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I'm professional boxer with 12 fights


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    Well I’ve been training with him for 9 years and he a boxer he is the best
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    January 17, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Well working with a new student we have to make sure that they know the basics and Boxing  teach them how to  throw a jab a hook a uppercut teach them how to slip 

     I’m a professional boxer and I’m also a professional MMA fighter and also help train various of Fighter‘s if you train with me you get all well-rounded experience professional boxing and MMA I am very technical when it comes to teaching when you leave me Whatever your goal list you will reach it long as you are willing to put in the work

     Well my prices system when it comes to lessons I do monthly rates which came very to 450 a month with that you can have unlimited lessons per month now if you would like to pay per lesson we can work something out in that manner I normally charge 45 a session which is very cheap for my credentials

     I got started and Boxing to 17  was a troubled kid looking to stay away from problems in the streets then I figured what is Boxing but Boxing asked me I’m you let me show you how to survive so I started Boxing and I started looking at the trouble  Youth I said hey I would like to train those young trouble kids and also train those people looking to protect the self from dangerous in the streets

     Well I help train Fighter’s world champions names being as Keisher McLeod and  amateur fighters And pro fighters and I currently have Fights coming up scheduled

     Well the recent event that I will  be in is December 15 in Greensboro North Carolina I will be going home to fight a fighter by the name of  Omar  I’m very professional so if you are looking to get the time of your life with a professional boxer I’m your guy

     The best advice I can give someone looking for a Boxing teacher or coach or Mma coach would be to ask him who would win the fight between sugar Ray Robinson and sugar Ray Leonard 

     Well ask yourself is this something you really want to do so you won’t waste your time or the coaches time ask yourself are you mentally fit to go through with this process because you could be mentally fit and not physically fit and you can go to with the training to be physically fit long as you’re mentally fit  make sure your You know exactly what you want out of Boxing that is the main thing

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