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Lenny Sly Sensei's methodology of Aikido is swift, brutal, and effective for real world application.  Students train all levels together to grow at a faster rate.  

Aikido is a circular art, and much like the ying and yang principle, requires both the ability to take and receive an attack. Skill is attained through developing both - the Uke and the Nage. 100% focus of both is required to hone skill and truly be able to understand how the technique fully works. By learning proper technique to receive an attack without harm, it allows each training partner to practice, through repetition, each skill to the highest level of ability - eventually to practical and devastating speed. Only through this will one be able to really feel how and what is necessary force in the real world. Compassion and trust is vital with training partners so that everyone can train safely to the next level together.

TenShin Aikido integrates more than traditional Aikido techniques into its overall training. Hand deflections, attitude and ukemi, ubidori techniques, are just some of the characteristics that differentiate this art from the traditional form.

The Uke needs to provide a true and honest attack to simulate practical, real world application to the Nage. In turn, the Nage must respond with with true and honest use of force to this attack in order to simulate response in the most "real situation" type feel possible. Without this attitude in training, when faced with an actual life-threatening situation, the response will not be enough to subdue the attack and the entire situation will feel completely foreign.

Hand deflections and style were developed from the methodology of sword techniques. Redirection and deflection of force in these hand and arm deflections, such as Uke Nagashi, mimic these kenjitsu techniques to allow force to pass or "glide down the sword" to transition into the next movement.

This is not Aikido at yoga pace, blending and moving into beautiful dance.

This is Aikido with JET FUEL. This is beautiful violence.

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  • TJ Pierce

    Training the old way full go no BS! You earn what you keep the dues keep the doors open the passion to teach in a manner that proves it's not about the money it's about the student. In the chance you are forced to use what you have learned you WILL be ready! The knowledge stays with you and evolves every secound. If you are serious about your training you have come to the right place, if not you get hurt plain and simple. Come ready and come often and never loose your focus or you will be the first to realise why that is the most important aspect of training, so your partner and you get the most from these highly respected and knowledgeable instructors and the man who brings it all together, as serious as a heart attack and as understanding and kind as a best friend, Len Sly! If you live in the area hands down you are waiting your time anywhere else, and I speak from many years of training in multiple places. So if you are serious about your training and growing in the combative arts this is the place for you, no questions asked! If I was in a place were my life was in danger I would be Honored to have any of these men and women by my side old or new young and distingguished they would have your back till the end any given day. That's what a family is all about.

  • Nora Tomasik

    The attention to detail from the instructor, and the willingness for everyone to help me learn.

  • Brett & Lori from Pennsylvania

    I like the detailed instructions and explanations. The camaraderie is equal to the bond between siblings. They really make you feel like you are family. Lenny Sly Sensei, In my opinion, is the #1 TenShin Aikido instructor in the world!!! Lenny, Bob, Rod, Frank, Chris, Nick..ET AL are all standup guys with tons of knowledge and experience. They actually care about their students and what they teach!!!!!

  • Andrew Rodriquez

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

Basic techniques are the primary focus.  As more advanced techniques are presented, focus and compassion are used by all students to bring the new student up to the higher levels.