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JAMMA Jermaine Andre Mixed Martial Arts

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Offers online services
Offers online services


If you are ready to commit to the way that is guaranteed to make you 3x better than you are today, then this is the program for you now!

The MMA BLACK BELT PROGRAM was created for adult citizens to comfortably attend and participate in to increase mobility, flexibility, & endurance, while safely learning functional self-defense skills in true private sessions at their own pace. Every student's training program is professionally personalized to fit their needs & abilities so maximum results can be achieved, without worries of injury or discouragement. Even though the same skills are attained, no two students path is exact.

Because we are a real private lesson facility, each student gets extended high quality time directly with me, Jermaine Andre', the Master Chief Instructor. 1 on 1 sessions are exactly that without other students or spectators in the dojo room allowing a deeper focused engagement, which develops my students 3x faster and better than anyone else can do.

We enforce traditional values and respects that are kid friendly, chivalrous, and considerate. Instructors and students are kind, hard working, and supportive. JAMMA dojo is a place of kindness, safety & integrity, where we all take our duty of educating and empowering people with the highest sincerity. We DO NOT fail and neither do we allow our customs to.

"The MMA BLACK BELT PROGRAM" is the top adult Martial Arts belt ranking system that was created, tested, and proven in combat directly by my world travelling competition efforts that led me to become 2x Hall of famer, 2x World Champ, 5x U.S. Champ, and UFC Vet - Jermaine Andre'.

My program is a private training program in a private dojo facility of undisturbed privacy during sessions. I don't simply "train" my students. I TEACH them. I educate students about what they are learning and why while assuring proper technique is executed with the right mindset. I assure that everyone that I teach safely learns how to fight & is capable of defending themselves if needed.

For over 25 years I have taught and trained students from 4 year olds, women, men, law enformcement, World Champions, beginners, elderly, and even the handicap. There has never been a person that I could not teach. And never has a person been injured in my facility during my watch. I believe in and demand SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CONSIDERATE training that encourages growth in all participants.

The MMA Black Belt Program is the first, top MMA program that is leading the future of Mixed Martial Arts structure and here's why:

1.) It was created, tested & proven in REAL COMBAT by a REAL WORLD CHAMP Combatant.

2.) It is trusted and used today by law enforcement, bodyguards, secret service, moms, dads, and even youth.

3.) It is a structured ranking system that allows students to learn the top dominating fight skills of MMA, and earn a respected Black Belt from an accredited Master & Pioneer of MMA.

4.) It is constructed with techniques that are practical for the modern man and woman to learn, and execute effectively without having to be a musclebound meathead. In fact, MTS empowers the everyday person to easily knock the socks off of the arrogant meathead if needed.

5.) It teaches & enforces the traditional etiquette of respect, accountability, courage, humbleness, confidence, loyalty etc... MTS aims instills the elements for good character & self mastery.

6.) It can convert everyday people stricken with elevated meekness, shattered confidence, swollen guilt, fear, self disgust, uncontrollable stress, emotional distress, performance restrictions, and more, ...into aware, calm, precision tuned "Human Weapons" that will never again allow a tool of negativity to hinder their life.

Only REAL Combat Proven techniques hand selected directly by me, make the cut to become an honored skill of "The MMA Black Belt Program".

The MMA Black Belt Program is the MODERN Martial Art engineered for the MODERN man and woman, to address MODERN needs. It covers all areas of combat from Awareness, Striking, Clenching, Takedowns, Throws, Grappling, Street Fighting & Weapons. And unlike any other Martial Art, The MMA Black Belt Program has the ability to adapt & evolve consistently to assure reliability and effectiveness. THIS is the ultimate Martial Art that is RING, CAGE, STREET & STEEL PROVEN!

I enjoy building human beings more than any other expert could enjoy building things. Each person differs in ability, experiences, and perception. This makes the way that every single student processes and relays back the lessons, original for each of them! My teaching approach is unique for each student. I show them how to do it my way, so they can discover how to do it their way. This eventually leads them to self-mastery.




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Offers online services

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    Greg J.

    Mindstring is another tool skill for the tool box. Amazing in and if it’s self ..
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    July 25, 2018

    Darren A.

    I began training under Jermaine Andre years ago with my family with intentions to get into shape. Soon we were learning great self defense techniques, loosing weight, and building muscle. My daughter has learned, respect, discipline, and self confidence through his youth program. Not only that she proved her skills by winning the championship at the Muay Thai classic World Tournament. If you are ready to get in shape, loose some weight, learn some self defense, or even become a champion Jermaine is the one to guide you RIGHT!
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    July 24, 2018

    Cortez G.

    Im honored to have the luxury of training under Jermaine Andre. Ive been his student for over 4 years. And have learned so much that is applicable in my everyday life. Not just combat training or healthy eating techniques/habits. But how to be respectful even when you dont receive it in return. How to be determined even when your back is against the wall and you are tired of taking losses. He has shown me how to be a honored fighter and loving person. I never thought that the martial arts would have such a positive impact on myself. From my religion to my community/family relations. Ive learned to work as hard as I can. And never beat yourself up about things that you can not change. I for one give high honors to this man Jermaine Andre. In seeing how a person who comes from nothing persevere and becomes GREAT. He is indeed a champion fighter but is also a father, son, leader, author, motivational speaker, and just a great person overall. And he is my Kru so you mess with him you mess with me. Lol! I stand guard on the principles of what he teaches. And I encourage ALL who reads this to train under him and SEE for yourselves firsthand. How much of an amazing teacher he is and what kind of program he has. Peace and Love
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    July 21, 2018

    Greg J.

    Amazing In and of its self nothing compares to these lessons ... trust me I’ve looked and tried .....!!!
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    July 20, 2018

    JAMES S.

    My oldest son started training under Jermaine over 10 years ago and my younger son started about 7 years ago, because of bullying, well lets just that problem stopped immediately when training started. They have been empowered with skill to defend themselves, and confidence to overcome problems in life and set goals to achieve, and use that kind of martial arts focus on their education , I.T. Ranken! Jermaine Andre totally changed my sons lives for the better and helped them grow into mature kind , respectful, responsible, caring young adults!!! I also started training under Jermaine Andre to lose a few pounds and learn some technical and what it has done for me was way more than I was expecting . I am in the best shape of my life and I even kicked butt in a international tournament called annual muay thia classic 2016 where I tkod my first opponent , and went 3 round split decision with 2nd opponent without taking much damage due to the real Technics jermaine andre has taught me.
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    July 20, 2018

    Brendan R.

    I am instructor/world travelled fighter who has been with master cheif Jermaine andre for almost 8 years now. Not only has he developed me in becoming a world class champion amateur fighter, but more importantly, his mentoring to me outside the ring. Before i met master cheif jermaine andre i was on a path of self - destruction, but his care and belief in me saved my life!!! If yourre looking to better yourself in all aspects of life, Jermaine Andre can help you get there!!! Thanks Jermaine Andre!
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    July 20, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    When you contact JAMMA a consultation is scheduled for you directly with Jermaine Andre'. All of your questions will be answered in this consultation and you will be allowed to complete your application at that moment. After you complete your application it will be reviewed within the week. You will be contacted and notified of acceptance or denial. If accepted your private training sessions will be scheduled to begin directly with Jermaine. You will be a direct student of Jermaine, and will train solely with him until you reach the Green Belt level of The MMA Black Belt Program. The attainment of Green Belt rank will qualify you to also attend the once a week group class. Your private sessions with Jermaine will continue as you also attend group class.

    Certified Mental Toughness Coach

    Certified Muay Thai Instructor

    Certified Grappling Black Belt

    Awarded Pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts

    35 years Martial Arts training experience

    20 years Martial Arts School Owner

    Certified Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor

    International Martial Arts Council member

    ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association) member

    U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee

    2x World Champ

    UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) Veteran

    Professional Fighter & Body Guard Trainer 

    Accredited Mixed Martial Arts Master 

    All Memberships are personalized private training packages directly with Jermaine Andre' -ELITE 1%er Package: $10,500 for 1 year -GOLD Package: $2,125 for 3 months with auto renew -SILVER Package: $1,125 for 3 months with auto renew -SPECIAL Package: $400 for 4 sessions Full details of each package can be viewed at www.JAMMA.pro

    I endured a tough background from my teens up until my middle age adult years.  I was born and raised in St. Louis where I had to constantly STAND MY GROUND  against BIGGER, OLDER MEN where I was outnumbered most of the time.  I used my Martial Arts skills to defend myself and fortunately win every unfair battle.  One day an associate who was getting bullied asked me to protect him.  I informed him that it would be better if I taught him how to protect himself.  He agreed and I started his hard lessons.  From that day on I always knew that the best thing that I could do for every person who ever met me, was to teach them to defend themselves.  And that has been my life priority since then. 

    I have trained boys and girls ages 4-16; Adult men & women;  Teenagers; Professional & Amatuer MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing competitors; military personnel; law enforcement; at risk youth; elderly; handicap and dismembered youth, professional Athletes; High School Athletes; juevenile detained youth; adult prisoners from minimum security to super max solitary confinement.  Newly to this list is one of my top female students who has now entered the Secret Service

    I am very fond of the "Guns & Hoses Boxing Charity Event" in St. Louis, MO where local police and local fire fighters square up to box it out all for the honor of raising funds for charity.  There's no bigger demonstration of GUTS, HEART, COMPASSION & SPORTSMANSHIP than this purpose and act.

    #1. Assure that you are ready to commit at some level to the training that you are asking for.

    #2. Research the background of anyone that you are considering as a trainer or instructor.  Assure that their claims of experience and accomplishments is true.

    #3. The personality of the teacher should be calm and compassionate, not intimidating and scary.  He or she should have students that you can visually see that they are benefiting from that which he offers.  His students should be respectful to him, their fellow students, and you.  And the teacher should be just as respectful to all of them.  Tough talking and walking proves NOTHING about true abilities or teaching intent.  The tone around them should feel like a big family.

    #4. The teacher should be loyal to his teacher(s) and be proud to be connected directly to him (or her).  He should speak highly of his teacher and be excited for you to some day meet him.

    #5. A combat or fighting background in a teacher does enhance and prove his fighting potential.  However, it DOES NOT prove anything regarding his teaching ability.  Look at what type of students and structure he has built before you arrived.

    #6. The teacher should have compassion and care towards others.  He should be selfless, filled with gratitude and always offering positive perspective.  His #1 priority on the training floor should be safety and everyone should know it!  However, he may not be your cheerleader and he definitly won't be your #itch.

    #7. Assure that the teacher that you are prospecting is not simply there to patronize you with false confidence just so he can take your money.  He in fact should have the integrity to deny you and your money if he feels you may not be a compatible student wtih him.  Money should not influence his decisions. 

    #1.  Am I willing to invest in myself to learn this?

    #2. What will I sacrifice to stay involved in this?

    #3. What conditions or situations do I have that could interfere with my training?

    #4. Do I think I could beat up the one that I am going to learn from?

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