Dustin Williams


Due to my passion for playing and teaching I travel distances many coaches wouldn't in order to give players the opportunity to learn the knowledge I have gained throughout my career as a baseball player and coach.

Seeing every player I teach progress along with the confidence they gain.


Hired 6 times
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8 years in business
Serves Rancho Cucamonga , CA

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    zuri S.

    Cant wait for my 8yr old to have more lessons with the coach. He was so thrilled at the end oh his first session.
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    July 17, 2023


    Deron B.

    Over the past three years, Ive seen Dustin work with my godson, Logan, on all aspects of baseball - hitting, pitching, fielding - but where he had had the greatest impact is helping develop an honest love of baseball and a positive mental approach. Make no mistake, compared to other kids his age, Logan exhibits better fundamentals than most, due in large part to Dustins efforts. But where many kids with professional guidance lose their joy of the game, Logans has only grown under Dustins tutelage. The game isnt a chore. Because of that, there exists a genuine commitment to improvement. I would recommend him to teach kids of all ages and skill levels.
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    June 10, 2019


    Susanne A.

    Dustin is fantastic and has been working with my son for three years now. The results on the field are really impressive, but more importantly my son is learning and loving the game. It really is a lot to learn, and a team coach just can’t give each child the time that is needed. If you are serious about helping your child get good at baseball, individual lessons are the way to go— and a teacher like Dustin, who played at such a high level and knows how to teach, is the smart choice. Thanks, Dustin!
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    March 22, 2019


    Matt C.

    Thanks to Dustin Williams, my 8 year-old son is performing at a high level in competitive programs. If you are looking for an elite one-on-one coach— be it for hitting, fielding, pitching, baserunning, or all the mental aspects of baseball— there is no choice better than Dustin.
    What impresses me most about Dustin is not just his own baseball talent, or his having played pro in two countries. It is his ability to TEACH. To connect with kids— especially young ones. That is a highly critical and VERY RARE skill that not every instructor possesses. As we all know, getting through to the younger kids is a unique challenge.
    Another sign of an elite instructor is that he does NOT have a cookie-cutter approach, in which he makes every pupil do the same things. Rather, Dustin treats each and every athlete/student as unique; he analyzes what that particular kid needs, and then tailors a specific program for that client. This, I believe, is why Dustin gets such strong RESULTS.
    By paying close attention to his lessons with my son, I also understand the game of baseball and all its mechanics better than ever before.
    Ultimately, for anyone of any age who wants to learn and improve— especially younger children— I could not recommend someone more than Dustin Williams.
    I also find dependability and punctuality to be very important, as often instructors cancel or delay lessons, even at the last minute. Dustin is always prompt and can be counted upon. He will even go the extra mile to analyze game video of my son to prepare specific drills for him.
    I feel compelled to give credit where it is due and acknowledge such a talented teacher, which is why I am writing this— yet part of me thinks I am letting out a huge secret when it comes to this outstanding instructor! Dustin, thanks so much. Find a slot for us next week, please!
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    March 22, 2019


    Sabrina K.

    Coach Dustin is the perfect balance of mastering skills and having fun at the same time. My 8-year old and 5-year old sons love getting lessons from him, and always look forward to their meetings. Dustin sees beyond their potential and expects excellence, but also reminds them to have fun. He has a keen baseball sense that is amazing, but it is his rapport with our boys that is so impressive. He has a wealth of knowledge with all aspects of baseball, and my boys love having their “player to player” talks with him. He is incredibly knowledgeable on skills and techniques, but also reminds the boys about developing good work habits/ethics. He’s very patient and comes up with creative ways to teach baseball. We feel very lucky to have met him.
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    March 20, 2019


    Louis L.

    Great coach. He’s very knowledgeable about baseball and both my boys are always looking forward to going to lessons. Older son hit a grand slam on opening day! Must have learned a thing or two from Dustin
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    March 20, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Study and analyze initial movements/mechanics then make proper adjustments to mechanical flaws.

    I have played baseball since I was six years old.

    2 Years Junior College

    - San Bernardino Valley College

    2 years University

    - Northwestern Oklahoma State University 

    - Biola University

    1 Year Independent Ball

    - Freedom Pro Baseball League

    3 Years International

    - Australia Baseball League

    - Liga Norte De Mexico

    Growing up I didn't have much proper coaching so once I graduated high school I promised myself that I would get as far as I could in baseball in order to seek and gain knowledge that I could then pass on to ANY player with the will to learn the game of baseball. It went from studying videos, to playing with ex big leaguers and current big leaguers  to listening to other hitting coaches and players talk from all around the world talking about different hitting philosophies and mechanics. 

    I have worked with students from 4 years old to 42 years old.

    Beginner Level to Advanced Level Players.

    Currently coaching 8U & 9U travel ball.  

    Don't be afraid to try something new/different.

    What area am I strongest in? What area am I weakest in?

    Any question that comes to mind.

    Services offered