Marks Mentoring Methods

Marks Mentoring Methods

Offers online services
Offers online services



My name is Mark Babakian!

I have extensive experience and knowledge within the fitness industry with all ages. I specalize in Weight loss, Strength and Hypertrophy, and work with athletes of all kinds.

I am a nationally certified Level 3 Personal trainer for two companies, Nutrition Specalist, and have worked extensively at devolping young/ pre-teen baseball players.

Aside from my passion for baseball and overall Health, I excel and enjoy tutoring kids and young teens in math. For me, math has always oame naturally to me, and I have always felt very fortunate for that. However, there are many who do not excel, or even understand math. I feel, and have witnessed, that more often it is not a lack of intelect or ability of the student, but the teachers method of teaching. Not all methods work for all students, and the abillity to read and adapt to each individuals learning needs is what I take pride in.

I apply this same method with my clients in the fitness industry. I need to adapt to peoples likes and dislikes, goals, every day activities, food choices, and much more. The ability to personailze a program for each indivudual is what breeds success. In addition, I am aware that you may not enjoy working out. It is my responsibility to make sure that your time is properly structured, engaged, utilized efficently, and overall a little bit of fun!

I feel that the approach and experience that I have has truly guided me to the success I have had. I have been in the fitness industry for almost 6 years, and numerous success stories from kids and adults.


W.I.T.S Level 2 Personal Trainer

NASM Level 3 Personal Trainer

NASM Level 1 Nutrition Specalist

Strength and Conditioning Specalist

The work I do I truly feel is not only a blessing, but a huge responsiblity. For starters, the ability I have to impact people is something I always remind myself of multiple times a day. From the fitness industry, I have seen adults and kids gain self- confidence, intellect, and reach new goals they never could have imagined. The feeling of success is not only addicting, but extremly heart warming to see. My position as an influencer and health specalist can truly turn peoples lives around. I love seeing people devolp physically and mentally, and being apart of that success story is truly something special.

I can not wait to meet you, and start our success story together!


2 employees
5 years in business
Serves Bedford Corners , NY
Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

There is no set structure for how I work with new students, because each person has individual needs and learn differently.  However; my intial structure of a quick meeting prior to our first session to get to know each other before we meet. I feel it helps with the level of comfortability, and allows for a more genuine interaction when we need to learn. 

Prices vary based on student needs and frequency.

All ages, from 6-68 year of age. I enjoy working with all ages, and approach each person differntly. The way I work and train somebody who is 12 years old, would be very different to how I would train a 51 year old.

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