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Offers online services


Welcome to The Coaching Vault, where champions are made! Led by the renowned Coach Amir, our tennis academy has become a powerhouse in the coaching world, leaving a trail of triumphs in its wake since 2018. Ranked among the elite tennis academies in Texas, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every player who steps onto our courts.

Coach Amir’s extraordinary leadership has propelled our students to victory at all major tournaments, from the local scene to regional, national, and even international stages. With his expert guidance, our players have clinched an impressive collection of over 250 local titles, numerous regional and sectional championships, and multiple national titles, tallying an astonishing 200+ championships in the past decade alone.

What sets us apart and solidifies Coach Amir’s reputation as one of the top coaches in the United States is his unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, developing skills, and fostering a winning mentality. At The Coaching Vault, we provide a transformative experience that goes beyond just training on the court. Our holistic approach combines cutting-edge techniques, personalized instruction, and a supportive environment to ensure every athlete reaches their fullest potential.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let our track record speak for itself, with countless success stories of our students who have not only achieved remarkable results but have also grown into confident, resilient individuals both on and off the court. Join our prestigious academy and become part of a legacy built on hard work, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Whether you’re a beginner with dreams of holding that first trophy or an aspiring professional seeking to make your mark in the tennis world, The Coaching Vault is the ultimate destination for you. Step into our tennis world, train alongside like-minded individuals, and unleash your inner champion. Dare to dream, and let us guide you towards a future filled with triumphs. Let’s go Team Coaching Vault!


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Offers online services

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    sunny L.

    It has been great experience with the Vault team in developing my sons tennis skills! Their innovating P123 system has helped him understanding in an easier way how to react in tournaments, and the repetition practice has also kept him moving in the right direction and doing the right thing! Greatly Appreciate it!
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    July 09, 2023


    gigi C.

    Coach Amir is the most passionate and dedicated tennis coach you’ll find in houston. TX. Compared to other coaches, he is in a different class in terms of his ability to accurately identify areas of improvement and then show you the most effective and efficient way to get results. every lesson was enlightening and insightful. - Autumn
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    June 15, 2023


    gigi C.

    Coach Amir is the most passionate and dedicated tennis coach you’ll find in houston. TX. Compared to other coaches, he is in a different class in terms of his ability to accurately identify areas of improvement and then show you the most effective and efficient way to get results. every lesson was enlightening and insightful. - Autumn
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    June 15, 2023


    Andrew N.

    Coach Amir has an incredible grasp on all aspects of the game, including technique, match strategy, and mentality. He has a methodical approach that caters to the students specific needs, with effective drills that focus on each element of the game. He demonstrates an ability to break down each aspect of the tennis strokes in detail, with an in-depth explanation of the mechanics. The structure of the lessons is intuitive and effective for the quickest path to improvement. Since he self-taught himself how to play and achieved a very high level in the sport, he knows what drills and strategy work.
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    June 04, 2023


    sadia S.

    Ive been wanting to learn how to play tennis but didnt know where to look since Im an adult and most places are geared only for kids. I found the Coaching Vault! So far, it has been great! I am learning how to play properly and lessons have been focused on the fundamentals and working up to me playing! Coach Amir is attentive, and flexible with scheduling and am already seeing improvements with my technique!
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    May 23, 2023



    Amir is an excellent coach and a friend! I have started training with him about 3 mons ago. I started with no experience at all, and he was very patient, worked hard with me on building good tennis habits and fundamentals. He is passionate, easy going and he keeps his instructions direct and simple. At first I was just looking for a good tennis coach, but Amir is way more than a good coach, he is really professional and encouraging. He can be very strict, but thats also something that I am looking for in a tennis instructor; it really shows that he really want you to learn tennis in the right way, and that he cares about you and the sports. I really didnt expect to make friends with my tennis coach, but here we are XD, Thank you for being an awesome coach and a friend!
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    October 16, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    Each lesson is custom to my client! 

    1) listen to the client and their needs 

    2) create a custom plan to solve the needs of my client 

    3) provide detailed tennis lessons and see the improvement immediately 

    Since 2014 I have serviced 100s of clients and since then i have produced over 200 championships among my students; including national championships, regionals championships, sectional championships, and local championships.  

    Please visit my website for pricing and discounts
    We give our clients the opportunity to drive the price down if they buy hours in bulk.  

    I starting playing tennis at the age of 3 and fell in love with the sport ever since.  My father who was number 1 in Iran, got me started.

    Now I am the only self taught professional tennis player that ever reaches a 6.5 rating! For the sake of comparison, 7 is professional on TV. 

    I work with all ages and levels. 

    RuiRui, one of Coach Amir’s students, is ranked #1 in the United States among all the 8 year olds nationally! 

    Cheaper coaches, you end up paying more in the long run. Go with a quality coach and don’t shy away from a higher hourly rate. Watch this video made for you.

    We encourgae our clients to come up wtih short term goals and long term goals so that we have a timeline established. This will motivate our clients to work even harder. 

    Services offered

    Pickleball Lessons