Hoop D'etat Basketball Development And Strength & Conditioning

Hoop D'etat Basketball Development And Strength & Conditioning

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I teach and train Middle school and high school basketball Athletes the fundamentals and Advance basketball. Play Low Aggressive feet, Active hands, pound Dribble, Finish the play, Foot Foundations, Necessary Dribbling, Game shooting, perfect passing and last posses Fourteen Different triple threat position most importantly.

Most important of how I stand out is that I am a Hands-on trainer I don't believe in a whole lot of tools but just the right amount. I like to train indoors and outdoors.

I want my guys and girls to play Low.

Besides Basketball I am also a personal Private 1 on 1 Personale fitness Trainer.

My services to my clients are from the nonathletic to the most athletic person.

I focus on Health Screening, physical screening, and exercise programing.

What do I enjoy about the work? is has helped to make a difference in a kids life Through my positivity and patience.


Hired 13 times
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14 years in business
Serves San Diego , CA

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    Guerschon knows what hes doing and he definitely has the knowledge to coach! My son is 6 weeks in with him and he has learned so much already. My son has played some pre-season HS games already and the difference in his game is noticeable. Guerschon is serious about coaching and shows dedication to his job. You can clearly see he is passionate about basketball. I feel very lucky to have found an experienced individual to teach my son the skills to make him stand out from the rest.
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    August 28, 2019


    Terence W. R.

    August 27, 2019
    Hired on Lessons


    Rich N.

    Great teacher and passion for Skill and strength training. my son has improved greatly under Coach G sessions!
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    August 27, 2019


    Marlee B.

    RJ is one of the best personal trainers I have ever had. He improved my skill in such a small amount of time. He has a unique skill set and way of teaching that separates himself from other coaches! I will be coming back when I am in the area!
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    August 27, 2019


    Richard H.

    Coach Shon is great! In a short time Shon has been able to expand William’s shooting range and improved his overall ball handling. As a 6’5” 14 year old who was trapped playing in the CENTER position most of his basketball life, Shon has been instrument with William as we move him into the Forward position. His strength and conditioning program has had an immediate impact on my son’s frame and his stamina. Highly recommend Coach Shon.
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    August 27, 2019


    Orion S.

    He recognizes and improves your weaknesses, and works on them until they are your strengths. He pushes you to your absolute limit and helps you discover a love for the grind that you didn’t know you possessed. Not to mention he is a tremendous man who is extremely genuine, likable and relatable.
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    August 27, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    1.Question Assessment Screen, I want to Know their Goals, which basketball Skills they want to get better @ or Body parts do they want to look better and get stronger, how much weight do they want to put on or lose, How long they have been playing  organized basketball and working out or not and what are some of their obstacles.

    2. for Basketball I want to see if they are strong athletic individuals, with coordination already awaken in them (Gift) and can dribble, shoot, and pass.

    As for non-Athletic regular Clientele, I do Body composition test Using Body fat composition tests and skinfold calipers, measuring tape, Scale / and hight measure and Record current weight, Boddy Fat %, Fat mass, Lean Mass.

    3. Functional movement Screen test (FMS). which is spinal alignment, shoulder Flexibility, overhead squats, lunges, and Flexibility. 

    4. Muscle reflection and memory.

    My education: I am ACE certified,  currently a kinesiology strength and conditioning undergrad student at Grossmont College for Bachelor of Science.

    USA Basketball GOLD Coach Licensed for 2018-2019

         *2005-2007 Abrhim kutlay MVP team member/coach 

         *2008-2009 Villanova Basketball Coaching camp and 8-12th grade Camp coach. 

         *2014-2016 certified level 3 impossible online Basketball skills training and attended trainers camp in New Jersey.

         *2017  Elitegard Trainer training workshop.

    $60 per session (70 minutes long)



    I've been involved in Basketball as a player, coach and Trainer for over 20 years. As a high school player, I average 15 points per game and 5 rebounds and help my school team go to semifinals two years in a row in 1997 and 1988 after that played on numerous basketball outdoor tournaments in the TRI-state area. Nike, Adidas, Gersh park, Rucker and Dickman Tournament. I saw a need in the marketplace for personal skill training and embarked on my next basketball venture by starting Progression Basketball skills Training. I have had different names, but I have taken all I have learned as a player and coach and has translated that into training some of the best basketball young players and teams.

    worked with Middle school, High school and Euro leag pro's 

    why did you choose basketball skills training path?

    How long will it take me to achieve my Goals?

    How will we measure progress?

    What type assessment will we do to know what im good and bad at physically and with or without the basketball?

    Ask for a free session.

    will I be getting homework?

    when should I stop eating before training?

    can we work out Indoor or outdoor?

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