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Bo's Training And Sports Performance

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Offers online services


My approach to fitness begins by identifying the client's proficiencies in functional moments patterns. Often times people are unaware of these faulty training patterns which, if not addressed, can lead to injury down the line. By improving range of motion in natural sports-based, functional and athletic patterns, I can help clients with any goal begin to move better, reduce injury risk, and ultimate perform better in our workouts. Whether someone is recovering from a surgery and trying to regain optimal range of pain free motion, looking to improve mechanics and performance at their position in a given sport, or looking to lose weight, we have to identify how well we move in these key patterns in order to work on those movements and set them up with success. This will help me structure an individualized program built around the clients' specific needs, and sets them up for long term success.

I am very passionate about changing lives, and educating clients on how to improve the biomechanics of their bodies. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients, ranging from young athletes to senior citizens, show drastic improvements in their respective programs. When coaching, I adopt the Phil Jackson motto that you can't coach any two people exactly the same. The reason for this is that no two people are exactly alike so the tools that you use to get through to one athlete won't necessarily be the right tools to get through to another athlete. That being said, I have been able to change a lot of lives in my career, both as a trainer and sports performance coach, because I have a deep understanding of sports physiology and how to apply this knowledge into a tailored program for each individual client. This has lead me to have a lot of success with clients and athletes. Some of their results range from those who have lost over 100 pounds in a year, trained to get into the police academy and military including one green beret, and coached high school athletes who struggled in their early years to actually go on to the college level to play baseball, basketball, football, track, soccer.


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    julian P.

    One thing about working with Brandon is Hes knowledgeable about what it is you’re training on and is honest about what he thinks can help you achieve your fitness goals. Sports performance wise, if you are consistent with your training with him you will see results guaranteed. Working with him was a 10/10 experience.
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    April 26, 2021
    Hired on Lessons

    Anthony W.

    Bo is a stellar personal trainer. His workouts will push you and his personality with humor you. He’s a genuine spirit. Bo knows training. Hire this guy today
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    February 24, 2021

    Mary w.

    I had zero motivation to start going to the gym and exercising. It was such A chore to get to the gym. It was recommended that I find a trainer but how do you pick one. This time The trainer picked me. Turned around one day and knocked right into him. Soon after that I started training with Brandon. With in a short time I started to see results. My weight dropped. I went down a pant size. I started running. I was amazed by my increase in strength and endurance. Exercise was no longer the enemy And I look forward to my training sessions. Everything’s just came together, watching my Body change made me make healthier choices when he came to food. So I highly recommend him. Not only did he help change and improve my life he became my friend.
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    February 23, 2021

    Stephen M.

    I started working with Bo after an extensive surgery on my left shoulder that left me struggling to get back into surfing. The surgery was a perfect repair but after months of only physical therapy I was left with little of the strength and endurance I had before. Bo listened to my goals, reviewed my current workout and talked to me about his plan for getting me back in the water. He expertly designed customized workouts that helped me not only restore the strength I had before surgery, but dramatically increased my strength, endurance and stability of my shoulder and body overall. His workouts are challenging but also fun. And he adjusted the work we did to how my body reacted to the exercises. Ive gotten great results and look forward to hitting the gym like never before.
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    February 19, 2021

    Abbe F.

    He is super motivating and knows his stuff!!!
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    February 17, 2021

    Katie A.

    His in-depth expertise was incredible! He built a program specifically pinpointed to my goals and needs. I felt like I learned and improved from every one of our meetings. Definitely worth the investment!
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    February 16, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Every client is different so it is always important to start off with sitting down and having a meaningful, goal-based conversation. Here, we identify any hurdles that they have faced in the past trying to accomplish their goals, and then set realistic, measurable and timely goals. Next, we would go through postural, dynamic and movement based assessments to see how well the client's body moves in motion. Finally, we would conduct some skill and performance based assessments (sports specific) to set baselines for our program.

    From that point, I map out programming 6-8 weeks in adavance. This allows me to make progressive changes to the sports performance program as the body adapts to the skills and conditioning programming. 

    -15 years of Personal Training Experience

    -15 years of coaching youth athletes

    -5 years of coaching High School sports (including coaching various sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Soccer)

    -National Council of Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

    -National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (sports performance)

    -National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

    -Functional Movement Screen (top movement and sports based assessments)

    -Precision Nutrition

    -Learned extensive strength and conditioning principles from Former New York Yankees Strength and Conditioning Coach Dana Cavalea

    Growing up, I was always playing sports of some form or another. My brother, 14 years older than me, was my coach growing up, and once I went on to high school and collegiate sports, I began to volunteer to help coach his teams as he began to coach youth sports leagues in my free time. Those sports were Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer and Track and Field). When I went to college to play baseball, he went to coach at a High School for Basketball and Baseball. I would volunteer my free time on the baseball diamond by coaching and mentoring his freshman and sophomore athletes. After college, I got into personal training private clients, and training and mentoring young athletes whenever I got the chance. Being in a corporate gym setting for a number of years, I began developing a secondary niche for corrective exercise for clients recovering from injuries or surgeries. these clients ages ranged from late teens to early 80s.

    I have spend well over the last 15 years of my career assisting seniors, adults, collegiate athletes, high school athletes and youth on how to train smart, and become the most fit and healthy person they can become.

    Recently, I had a young college pitcher meet up with me for a consultation. We began our first session by going through the functional movement screen (7 movement based patterns that help identify how equipped the body is at that moment for athletic movements) and we got to one test in particular. it is the rotary stability test (look up the test to see the mechanics of it, the test is extremely challenging and have never seen it successfully done in person, with a perfect score). While attempting to perform this test, the athlete was literally frozen, mentally on his attempt to conduct the test. You could see the competitive side of him knowing it was possible, but he couldnt even begin to get his body to start the movement. We modified the movement to allow for him to perform the exercise in a different way, but when we finished, he stated, "I dont understand why I couldnt do that movement." That was a great teaching moment. I began to discuss how our central nervous system (starting at the command center--our brain) has to communicate with the rest our body on how to move at all times. Most of these movements are mundane and often taken for granted because we do them without even having to think about them. But at some point in our developmental stages, we had to learn those movements and patterns. Like crawling, to standing, to walking. It was a process. So this specific movement pattern is something that is extremely challenging and the mental processing that he was struggling with while trying to begin the movement was his command center telling him that it didnt have the sensory input to be able to perform that movement yet. That was an eye opening discussion for him because then he began discussing how he didnt really understand what the central nervous system did but had heard other people discussing it on other fitness forums. The act of trying to do this movement really put it into perspective for him. That teaching moment was a very rewarding moment for me because any time I can teach someone more about how their body works, and they genuinely digest what I am teaching, I see it have a dramatic impact on their performance in each successive session that I have with them. A cerebral athlete will strive to learn as much as he can, and apply those applications each session. 

    Sports are not just about being the best athlete on the field. The best athletes also have a high sports IQ, and learn to develop strong judgment skills which will help them become better leaders on their teams. So make sure to develop your sports IQ equally as much as your performance based skills.

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