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Neucleus Fitness provides programs that will guarantee you a weight loss reduction of 15 – 30lbs within the first 30-training sessions and 10 – 20lbs per month, we'll sharpen reflexes, increase speed, create a sense of confidence in protecting yourself, as long as you maintain compliance with the trainer’s program instructions and possess the necessary equipment needed for your training classes.

Take a look at some video introduction of the classes we offer:

“Mastro Defense System” originated in Belgium and Paris France; used by police, celebrity protection services, CIA, and Military Special Operatives. It’s design to disable an attacker within 3 – 5 seconds REGARDLESS of their size and strength

Watch the video and take closer look:

BoxMaster PunchMaster System, for boxing and kickboxing. Take a look at Hugh Jackman "The Wolverine" workout as he trains using the PunchMaster System.

Insanity Live Fitness

Insanity Live Modified For Beginners

Advance Proprioception and Hypertrophy

We do have special defense classes available at premium prices that are guaranteed to offer the security, confidence and protection level you desire.

Please understand this is not an “Overnight Success” you’re not going to learn super defense techniques in a few days or weeks of training. Everything takes time...and should be practiced until it becomes “second nature” then you’re ready to protect yourself and family if needed.

Like in studying any form of martial art protective gear is recommended and must be purchased by the practitioner.

Now you decide which options/1-on-1 Training is best for you...or most desirable

I need to explain to you that we do not have any contact information of yours, therefore if you're interested in moving forward you'll need to contact us and provide your contact information to us.

We'll need your; name, mobile number and email address to start the introduction process.

Training is best conducted in our private gym location, but is also available to you 1-on-1 basis off-site at a location of your choice.

But you need to contact us...we do not have or receive your contact need to contact us if interested.

Unlike traditional trainers, we participate in these exercises programs with our clients, to offer visual demonstration, motivation and to establish the necessary tempo at which the client should move.

We focus on functional movement techniques and proper body mechanics to insure proper body alignment which to minimize injury prior to utilizing weights during any exercise routine.

Our focus is more on safety and movement techniques.

Training Classes

We train 1-on-1 and in small groups for 50-minutes at a time or group training sessions to create confidence and competitiveness.

Our group sessions are small enough so that everybody gets personal attention - but large enough to still be cost effective.

We offer a variety of training classes and programs:

Meta-Shredd (Hypertrophy Programs)

Muscle hypertrophy programs designed to burn body fat

and develop lean muscle mass rapidly

Mastro Defence System

Professional real-life practical application for self-defense

situations. Unlike other forms of martial arts this is street

science and real-life self-defense situations being employed

to subdue and immobilize your aggressor within as little as

3 – 5 seconds

Dealing with knife assaults, stick, glass bottle and various

other assault weapons. This art teaches you that anything

can be used as a weapon to defend yourself as well as

empty hand techniques.

See video sampler here:

Functional Movement Techniques

Basic moves and corrective exercise which to improve

domestic and recreational performance

Insanity Max 30

Extreme Max Interval Training design for weight loss and muscle symmetry

Insanity Max 360 Abs

Extreme Abdominal contouring workout with visual results ranging from 4– 6 weeks (dieting must be accompanied for maximum results)

Insanity Live – Max Interval Training Extreme Weight Loss Workout and muscle symmetry workout (weight loss results within 30-days)

Insanity Live For Beginner

Low intensity plyometric training for beginner and deconditioned individuals with sedentary lifestyles. This program is designed for weight loss for beginners and the elimination of chronic illnesses

Insanity for Seniors

Insanity Live Fitness modified for seniors and individuals with mobility challenges

Kickboxing Techniques

Kickboxing techniques with focus on actual fighting techniques

Muscle Pump Hypertrophy

Muscle Hypertrophy designed for body shaping, toning, weight loss and muscle symmetry

Senior Fitness / Silver Sneakers

(Fitness for Senior)

Fitness for Seniors sponsored by HealthWays Insurance

Spartan 300 Workout

For Men and Women Extreme muscle building workout for men and women – Power lifting (Modified Crossfit Workout)

Hot Rockin Abs

Abdominal workout for men and women with result ranging from 6 – 8 weeks

Body Transformation

90 - 120 Minute Plyometric and Max Interval Training combined with Muscle Hypertrophy, Kickboxing Techniques and basic yoga moves 5 days a week training – Cardio, Balance and Stability, Strength Training, Strength Endurance and Maximum Power Training


120-minute class with focus on developing core, abdominal, glute and total body muscle symmetry

Our services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed that you’ll be impressed with the result we’ll accomplish working together.


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23 years in business
Serves Artesia , CA

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    Explains every exercise in Detail and corrects you when youre wrong..He always Focus
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    December 12, 2018

    Elizabeth A.

    Neucleus is the kind of trainer who approaches his job in a very enthusiastic manner. He makes sure that your vision for a healthy lifestyle is his mission. He is very patient and his motivation techniques make you want to stay with his program. He makes his workouts very interesting by changing up the pace and incorporating various routines. He listens to your concerns and goals and designs specific programs for realistic results. If youre looking for a trainer who will stick with you through your health goals, Nucleus is your man!
    God bless, Neucleus!!
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    June 23, 2018

    Marco J.

    Im a Male 57 years old, I had many trainers during my life and Neucleus has to be at the top of the best of the best in my list.
    His passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy are amazing among others.
    Is a blessing to anyone to be able to be training by him.
    Marco A Galvez Jr
    Group Capital Mortgage
    213 952 5001 C
    661 427 0227 F
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    June 21, 2018

    Donna C.

    Ive been training with Neucleus Fitness for approximately 3 months and at age 65yrs old I feeling much healthier. I have a new burst of energy which allows me to do more around the home than I would normally do.
    After visiting my doctor, I notice that my weight was down a whopping 30lbs, sugar levels are normal, in fact the doctor said that I more healthy HDLs than normal
    My blood pressure is also normal and stable. Thanks to Neucleus, he always pushes me to do the best even when I dont feel like it; he patient enough to instill confidence in me to push more and do my very best.
    What I like most about his training is that he doesnt just stand and watch, he also does the exercises with me offering encouragement and makes me feel like I have a workout buddy.
    He always take the time to correct each exercise making sure that I focus on techniques rather than speed.
    His training not only includes exercise, but he also offer nutritional coaching and guidance to insure Im eating properly and not killing my workout my over-eating or eating the wrong foods.
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    June 19, 2018

    Maria T.

    He is great. He notices when youre new and pays attention to make sure youre doing the exercises safely and correctly.
    He always encourages everybody to perform their best and focus on techniques rather than speed.
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    June 19, 2018

    Hae J.

    My experience so far has been very positive! He is always super encouraging and helpful. One of the best trainer Ive ever met and had the experience to working with.
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    June 19, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

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    Neucleus Fitness provides services which to improve an individual’s way of life, for domestic and recreational activities through fitness training, nutritional coaching, dieting and holistic remedies.  

    Our programs are designed based on metabolic profile of a person to promote a healthier domestic and recreational lifestyle for our clients of all ages starting with basic fundamental movement techniques and progressing at an individual level to intermediate recreational performance; to advance performance and sports enhancements.

    We motivate and guide our client in reshaping their lives with the philosophy of 80% nutrition, 20% fitness and 100% mindset. 

    We start our client with basic move and fundamental technique to create a great foundation, enforce safety and minimize injury.

    Unlike traditional trainers, we participate in these exercises programs with our clients, to offer visual demonstration, motivation and to establish the necessary tempo at which the client should move.

    Our certification includes: N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, CPR / AED Certified, Beach Body Live Certified Group Fitness Instructor, N.A.S.M. Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Heathway’s Silver Sneakers, Cardio Program, Classic Program and Flex Instructor, Schwinn Cycling Instructor, Creator of “Muscle Pump Hypertrophy”, Certified Kickboxing Techniques Instructor, Weight Loss Specialist, Chronic Illness Specialist and Beach Body Nutrition Coach



    Mastro Defense System                 

    Muay Thai Kickboxing Basics

    Insanity Live for Beginners

    MetaShred Hypertrophy

    All classes are $25 per hour at our location in Artesia Ca

    1-on-1 Instruction $35 per hour + travel expenses @ $2 per mile from Anaheim Ca

    Try It Out For Free (2-Weeks Free – No Obligations to join)

    Below are video samples of our training

    Our Training Facility

    Kickboxing and boxing

    Self-Defense – Mastro Defense System


    Extreme Weight Loss (Insanity Live)


    Advanced Muscle Hypertrophy

    Weight Loss and Muscle Development (Get Ripped)


    Advance Balance and Stability (Proprioception)

    Bosu Ball Stability Workout


    Advance Workout Training and (Before and After Photos)


    Weight Loss For Senior


    Flexibility included in every workout session


    Advance Core Workout For Female


    Abdominal and Core Strength


    Muscle Hypertrophy For Female

    (Lean Muscle Mass Development)


    Female Body Building


    At age 12 I started out studying Tai Kuan Do and late at age 14 move on to Wu Shu which I studied for approximately 9yrs and thereafter moving to ShaoLin Long Fist Kung Fu

    After visiting the Shaolin Temple in Hunan, Chengde China in 1995 for a few classes I return to the US and continued my practice.

    After taking a long break in 2004 for personal training I return to the arts of Muay Thai in 2012 at Ferrell Academy in Cypress Ca and thereafter return to personal training as a Kickboxing Instructor at various gym facilities throughout Southern California

    My entire life I have always been fascinated with Chinese culture, martial art and herbal medicines

    I've worked with professional swimsuit, models, international runway models, singer, dancers, police officers and many others

    Seek out a teacher that will teach you real-life application of self-defense.  There are thousands of form of martial art and self-defense.  Choose one that you feel comfortable with.

    Know your discipline (reason for partaking a martial art)

    Martial Art is best for a humble person seeking to protect themselves and others around you.

    When learn correctly martial art is the same as having a weapon and should be disciplined by the partitioner using restraints at all time.

    Real practitioner understands their capabilities and refuse to be a show-off and is always in fear of hurting others.

    Please send me your; name, email address and phone number.  Please understand we are being charge just to send these text messages to you.  The cost range between $14 - $35 and this is serious, so respectfully I hope you’re serious enough to send me your contact information so we can further discuss your health and wellness needs.


    Please provide me with your; name, email address and phone number. 



    This Special Offer is not valid for off-site personal training and wellness coaching

    Why do you want to learn and take such classes?

    How will you use your new talents?

    Are you mentally prepared to succeed and follow through?

    With all self-defense classes there is some potential risk of injury; are you willing to accept that risk?

    In order to learn real self-defense you must be willing to take a punch to give a punch. (meaning; during practice you will sometime be hit with controlled measures and restraints and must be willing to accept and understand the feeling of such contact to become a good practitioner), but you should never become an agressor, bully or show-off.

    No matter how good you become...there is always someone; somewhere...better

    Services offered