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I bring close to 30 years of martial arts training from a wide variety of styles. I hold a black sash in Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu. At Lost Step, you will learn a robust fighting system that is broken down into 5 areas.

*Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu – You learn both empty hands and weapons that focus on explosive power and the deceptive use of techniques and footwork through angular attacks. These are taught through forms, drills, and sparring. Weapons that are taught are the short stick, Chinese broadsword, fan, quan dao, and sash whip

*San Shou – You will learn Chinese kickboxing, which includes close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, kick catches, and elbow/knee strikes.

*Chin Na – You will learn joint lock techniques used in the Chinese martial arts to control or lock an opponent's joints or muscles/tendons, so he cannot move, thus neutralizing the opponent's fighting ability. These techniques include using and defending against various weapons.

*Push Hands – You will learn to generate, coordinate and deliver power to another and also how to effectively neutralize incoming forces all while maintaining your root.

*Physical and Mental development – You will learn the body skills necessary for the techniques and applications taught. Mobility, flexibility, balance, strength, and power are all part of the training through animal and primal movements. Mental development such as responsiveness, calmness, strategy, and reflexes a key part of the training.

All five of these areas are integrated together into one fighting system giving the student the ability to fight in all types of ranges and situations. Students learn more than just techniques. They learn how to respond rather than how to react, how to read and a track an opponent with more than their eyes, and how to reroute powerful attacks without losing any ground. Students learn to develop strategies and how to integrate other styles into Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu.

Lost Step Curriculum is great for both kids and adults.

It gives me an opportunity to both share and learn, bettering myself and my students. Martial arts is more than just a physical journey, it’s an internal one as well. When I do my forms, my drills, my sparring I reach an inner calm, an inner peace. Teaching allows me the chance to offer that to others. It allows me to enable others to protect themselves as well as those around them. When I watch my students grow in confidence, both internally and externally, it makes it all worth it. To me martial arts is about restoring balance, bringing order to chaos regardless of whether that is from external conflicts or internal conflicts. When I can practice, teach, or apply what I know I’m bringing that balance into play.

Each student brings a new perspective, approach, and skill sets which continuously gives me new ways to teach and understand my martial arts. I learn something new from every student. To teach is to learn twice. Not only am I do something that I’m passionate about but also share that passion with others and make the world a better and safe place in the process. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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  • Emily Flower

    Very good teacher. He provides a hands on environment. Brian has planned lessons but he will customize to fit your specific needs. Easy to schedule sessions. Good price and very knowledgable and skilled.

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