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Almost all private music instructors are musicians who have performed and been recorded professionally. But, being a great guitarist or vocalist doesn't necessarily mean one has the skills to competently teach others to sing or play guitar effectively. Our teachers are specifically trained in how to teach music. We receive yearly training in music pedagogy from an international group of music educators (Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle) that allows us to deliver cutting-edge techniques to help our students reach their goals. We often hear private music teachers say that they don't use a specific curriculum - their lessons are individually tailored depending on student goals. While we don't have a rigid curriculum that all students follow, we do teach and reinforce for all of our students a set of foundational music concepts that all musicians need to understand to enable them to reach their goals.

We love helping students address the challenges that they are experiencing with their guitar playing or singing. To see our students successfully work toward the goal of making music the way they want to is truly rewarding. Getting to know our students as people is another added bonus. They come from such diverse backgrounds and learning about them over time is a true pleasure that is so interesting and rewarding. Everyone has a great story!


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Chuck V.

Give these lessons a try! Ive improved so much after coming here. They really do deliver the guitar playing goods. Ive increased my speed, knowledge of the fretboard, and overall ability to express myself through my music.
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September 12, 2019

Mike V.

These guys are great! Ive played professionally and came to Peak to help me break some bad habits so I could improve my speed. Now I play faster than ever before, and replaced some of those bad habits I learned through the years.
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September 12, 2019

Aidan K.

I had a great experience overall at Peak Music, the teachers worked hard to innovate and improve their lessons in order to make the learning process easier and more engaging for students. They also create a very welcoming environment where students can enjoy learning and improving their skills.
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July 29, 2019

Frequently asked questions

We meet with all prospective students for a free introduction session to discuss the individual's goals, identify their singing or guitar playing challenges, assess their current skill level, provide some basic instruction, and develop a plan to address their concerns. We provide our students with the materials they need to be successful in their chosen instrument, and work with them to develop an approach to their practice that will get them playing and singing they way they want to in the least amount of time possible! We are very sensitive to our new students' needs and are careful to ensure they have the needed support to succeed.

Our lead instructor, Jeff Moore, holds a Bachelors degree from University at Albany, a Masters degree from Regis University, and a Master Certificate in Guitar Studies from Berklee College of Music. Additionally, Jeff holds certificates in Songwriting, Guitar Mastery, Improvisation, and Creativity Training from the Tom Hess Music Corporation. Our studio is also part of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, an international group of music teachers from across the globe who participate in regular professional development related to delivering the highest quality music education.

Our lessons are not your typical 30 minute private music lesson. Our approach is innovative and unique, and we have seeral learning programs from which to choose. Our prices are competitive, and average about $40 for a 50-minute class. The price per class decreases with more classes purchased, and the more often students come to the studio, the more quickly they progress - more classes the bigger bang for your buck!

We started teaching because of our love for learning, music, and helping people realize their dreams. We are life-long learners and educators, and teaching and learning are at the core of who we are personally and professionally.

We have worked with all types of students from guitarists who never touched the instrument before coming to us to experienced vocalists who have performed for thousands. Some of our students are quick to pick up concepts and skills, and others learn more deliberately and slowly. That is great! We have worked wiht all sorts of learning styles, and developed strategies to help students best work toward their goals. Our students' mindsets and attitudes toward learning are so important in their ability to play and sing the way they want to, so we work with them to achieve a growth mindset and to decrease performance anxiety.

We recently held a celebration at a local cafe in honor of our first year at our new location, and the majority of our students performed at the event! It was so rewarding to see the hard work of our students pay off!

Look for a teacher that knows how to teach. Being a great vocalist or guitarist is awesome, but that doesn't make you a great teacher. The teacher should learn about your goals, and have the ability to map out a path to get you where you want to be. If a teacher is continually asking you, "What do you want to work on today?" that signals they don't have a plan to get you to where you want to go.

Students should ask: How are you going to help me reach my goals and overcome any challenges I have experienced with my instrument of choice? Have you helped others like me? What is your approach to working with different learning styles? What advice do you have for me regarding my practice?

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