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Hi I'm Shelley Devine, the founder and Boss Lady of the award winning fitness program, Evolve Bootcamp. With my in-depth, well rounded knowledge of what it takes to keep the human body in peak condition, I love designing EBC programs for those avid fitness enthusiasts who are looking for something different, and are bored with the run of the mill gym scene.

Certified in yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, stress management instruction, I'm also a certified Thai Massage Therapist and Usui Reiki Master. I've had the extraordinary experience of teaching internationally self-healing techniques and group exercise. I am a well-established and published journalist who has focused my writing skills on female athletes in combative sports. I've worked with both professional athletes and novice beginners.

My passion is to compel Bostonians who take part in Evolve Bootcamp to practice a comprehensive wellness regime by integrating natural, physical movement, conscientious breathing and a positive attitude in their health, fitness and everyday life.


15 years in business
Serves Boston , MA

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After an initial consultation over the phone to determine your goals you will be sent an email confirming our first session which will be a fitness assessment test. The email will include an attached 9 page health and waiver form and a list with multiple class rate options . You will be required to fill the health & waiver form out, sign and initial where indicated and send it back via email prior to their fitness assessment test. You will also receive an email from Evolve-BOD which will contain instructions about taking your Resting Heart Rate the morning of your fit test. After we meet I will put a plan together for our next meeting and the next four weeks or 30 days. At the end of 30 days we will re assess your progress and make adjustments where needed.

My credentials in Martial Arts, Yoga, Fitness training, Alternative Healing Modalities:

1. Sityodtong Boston Muay Thai Academy
Second Level Blue Mongkol in Muay Thai Boxing
Dates attended 2006 - present

Successfully completing and demonstrating all requirements set forth by Kru Mark DellaGrotte, USA Conservator of Thai Style Boxing.

2. Beach Body
P90X Certified 2012

Demonstrated successful completion of the P90X Certification becoming an expert in all aspects of the P90X program granting the opportunity to teach, coach, and inspire others to not only achieve, but exceed their fitness goals

3. Sabai De Ka Massage School
Thai Massage Certification
Dates attended Jan - Feb 2010

Successfully completed a course in Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand

4. AFAA - Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Group Exercise Instructor Certification ( Physical Fitness Technician) 2008-2009

5. NESTA National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
Certified Sport Yoga Instructor, Sport Yoga
Dates attended 2008 - 2009

Successfully completed the educational requirements set forth by NESTA, and has demonstrated understanding and aptitude regarding the requirements to become a Sport Yoga Instructor

6. Spencer Institute
Holistic Stress Management Certification
Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems
Dates attended 2008 - 2009

Successfully completed the educational requirements set forth by the Spencer Institute and has demonstrated understanding and aptitude regarding the requirements to become a Holistic Stress Management Coach

7. NESTA National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association
Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates
Dates attended 2007 - 2008

Successfully completed the required training for the Spencer Pilates Mat & Ball program accredited by NESTA

8. Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED)
Certified Archetypal Consultant, Sacred Contracts / Archetypal Consultant
Dates attended 2006 -2008
Successfully completed two years of intensive and dedicated study, required by Caroline Myss to become an Archetypal Consultant to do archetypal interpretation of an individual's Sacred Contract.

9. Full Circle Aura Company
Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Certification, Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems
Dates attended 2006

Successfully completed the requirements as set forth by the Reiki Healing Connection Association as trained and initiated into the Master's degree of the Usui System of Reiki Healing under Reiki Masters Robynn Stewart and Kenneth Manly. Honoring the Reiki Lineage of Usui, Hayshi, and Takata

10. Yoga Spirit Studios & Healing Center
Degree Name 200 Hour Yoga Certification
Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy
Dates attended 2005 - 2005

Completed the YogaSpirit 200 Hour course requirements for certification as a Yoga Teacher with director and founder Kim Valerie.

11. Shamballa Reiki Multi-Dimensional Healing
Shamballa Reiki Master, Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems
Dates attended 2004 - 2005

Certified as trained and initiated into the 4th degree of the Shamballa Reiki Multi-Dimensional Healing System under Andrea N. Meninno, Master-Healer-Teacher LICSW, RMT

12. New England Small Circle Jujitsu Academy
Black Belt Training, Martial Arts Self Defense Training
Dates attended 2000 - 2005

Setting the Standards for Black Belt training in the art of Small Circle Jujitsu Practical Street Self Protection under Sensei Ed Melaugh

13. ISCA International Sports Conditioning Association
Degree Name ISCA Instructor Certification, Kick Box Exercise
Dates attended 2000

Certified as successfully completing the Level 1 Kick Boxing Certification including 9 hours of Biomechanics, Physiology and Practical Application

14. The Hypnotherapy Training Company
Reiki Level Two Certification
Dates attended 1998

Awarded Certificate of Completion of all Requirements as taught by Reiki Masters Cynthia Oriani and Joe Stallone under program director Julie Griffin BCH

Evolve Bootcamp Private Training offers New Recruits their first 12 pack with a 10% savings! Whether you're a workout novice looking to jump start a healthier lifestyle, overcoming an injury, training for a special event such as a wedding, or an athlete looking for a new challenge such as a mud run obstacle race, Yoga or Muay Thai kickboxing , Evolve Bootcamp will get you hooked on fitness & wellness!

Don't get left behind….. Shelley will come to you! So pick your time and get results in as little as 4 weeks!

*Your Fitness Assessment ($99 value) is free for New Recruits with your 12 pack sign up.

It was more like a calling...people kept asking me to teach them this or that. AND they actually would get owners of gyms to hire me because they wanted to attend a class I taught...from there it lead to outdoor fitness classes because clients wanted to enjoy the parks plus get in a great workout. They really loved the variety I offered in my classes and it was FUN! For the most part my bootcamp, yoga, martial arts classes and healing abilities just evolved and served my clients needs as well as provided me with the privilege to work for myself. I'm very grateful and I've loved every minute of it!!

I've worked with a full spectrum of clients from complete novice to professional athletes depending on their needs. I've assisted clients in creating healthy lifestyle habits which require exercise and a healthy diet to start. The most notable clients I've successfully helped have been those recovering from minor sports injuries to rehabilitation after major surgeries. I've also worked with clients suffering from cancer, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, pain management, relationship issues, conception problems, grief, depression and stress management.

Training my first group of mud runners was especially thrilling. We entertained a wonderful sense of camaraderie on this challenging journey we had never competed in for before. The preparation alone was tough but the campers were game for anything I threw at them. They were all so eager and terrified to run their very first 5K with the added mayhem of running in mud and over various obstacles like mud covered logs, 10 foot wall, and cargo net crawl. The triumph these campers had was nothing short of awesome!
One camper confided later that she always wanted to compete at something but whenever she signed up for anything she would always bag on it at the last minute. It was something that was really bothering her for some time. She was elated to complete her first ever 5K obstacle race and I was humbled by the fact that she overcame such a major obstacle in her mind and I had the fortune to be a part of that. (It took about 24 classes or 2 months to prepare.)

Having a Yoga Teacher Certification requires 200 hours of hands on training. Being a ranked Martial Artist requires years of dedication and training. Arts like these that take 3,000 years to evolve tend to be highly effective. The paths to fitness are many, but using modern means, works only the body. Anyone can become a personal trainer just by passing a test. But understanding how the human body works requires a holistic approach combining ancient arts with the modern science of functional fitness training. When this approach is taken it serves to achieve a symmetrical human being that includes body, mind and soul!

Most clients are thinking of weight loss or building muscle at first but the more lofty question should be "how do I want to create a healthy life for myself with my current abilities?" and, is this a professional that can help me achieve that?

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