Brutal Reality Self Defense Concepts

Brutal Reality Self Defense Concepts



Although I primarily focus on street self defense, and other related strategies for survival. I do on many occasions, also train in traditional Martial Arts. I’m currently teaching Chinese Kung Fu, but now, I’m trying to divert to my other training arts . Such as the Japanese Martial Arts, in this case, Bujutsu. Or Classical Japanese Weapons Arts. Such as:

-Hanbo Jutsu=Art of the three foot short staff

-Tanto Jutsu=Art of Knife Fighting, and knife self defense

-Yari Jutsu=Ancient Japanese Art of Spear Fighting

-Naginata Jutsu=Ancient Japanese Art of the Halberd/Pole Arm

And so on, and so forth. I have also trained extensively, in a non-weapons art, called ‘Ne Waza’ ( Nay-Wahza’ ). Or the Japanese Art of Ground Fighting, but please note. I do not ever teach the Kodokan Judo version, of Ne Waza! But rather, the ‘Street Version’, of this Art. Judo Ne Waza has:


-Time Limits

-Restrictions ( such as no leg locks, etc. )

My version of Ne Waza, has no rules-time limits-or restrictions! In fact, my version has leg locks-choke holds-and much more!! Very good self defense art, excellent for cardio and conditioning.


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