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Spiral Yoga

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I meet my students at whatever level of yoga they currently practice and offer biomechanical feedback to improve their alignment, allowing them to achieve greater stability in their current practice and to expand the number of poses the student feels confident practicing. I offer a traditional philosophical base and tie in our internal processes to our physical processes.

I love sharing the balance and peace yoga offers with my students.


7 years in business
Serves Denver , CO


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Maribeth C.

Mary Pat was super supportive and nurturing. She appeared to really care that I have an excellent yoga experience; I felt the love. I liked how she adjusted my position when necessary. Her class flowed effortlessly and at a nice pace. I highly recommend taking a class with this instructor.
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May 01, 2018


Wendy C.

Mary Pat was patient and thorough. She made us all feel comfortable and grounded in the moment. A wonderful intention for practice. A cheerful, bubbly, demeanor that was welcoming and joyful. She was gentle and supportive with spotting and correcting balance. The session was inspiring and rejuvenating.
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April 01, 2018

Frequently asked questions

I ask my students about their experience, goals and hesitations. I then design a strength based program that will progressively build towards the student’s goals. I start small and build from there, offering feedback and demonstrations along the way. I pay great attention to learning styles and present information in a variety of ways, including offering hands on adjustments. In a 1:1 setting, we breakdown each pose and then flow through progressive sequences incorporating the poses.

I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course at Samadhi Yoga Studio and practice yoga most days, whether on my own or in a class. I additionally have many years of sports coaching and teaching experience, including teaching skiing in Telluride for twelve seasons. I have counseling experience as well and greatly enjoy being able to present yoga as a coping tool for the stresses and trials life offers us all.

I charge $40 for a one hour fifteen minute private session or $150 for five one hour fifteen minute private sessions.

For friends or family members who wish to practice together, I charge $25 per person for two or three people, $20 per person for four or five people and $15 per person for groups of six or more people.

I started coaching swimming as a sixteen year old. In my twenties I discovered teaching skiing and fell in love with teaching people how to find balance in motion. When I moved to the city to get married, I missed being a full time ski teacher terribly. I realized during a yoga class that if I could become a yoga teacher, I could again apply my skills within a role that would allow me to work with students in a physical realm that accesses their emotional and mental realms at the same time. I was signed up for teacher training within four months.

As a teacher in general, I have worked with students of all ages and abilities, including disabled students. As a yoga teacher specifically, I have worked with teenagers and adults. I have taught beginners as well as experienced yogis, offering support, challenge and guidance to each student. I have taught restorative yoga and meditation techniques to a student with severe heart limitations. I have taught one student with MS and trained side by side with another teacher who has MS.

I recently offered hands on assistance during a yoga class that another instructor led. I loved having the opportunity to be able to offer so much support to each student throughout the session.

Be sure any teacher you offer has at least completed a 200 hour course yoga teacher training. Talk to prospective teachers about what you are seeking and see who seems to really listen to you. Ask questions about the teacher’s biomechanical understanding and be sure they have sound experience, whether through cross sports experience, medical training and/or extensive study. If incorporating yoga philosophy is important to you, ask the teacher about their lineage and depth of understanding of the yoga sutras.

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