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I want to help people go beyond just fitness, I want to help connect them to their bodies and become more self aware. through a detailed focus on alignment, not only will you build a stronger body with better posture and less pain, you will also calm the mind and create more peace in your daily life. As we study our body we simultaneously study our mind.

In today's society many of us are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and suffer from anxiety and sensory overload. I love helping people slow down, focus on their breath and dig deep into their body and mind. As we take the time to slow down we cultivate more joy in the simple things and can start to train our brain to react more from the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest mode of the nervous system, and turn dowm the sympathetic nervous system that runs on fight or flight mode.


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    Briget B.

    I love Beckys classes! Ive been lucky enough to join her last 8 week series & I looked forward to it every week. Ive been practicing yoga for several years but her classes always teach me something new. She has a lighthearted, fun energy, while also being challenging. I love the philosophy she embraces,that we are all students of life& that she is always learning herself. Ive been able to apply a lot of new priciples to my other yoga & day to day life to become better all-around. If you have the oppportunity to practice with her I highly recommend it!
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    April 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Start by teaching people how to properly use their feet so we can work from the bottom up in realigning the body and spine. 

    400 hours Anusara Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training. Aromatherapist certification. 

    First lesson is free so we can get to know each other, see if we’re a good fit and make a fitness and wellness plan to meet your goals. 

    I love yoga and the effects it has on the body and mind. After going through my own trauma, I used yoga to help me work through my anxiety and depressed, and now I want to share that knowledge and experience with others and help them overcome their own obstacles in life. 

    All shapes, sizes and ages. 

    Alignment is key, when we discover what our spine is actually doing and begin to strengthen and lengthen it by paying close attention to the three curves that we want to develop we create better posture in our day to day lives and can live more pain free. 

    Get very clear on your fitness and wellness goals. 

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