Anton's Total Body Fitness Exp...

Anton's Total Body Fitness Exp...

Offers online services
Offers online services


How are you guys doing? I have worked with many many people in this time period and what I have learned is that ever Skilled Person is not created the same. I get low down and engaged in every single session, with my clients, to show them the it is doable/ maybe modified but definitely doable. That, in turn, inspires the client to see that Coach/ Sgt. is right there with them striving to get that rep/ exercise in!

I wenjoy when that ligfht bulb finally goes off and we see the eyes light up when they see the progress, however, small. That is when that student will start giving, even more, once they look and see the weight loss/ the toning/ the strikes-punches are looking more precise and coordinated. That is the best feeling in the world..helping someone get to the success of the new them.


20 years in business
Serves Glenarden , MD
Offers online services

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Credit Card, Cash, Check, Zelle


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Individual training, Couples training

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No specific event, Athletic event or competition, Vacation, Wedding

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Customer exercises 0 times per week, Customer exercises 1 – 2 times a week, Customer exercises 3 – 4 times a week, Customer exercises 5-7 times a week

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Clients who have no gender preference, Clients who want female trainer only, Clients who want male trainer only

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Back problems, Joint pain, Asthma, Pregnancy, Other injuries or medical conditions


Younger than 18, 18 – 22 years old, 23 – 30 years old, 31 – 40 years old, 41 – 50 years old, 51 – 60 years old, 61 or older

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Customers who want to meet once a week, Customers who want to meet 2 – 3 times a week, Customers who want to meet 4 – 7 times a week

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Lose weight, Get toned, Build muscle, Gain flexibility, Boost stamina and endurance

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    Frequently asked questions

    The typical process of beginning to work with a new student starts with their goals.  Some want weight loss along with developing the skill-set of Boxing/ MMA or basic Self Defense.  So, depending on that desire is how I will structure my lessons/ sessions.

    I was raised up in the Boxing Arena in Sugar Ray Leonard's Gym, as a youth, and advanced into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Iadvanced even more as a Fitness Instructor along with being a Gym Instructor at Bowie Christian School(K-12th), in later years. My range of Clients extends to the youth under 5 years old all the way to the Elders, over 70+years old.  There are no limits, only modifications needed to ward off injury, and to increase success.

    The pricing range varies from ($30)+ with the length of time that the client wants to train, to the amout of sessions that are paid upfront/ to the travel distance and the various other packages desired by the client+++.

    I was always into sharing my learned experiences, so even as a youth and a student, I was sharing my experiences with the other students / trainees in the Gym.  This evolved as I became more, in depth, with the fitness arena and self defense tactics.

    As stated, above, I have trained a range of Students as varied as the Military/ Law Enforcement/ Youth Students from K-12th grade Adults and Elders that have had ailments to manuveur around.  There are no limits just modifications needed to reach our goals.

    I currently have a Mother and Daughter Team that signed up to loss weight and to learn Defensive Tactics.  It is important to keep the students/ clients engagesd and with multiple people, at a time, that can be rather challenging but tapping into there mindselts will help in those areas.

    I woulld advise the student to talk with the Instructor to see if the level of Expertise is compatible with the desires of the student and go from there with analyzing those skill-sets ects...

    The student should be honest with themselves on the desire for that change in their bbodies/ mind etc.. as this change will take the challenge of schedules/ dietary changes/ monetary ability along with any ailments the student may have that needs to be considered in the plans for success in the program.

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    Mixed Martial Arts