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This restorative style of yoga offers a doorway inside. Explore your true nature, the nature of the Self which is BLISS. Come dive into the ocean of bliss through postures that allow access into a deeper realm and ultimately a deeper awareness throughout the body and mind. This style of yoga invites you to welcome the art of “being” as opposed to “doing”.

The main premise of Dantayama yoga is “support equals release”...when you place the body in a position that causes straining and tension, the muscles that are holding the bones in place are now in a state of contraction. Muscles that are contracted are not able to elongate...this phenomena happens not just in a yoga pose (asana), but also simply standing, sitting or walking while engaging in poor posture. Over time, the structural alignment of your spine is impacted due to long periods of sitting at the computer, slouching, reading in bed, carrying a young child on your hip, etc., as the muscles that are working so hard continue to tighten and shorten, this may result in a malformation of the spine. Some of the more common conditions are kyphosis (rounding in upper back), lordosis (deep sway in lower back), scoliosis (curvature of the spine, either upper or lower, or both), or some form of misalignment that reinforces the muscles to contract...otherwise known as a vicious cycle.

When your muscles are able to recede and soften from the applied support, this creates longer, smoother, more resilient musculature that results in stronger, longer muscles. When the muscles are no longer straining, this will allow the bones to be aligned in their natural state. Instead of being plagued by aches and pains in your stiff body, you will be able to feel grounded and anchored with the freedom to move into whatever positions or poses you desire with ease and fluidity.

From the tailbone to the crown of the head...alignment is the key! Good posture promotes good health...allowing prana (life force) to flow freely throughout the chakras (energy centers) located along your spine, culminating in a renewed sense of aliveness!!

My personal thrill is to see students transforming their own sense of comfort and awareness in their body/mind and more!

It has been a pleasure for me to work primarily with the 45 to 75 years old population because their sense of self is renewed and they become more dynamic in all of the aspects of their lives. In other words, they take the qualities of their yoga practice out into their lives.


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Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student, I of course have them fill out the medical history questionare. Depending on what they have going on, we would possibly need to modify some of the poses...but, generally I always make it very clear, they need to honor their body where they are. Only go as far into any of the variations as they feel comfortable with and so on. I also position myself where the new student has a full view of what I am presenting and vice versa. I am carefully keeping an eye on them so that if needed, I can assist in making their experience that much more fulfilling so that they feel successful.

I have extensive training...I have been teaching for over 35 years. I have been trained in a variety of yoga styles which include, Indra Devi, Svaroopa, Kundalini, and Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy as well as the two year Holistic Yoga Therapy program at the Soul of Yoga that I will be graduating from in April 2017.

I am also a Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner, and a Licensed Nurse.

Pricing for our classes here at PB Yoga:

Drop in - $16

5 classes - $65

10 classes - $115

Monthly Unlimited - $125

Auto Debit Monthly Unlimited - $99

New Student Special - Two weeks unlimited classes $25

At 19 years old, a co-worker of mine at Jack La Lanne took me thru a few poses, without even mentioning they were yoga poses. I had an ecstatic experience that changed the trajectory of my life. It wasn't until I was 25 years old that I was able to attend my first Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. The rest is still unfolding.

I have worked with students in both group classes and private sessions, ranging from students with physical disabilities where we were limited to chair poses, to middle school kids that had yoga for their pysical fitness classes and every where in between.

We recently hosted a Siberian Shaman who had been healed of stage 4 cancer when she was only 21 years old. She had been given 3 months to live by her doctors, so she went to stay for 6 months in the Siberian forest with the shamans who ended up bringing about her healing and complete recovery from her bout with cancer. They also trained her in the skills and wisdom of the Siberian Shamans.

I would say, the only way to really get a feel for the type of yoga and or the repoire with that teacher is to actually sample the class for a couple of weeks till you are comfortable in assessing the overall effects.

Well, generally in most studios, you will find classes that appeal to many different types of students...so in that case, I would ask what is the level of your typical students, how many students are typically attending the classes, are the majority of your classes a style called Vinyasa Flow. Vinyasa Flow is generally a very dynamic style that in my opinion is truly meant for students that are in very physically fit and most of the students that attend those classes are either more seasoned students or are in their 20's and 30's. Those classes tend to be very large and the teacher really can't give the attention necessary to prevent a newer or not so physically fit student from experiencing some type of injury.

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