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Offers online services


I enjoy using massaging techniques to help my students relax deeper into poses. I’m also empathetic so whatever you’re feeling/releasing I can usually feel too. So basically saying, if you cry, I’ll cry with you.

I enjoy helping people; that’s my purpose. I want to help people feel good and better than when they walked in. Regardless if it’s their mood, body, spirit, or mind (hopefully all the above). I LOVE WHAT I DO! And feel blessed to be able to help others the way that I do. :)


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    I generally like to meet once before we begin and have a mini assessment so I can see how their body is functioning and what I can do to help it back to normal. 

    I took my yoga teacher training at Black Swan Yoga and have done many workshops since then through numerous other yoga studios.

    It depends on what the client needs honestly. Everything is always negotiable in my opinion and I'm always willing to work with the client. At the end of the day I'm not doing this to become rich, I'm doing it because I love helping people feel their best. 

    I was in multiple car accidents growing up that made me develop scoliosis and a curvature of an S shape to my spine, 3-4 vertebrae stuck out in the middle of back that made laying on my back extremely painful. As well as headaches daily, car sickness, motion sickness, insomnia, and worst of all short term memory loss. I went to the chiropractor and specialists for YEARS and then one day my friend invited me to try yoga. One year later, my spine was completely straight and all of the other things went away too. Laying on my back no longer caused pain but felt like a massage when I rocked back and forth on my spine. After realizing how life changing yoga was for me I wanted to help others experience it too. 

    All types! From kids to grandparents! Everyone is welcome. 

    Today, in my private lesson I had one of those amazing emotional releases while teaching and the student did as well. And it was the first time we've ever met! 

    I would say you will find a yoga teacher(s) who speak to you and make you feel whole again. Those are the teachers you want to work with. Not every yoga teacher will be for you or their style of teaching. Or maybe just their personalities don't click. Find someone who you feel understands you. 

    The root causes of their needs/injuries. And also  their end goal and how I can help them get there. 

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