15 year boxer have won the Golden Gloves in Washington D.C 2x and have competed in many national tournaments. Im a coach at the internationally known headbangers gym in S.W Washington D.C.

I enjoy seeing people reach there goals. And seeing the progress in my work. It also keeps me in shape.


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Marquay S.

Boxing expert in counter punching and power punching
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September 14, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Teaching proper stance, Proper foot movement, and how to throw punches properly with the use of shadow boxing, mitts and heavybag work 

Im a 15year ex-boxer who boxed with hillcrest, headbangers and no excuse boxing gym and have won and competed in many national tournaments in the US. And I currently have 1 fighter 16 year old fighter that I train personally at the Headbangers Boxing Annex Monday through Thursday. I also assist the other coaches at headbangers as needed.

After you register my sessions are 40.00 dollars per session for adults and 30.00 per session for kids 17 and under.

I had people that knew me from being an exellent boxer growing up and always wanted me to train there kids.  I started training my son and some kids in the neighborhood and then I went to headbangers and told coach Barry and Bougie I was ready to coach some fighters and they allowed me to use there facilities to start my training and coaching.

Junior and novice boxers who compete in USA amatuer boxing.

Barry farms boxing under the stars in Washington D.C

Come ready to work because its a tough sport but it will get u in excellent shape and you will learn how to handle yourself with with your hands and build confidence in your abilities.

Will I get hurt? Will I know how to fight when its over.

No you will not get hurt. And you will learn how to fight better.

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