Michael Alvarez Founder PERFITNESS™ Visit Perfitnesspt.com

Michael Alvarez Founder PERFITNESS™ Visit Perfitnesspt.com

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Michael, "The Wolf Of Fitness," is an exclusive personal trainer in the Los Angeles area. Michael has been able to build a vast amount of supporters and clientele putting him in the spotlight. After hundreds of successful client transformations and reviews, he has now been Rated Top Trainer in Los Angeles from 2016-2019

Involved in the health and fitness industry since the age of 16, he has contributed to different fitness companies such as GNC, Total Nutrition, and Jenny Craig Weight Loss Locations all around the nation! Michael is now the proud founder of Healthy Made Easy HME™and CEO of PERFITNESS™ one of Los Angeles's best personal training companies.


15 employees
11 years in business
Serves Los Angeles , CA
Offers online services

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Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Stripe, Zelle, Bitcoin

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Individual training, Couples training

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No specific event, Athletic event or competition, Vacation, Wedding

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Clients who have no gender preference, Clients who want female trainer only, Clients who want male trainer only

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Back problems, Joint pain, Asthma, Pregnancy, Other injuries or medical conditions


Younger than 18, 18 – 22 years old, 23 – 30 years old, 31 – 40 years old, 41 – 50 years old, 51 – 60 years old, 61 or older

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Customers who want to meet once a week, Customers who want to meet 2 – 3 times a week, Customers who want to meet 4 – 7 times a week

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Lose weight, Get toned, Build muscle, Gain flexibility, Boost stamina and endurance

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    william T.

    Excellent weekly experience with Michael Alvarez as my personal trainer. Highly recommend. He is professional, inspiring, and tenacious. Exactly what you want in a personal trainer and health coach.
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    May 08, 2023

    Frequently asked questions

    Welcome current and future clients,

    Michael Alvarez is The owner and founder of Perfitness Personal Training.

     Transforming lives for over 10 years, and continues to inspire all of you to make fitness a lifestyle instead of a temporary quick fix!

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    I offer a wide variety of servies such as:


    • Meal-Prep Services. 

    I'll buy, cook, measure, package and deliver your meals.

    • In-Home Training

    I understand getting stuck in traffic can be stressful.We'll go to you so you don't have to do anything but focus on a phenomenal session!

    • Personalized Diets/workouts. 

    As nutritionist,  I'll guide you step by step on what to eat when to eat and how much to eat for your specific goals. No workout routine is created equal, your personalized routine will focus on those stubborn body parts to maximize each 45-60 minutes session!


    • Body Composition AnalYsis. 

    Your body weight is more than a number on the scale. Our analysis breaks downs fat to muscle ratio. The analysis results help structure the perfect personalized program for your body type.

    Training since: 2005
    Certifications NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer
    Specialties Strength Training, Weight Loss, Sports Performance Training, Core and Balance, Nutrition, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscular Definition, Muscle Gain, Middle Age Fitness Goals, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Stress Release, Wellness, Senior Fitness Training, Corrective Exercise, Post-Rehab Fitness, Post-rehab Training, Functional Training

    I am a 48 year old professional, divorced 4 years ago, with three teenage kids and a hectic life and work schedule. I want to share my experience with Michael Alvarez. January 17, 2016 was the first day I trained with Michael Alvarez. He came highly recommended from a friend. Prior to meeting Michael, over the past 8 years, I have been trained by 4-5 good trainers at my local Equinox. Although they were good, I don't remember the date I started working out with any of them! I remember this date because Michael changed my life. He possess the rare combination of exceptional enthusiasm for getting you results, superior knowledge of the human body, the exercises AND nutrition necessary to develop it, and, he holds you and himself accountable for doing the things that need to be done to achieve your health goals. No excuses. He keeps you motivated along the way because he truly cares about getting you where you want to go. In his hands, you feel his confidence that he can get you there, as long as you put in the effort. He helped me with my diet, and I followed his instructions religiously, and my body fat went from 21% to 11%. I had my doubts at first, but trusted him, and it worked beautifully. He helped get me lean, which is what I wanted, and we built my strength and muscle mass at the same time. As one example, when I started with him, I had not worked out in some period of time, and could barely do 10 pushups or hold a 2 minute plank. Now I am doing 40-50 pushups and recently held a 4 minute plank. My strength gains with weights have been similarly substantial. He insists on taking photographs at the beginning and at different intervals while you are working with him. I had never done that before, and didn't really think it was worthwhile when I originally did it. But after 6 months, I took photos again, and the change in my body was amazing, between the fat loss and the strength gains and muscle development. I originally worked out with MIchael personally when he lived in Miami. When he moved to California, he still trains me through his virtual training program, and I follow his workout regiments to a T, and am continuing to get the further results that I want. As you can tell, I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. I have never been in better shape. I've never been stronger. I've never been more confident of what I can accomplish in the gym and outside the gym. Bring your desire and commitment to him, and Michael can do the same for you. Cheers!

    Justin S.

    Losing Weight, Eating Healthy anything in that nature was very hard for me until I met Mike. Mike honestly became my best friend and my trainer, he's TRULY determined for you to succeed and reach your goal. He creates meal plans , he checks up on you, he asks you to send him pictures (of you and your meals), he motivates you , pushes you , and he even will go as far as doing the workout with you just so you don't give up. Mike Is truly a blessing indeed. His prices are very reasonable, he's truly in it for you to succeed nothing more and nothing less. 

    Deanna J.

    I met Micheal in Miami. As much I was wanted to lose weight, Michael happen to be a trainer that lived in the same building as me and willing to work with my salary, since at the time I was in college with no job. Not only did Micheal teach me exactly what I needed to do and what to eat but he also pushed me and made sure I never gave up. I only had Michael for a trainer for 4 months but since I learned so much from him I always continued. I even keep in contact with him to get advance and show him I'm not letting him down. So I'm 5'1 and I started with him at 188 and it's a year and four months and I weigh 120. Micheal really gave me what I needed to conquer my biggest goal in life. Point is, I highly recommend. Your #1 client ~Whitney Turner

    Whitney T.

    Look here people, if you want a personal trainer, MICHAEL ALVAREZ is the way to go! Is as simple as that. I'm not saying it because I went to high school with him or what not but because I had the opportunity to have him as a trainer when I first started to actually try to lose weight. Let's not even talk about the fact that he KNOWS his stuff when it comes to training, exercising, working out, weight lifting, stretching, eating, etc. Whatever you want to call, the fact is that he knows his stuff. From what to eat, all the way to what exact workout/exercise will focus on what exact muscle/part of your body, he just knows it. But like I said, that's besides the point. What makes him a GREAT personal trainer is the fact that he goes out of his way to accommodate his clients. He tries to make things easier for his clients. Don't get it twisted now, you gonna work! All you need to do is give 110% and you will see results. And remember people, have PATIENCE, results don't come over night. TRUST ME, MICHAEL ALVAREZ IS THE WAY TO GO!! 

    Jose M.

    Services offered

    Life Coaching