Performance Lab Of California

Performance Lab Of California

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Offers online services
Offers online services


We utilize advanced technology for the improvement of athletes. With our cutting edge 8 camera motion capture system we start with an analysis. From there, we can pick up on the key areas to improve in an athlete. We also put a big focus on injury prevention and rehab. Our staff uses massage and stretch therapy and additional modalities to keep athletes healthy for years to come

I enjoy seeing the change in an athlete and making a connection with the individuals that I work with. I also enjoy looking into the proper mechanics of running, jumping, throwing etc. The human body is fascinating to me and I love learning how we can train it to be better.


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Serves Van Nuys , CA
Offers online services

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    Mark S.

    I was looking for a Coach to help my son with his technique for Sprints and Moreys name kept coming up as I was talking with Coaches in the LA area. We just finished up our pre-season with Morey and he did a great job adjusting Jacks starts and max-velocity stride. Jack qualified as a Sophomore for the Arcadia Winter Championship in the 60M, 150M and 300M. With Moreys help, Jack was able to PR in all three events and just PRd in the 400M. Jack is ranked 4 in the State and 22 in the Country for 10th graders in the 400M. We will continue to work with Morey for the next two years to reach his potential. I would highly encourage you to give Morey a look if you are looking for a private track coach.
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    March 02, 2020

    Alex C.

    I liked how much effort the coaches put into you and how much they want you to get better. I did the 1 moth trial and it certainly helped me out a lot and was worth the price. The only thing I would recommend is to have more workouts that can be done in a gym or a turf opposed to needing a turf field and a gym in one workout. This would split up the workout a little bit. Other than that, no complaints at all and I learned so much in such little time.
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    February 29, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    We start out going through an assessment in our motion capture lab. From there we can identify the key parts of the body that can be improved. Next we will begin the training process of targeting certain movement patterns, muscles or drills that will allow the athlete to make the most significant improvement the fastest.

    FMS, FMA, TPI, NKT Level 3, KI, Bachelors in Exercise Science and Biomechanics

    Started with opening a Biomechanics Lab in 2013 and transitioned into coaching and teaching from there.

    Youth or elementary students all the way up to MLB, NFL, NBA and MLS.

    Do not make the decision based off cost of the session but instead off the quality of the individual.

    How committed are they?

    What is the goal?

    What is needed in order to make the goal a reality?

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