergency strikes. It’s YOU who marks the difference between life and death, both for yourself and anyone who is relying on you to deal with the situation. It’s You, and the PREPARATION you have done beforehand that will ensure your chances of survival are HIGH enough. And There's only one way to become good at something :PRACTICE

Awareness creates choice, and once you have a choice you'll always choose what serves you.

Self-defense is only about the protection of your health and physical body, not your emotional well being.

Hand-to-hand combat is only one, even though important part of this survival system.

Self defense is actually very complex and multi layer topic.

It's a combination of mental preparedness, awareness, physical shape and health plus technical skills and tools to stay safe in different harmful situations.

You have one life and one body - protect it and take good care of it.

Helping people to live long and strong. Help them become more confident and healthier . And confidence is one of the most essential characteristics in order to be successful in any field of our life or business.


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    Alex G.

    Very Knowledgeable and able to teach you EXCELLENT Survival skills.
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    October 22, 2018
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    Frequently asked questions

    Self-defense can mean a lot of different things, plus it can mean a lot of different things to different people.

    First thing is to find out what is their main goal and what are their needs and experience plus expectations.

    Also the level of danger they need  to protect themselves can be very very different  so self defense is never one size fits all thing. 

    Around 10 years military service plus numerous security jobs seasoned with close to  30 years of experience with different martial arts. (Karate, Muay Thai, Bujinkan, Systema) 

    Average is $120 per class. Discount options are available. 

    A Good book is useless if no one reads it  🙂

    Different ones. But , Mostly women because the need for this kind of knowledge is bigger amongst them. 

    It's extremely important skill for everyone but choose carefully. Most of martial arts schools advertise themselves also as self defense schools but there is actually a huge difference between self defense and martial art. Even martial arts are very different in some level so... 

    1 Traditional arts 2. Combat arts 3.Sport arts

    To explain it little more then:

    There is a saying "If your dojo does not teach you how to deal with multiple attackers and hidden weapons then it's a sport "

    What do they actually Want? And what is the most important thing they have? 

    Services offered

    Mixed Martial Arts