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Samatone Yoga

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Practiced in a heated room, this discipline combines Power Vinyasa Flow with Organic Ultrasound© (internal tonal vibration). You can release stress, build strength, increase flexibility, detox, stimulate weight loss, generate balance, reverse the aging process. ...and....just plain feel good!

Whether you desire to be challenged physically, release stress, or courageously face "your stuff" -you'll leave this practice drenched, glowing, physically-free & totally-energized.

The experience of all of us growing together.


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Dr. D.

Just wanted to share a thought with you, in case someone may have the same struggles....When I hurt my back last year I really backed (hehe, no pun) off of yoga and all workouts....but when I started to feel a bit better, I thought (for some crazy reason) that I had to be acertain strength to come back to your classes. I spent about 9months bouncing from yoga class to yoga my gym, at other studios.All I found was that I was taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I continued to hurt myself at these classes. I really believe that it is the order of theflow that you teach that is safe for our spines (yes, that is the chiropractor in me speaking). I am angry at myself for wasting those 9 months,because after the master class and 2 other practices with you, I feel stronger than ever. I dont have the pain after each class that I had at other places. Sooo, if anyone is struggling with an injury, dont think that you have to beat a certain level to return. Come back, modify, and you will grow and get stonger faster! Your classes are BOTH mind and body changing--something I didnt find anywhere else. Anyway...thank you for YOU and just thought this may help someone else.
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January 06, 2017

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