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Offers online services
Offers online services


In the interest of time, best way to get started is by listenting to our fitness blogcast at

Our TrainChange® Fitness Embrace the Yo Yo Fitness Program is designed to provide you with the best nutrition planning and exercise routines while allowing you the flexibility of training at home, in the gym or on the go, by providing you with all of our strategic information and professional guidance right at your fingertips.

Embrace the YoYo is a scalable fitness strategy that provides busy people with the tools required to consistently incorporate NUTRITION and EXERCISE into strategic, daily routines, to achieve both short-term and LIFELONG SUCCESS on your fitness journey.

Remain consistent on your fitness journey with the professional help and guidance from our team of online personal trainer and health coaches.

We have brought together the best minds in the fitness industry, combining years of competitive bodybuilding, figure fitness coaching, martial arts, personal training and real-world “weight struggle” experience, and placed them all into a single power-packed fitness program. We guarantee this will be the best, and most effective online training option available!

Our unique long-term fitness is program available NATIONWIDE using our live, instructor-led virtual training programs.




PlyoBelt Pro Total Home Training System

3-Month private access to our Embrace the YoYo Fitness Program online training portal with training and motivational videos created by our team of experts to get you ready for your journey

Six 50-min Virtual Group Training Sessions

Access to our team of professional coaches that are available to answer questions about your nutrition plans and exercise routines

Three LIVE one-on-one personal training or pre-recorded training

Access to our private FaceBook support group other members use during their journey

Access to our Instagram Embrace the YoYo Fitness motivation program

Bi-weekly customized nutrition planning and exercise routine creation

Bi-weekly email coaching and monitoring of your exercise routines (photo check and progress evaluation)

Monthly Personal Training and Coaching with your TrainChange Fitness Specialist

Two Monthly 50-min Private Virtual Online Session (Regularly $75)

BONUS: Bi-weekly 30-min Continuous Improvement Consultation Call

We enjoy the process of helping clients become empowered to take control of their body, and life!

But there is no way around it, getting to the top of your fitness mountain is going to be one of the most challenging, and potentially rewarding experiences you’ll ever undergo. Many times it will hurt, push you to your limits...and beyond...making you want to just quit. During those difficult times you may be tempted to give into one of the quick fixes that you logically know will not work, but you just want the agonizing process to be over. It’s human, there’s no problem with that feeling. Instead of going that route, I’m offering you an opportunity to prepare for the climb in advance. Some of you have already started the climb, ill prepared, and now are simply seeking better tools, not because you aren’t making progress, but because you know there’s always room to learn how to become more efficient at making ANY climb. Many of you were eager to get started but forgot to pack the right climbing supplies. Well, TrainChange Fitness is specifically designed for those that are committed to making the climb, and know you can do it if only you had the right assistance, and a Sherpa (wearing Nikes).

In full disclosure, we are committed to only helping those that are serious about getting to the top and are reaching out for a new set of tools and assistance. For those people we are eager to reach back and help you any way we can. So if you’re ready, grab your backpack, strap on your boots and let’s get ready to kick this mountain’s ass!


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Offers online services

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    Rene H.

    I loved working with TrainChange Fitness! The workouts were great and are giving me the results I have been looking for. TrainChange Fitness does a wonderful job working with people on all fitness levels!!
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    March 29, 2019

    Sami H.

    The HIIT Classes at TrainChange Fitness.... all the instructors were fantastic, energetic and knowledeable -- Al was definitely my favorite!
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    March 29, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Having done this for over 30 years, I do not like to fail and more importantly, I do not allow my clients to fail.  In the interest of time, to prevent that from happening I've establish a standard intake process to give you an opportunity to assess of TrainChange Fitness is right for you.

    1) Listen to blogcast at to do a personal assessment to see where you are in the fitness journey.  

    2)  Based on your assessment by the end of the blogcast, set up a fitness consultation.

    3) If a mutual fit, we'll get you started on your fitness journey!   

    Over 30 years of fitness consulting, personal training and competitive natural bodybuilding.

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