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Yoga Mandala is first and foremost a community. Where so much of our world is rolled out in the digital marketplace, we are doing our very best to keep the personal touch alive and well. I respond personally to most emails and phone calls and make sure that there is room for everyone to feel heard. We don’t reach as many people, yet our reach goes deeper, to the heart of what it means to be human. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone. Our intention is always to make each yoga experience an extraordinary one.

We are committed to sharing our belief in the healing capacities of yoga, meditation and reiki practices. The stories that our minds ruminate, the emotions and feelings that wear on the heart, and the symptomatic expressions of our physical bodies are common to every single individual and have huge import on our individual and collective health and happiness. Thus the practices of yoga and cultivating awareness have the capacity to reveal, open, and shift patterns of physical, emotional and karmic resistances within us that are both the cause of our suffering and the source of our greatest joy. Ultimately, the personal (on the mat) and universal (off the mat) dimensions of our practices are, respectfully, about honoring and loving what is unique about ourselves, and about letting go of the stuff that gets in the way of living life fully. So this is what we teach. Every teacher at yoga mandala has a personal story that they bring to their teaching and individual teaching styles. That’s what I love most about Yoga Mandala–there is nothing mainstream about any one of us!

We get bogged down with all the stuff that Life throws at us, and there seems to be less and less time to just be by ourselves, or just plain and simple bored (in which event, the distractions are there at the ready). And for this reason, I intentionally bring a quality of lighthearted friendliness and inquisitiveness to my own teaching, Because so many of our daily tasks put us and keep us in our heads, I am passionate for instruction that gets each and every student into really feeling and being and moving in their own body. There are so many words in the Sanskrit language that serve to refine our definitions of, for example, how to befriend, to bestow beauty upon, to be gracious towards ourselves–mitraya, bhanave, bhadra, I simply ask that when you show up to practice, you practice curiosity instead of judgment, appreciation instead of blame, and that you remain open to the experience that shows up for you without deciding ahead of time what that will be. Through yoga or meditation or whatever it is you do to show up for yourself, can you practice being in your natural perfection? xo


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Frequently asked questions

1. We make contact and talk to you by phone or in person so we can determine what it is specifically you may be looking for in the yoga, meditation or Reiki session and if the fit is right.

2. If the fit is not right, we have a network of practitioners we work with and are happy to make a referral to someone who may be more adept at working with your particular needs or requirements.

3. If the fit is right we set up your first appointment and have you come into the studio. We will do an oral intake at that point, make an assessment of any therapeutic concerns and go from there!

We are primarily a Vinyasa studio but have adapted classes based on the BKS Iyengar methodologies and practices in order to meet more therapeutic needs. We do not heat our studios as we are particularly keen on raising the internal fire naturally through movement, breath and concentration, and inviting the practitioner to receive the benefits of Kundalini/pranic flow.

Please refer to our various biographies under the INSTRUCTORS heading at for more specifics. THANK YOU!

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Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What am I (really) looking for?

2. What kind of teacher can best help me address this?

Talk to them, meet them, ask questions and listen to their answers:

3. Does it FEEL right / good?

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