Powerhouse Boxing By Arthur Blackmore

Powerhouse Boxing By Arthur Blackmore

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I enjoy sharing my boxing knowledge with the enthusiast. It is a work out method that continues to keep me in shape and will help anyone seeking to do the same.

I enjoy meeting persons of all ages. It gives me joy to share my experience and to see the results of consistent training. Helping others achieve their goal whether it is to be self confident, healthy, or go on to compete. Boxing is good for the beginner as well as those fully knowledgable of the sport.

I have boxed since I was 40 lbs at age 8. I was professional for 4.5 years. I won many tournaments and state competitions. I have been training for many years and love the personal interaction. You can look up Arthur Blackmore or Powerhouse boxing on the internet for some more information.


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    Tony S.

    When you work with Arthur Blackmore, you dont just work with a coach. Arthur has been both an amateur and professional boxer. This gives him more insight into boxing than most coaches. Besides his technical competence, Arthur is very personable. He pays close attention to people he trains. He remembers their strengths and weaknesses and who they are as a person.
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    May 25, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    My typical process is to discover their level of experience and intentions for the use of boxing.  When lessons begin we learn or brush up on technique.  Boxing also requires great conditioning.

    Basics technique include foot movement,punching techniques, combinations, bob and weave etc.

    Az golden glove champion.

    Former professional boxer.

    $50 Per hour

    I started teaching business owners while a pro

    I have worked with clients of all ages.  From youth to elderly always focusing on their needs and level of fitness.  Boxing has helped persons with parkinsins, and COPD.  In youth it promotes self esteem and the ability to protect oneself in all ages.

    I would advise any student to find someone they can feel confident in.  The first step is to call and discuss your needs.  It is good to find a teacher that is actively showing you how to perform the movement and workes out with you not just stands there and tells you what you do wrong.  We need to have two way communication with the instructor.  

    Most important to think through is what you want out of the lessons.  Do you want to compete, get fit, be more confident or have better personal safety. 

    How much time and effort are you willing to commit to acheive your goal.

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    Mixed Martial Arts