Lorenzo Orozco Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing

Lorenzo Orozco Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing

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Offers online services
Offers online services


2016 CA IAMTF Champion Lorenzo Orozco has competed at the high level Ameture Muay Thai

With the love He has for the sport trained nearly every single day since he started taking up boxing and Muay Thai. However, Lorenzo remains active in the fitness and trainer industry, training professional athletes, including UFC fighters. Lorenzo's intense style of training can be translated to his personal experience in the world of athletics, specializing in passing on his boxing knowledge and experience and giving the extra edge and push with every session.

As a personal trainer, Lorenzo has had great success in accomplishing his client’s fitness goals, whether weight loss, professional conditioning, toning, or work capacity.​

Former CA state champion

Trainer at Systems Training Center

Trainer at Team Victory Muay Thai

Trainer at #1 fitness boxing gym in CA (BoxnBurn)

Instagram: lorenzoxorozco

Facebook: Lorenzo Orozco

love helping other achieve and reach there goals while at the same time learning a skill to apply to everday life and watch how boxing and fitness can help promote healthy living and happiness in everday life.


1 employee
9 years in business
Serves Manhattan Beach , CA
Offers online services

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    Alexis P.

    Lorenzo helped me get to my goal from 254lbs to now 130lbs. not only did he help me lose weight with exercise and meal planning he helped me with toning my body so I dont have extra skin. i am proud to say that I can wear shorts, a tank top or a crop top now proudly, because of this young man! Thank you Lorenzo for everything youve done and continue to do to help me maintain my body! I wish I could post before and after pictures for the world to see your worth! Hard work pays off!! now lets get in the gym and hit them bags! Ooooyyyy
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    January 02, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    Warm Ups

    shadow Boxing and foot work drills

    mitt and pad work

    conditioning and cardio

    flexabilith and mobility 

    trained and fought in Bangkok, Thailand

    learned from legends in sport, Sasiprapa gym

    trained UFC fighters

    high level professional MMA fighters

    trained ABO boxin champion 

    trained GBO boxing champion

    standard pricing varies depending on goals and amount of times we meet.

    more we meet=cheaper sessions

    35$-50$ per session 

    sessions typically last a hour unless wanted otherwise

    I started off competing until I was recognized by someone who wanted to learn what I know and were impressed by my knowledge in the sport 

    i teach begginer and advanced mauy thai and boxing for kids, teens, and adults

    trained USA ameture boxers

    professional Boxers

    UFC fighters

    people who want to lose weight and live a healthier life

    joining to be atrainer at number  boxing itness gym in California, Box N' Burn

    you get what you pay for. you wouldnt hire a locksmith to do a plumber job. get someone wo has competed and trained the sport or crat youre trying o learn.

    any questions regarding technique how to move a certain way or if something feels uncomfortable with technique.

    Services offered