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Hi,.....thanks for taking a look at my profile, I'd love to help you! I am owner and director of Sol Yoga in the UTC/La Jolla area. My studio has been in operation now for over 8 wonderfully successful years. Whether you are a begnner or advanced practitioner, I love working with all students. I am available for private or group lessons at my studio or I am happy to travel to you. I'd love to help you develop, grow and maintain a fun and rewarding lifetime yoga practice, wether it be homebased or at a studio. Let's talk!

I love meeting new people and helping them better understand the joy and benefits of a fun and consistent yoga practice. Yoga is not only amazing for your body and health, but your mind as well. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my clients increase their flexibility and range of motion, build strength, develop stamina, change their bodies, grow confidence, and grasp the self awarness and calming aspects that yoga can provide!


30 employees
14 years in business
Serves La Jolla , CA


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Susan H.

Troy is a wonderful and very knowledgeable teacher and his studio is beautiful! He is both patient and persuasive. he knows how to get you where you want to be with with lots of laughs and smiles along the way. I highly recommend him (:
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July 14, 2017

Frequently asked questions

I first like to start with a phone interview to determine if we are a good fit for each other. We will discuss your motivation, goals, experience and knowledge of the practice. We'll then determine if you have any physical limitations we need to work with and develop a plan together that is most convenient and best suits your needs. 

I was trained in Toronto, Ontario with Moksha Yoga. I completed their 300 hour RYS curriculumn. I completely fell in love with the practice and it's great benefits and designed, built, and opened my own studio. I have been teaching there since our doors opened in 2009. In my earlier years I was a paramedic, then received a Bachelors of Science degree from The Ohio State University in Allied Health Administration / Radiologic Technology. I worked as a Radiologic Technologist for 9 years primarily in the Emergency and Operating Rooms. I have a very in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology which adds great value to my teaching skills.

My first lesson with consultation is $65 and is 75 minutes

1 lesson is $85

3 lesson package is $240

5 lesson package is $360

My lessons are all 1 hour and my prices are non-negotiable

After working in the medical field for 9 years, I began work with Merrill Lynch in Beverly Hills where I traded stocks for clients. To help manage my stress levels I discovered Bikram Yoga which I loved! I wanted to navigate away from all the greed and corruption of the Wall Street lifestyle and determined that my business knowledge and yoga experience would work well together.

Owning a yoga studio now for over 8 years I have worked with a large variety of students from triathletes to geriatrics, from PhD's to veterans, from PTSD to Buddhists,....I think I'm pretty well diversified (:

One of my students is going through a 2 year long chemotherapy regiment. Some days when he comes to the studio he can barely muster the energy to get into the room. By the time the class is over you can see the change in his attitude, energy, and movement. To watch his determination, appreciation and passion to thrive is an admirable and compassionate feeling difficult to describe. When he leaves my studio each time moving and feeling better than when he arrived, it leaves all us humbled and knowing we make a difference in many students lives.

Hire a teacher with several years experience!

Teachers who teach at dedicated yoga studio operations are generally more qualified than those who don't.

There are many different styles of yoga. Be certain your teachers style or type of expertise in yoga suits your needs well. 

Lastly; Yoga is fun! Find someone you relate to well and allows the experience to be light-hearted and playful,....preferably with lot's of smiles and laughs!

Much of life is understanding and managing expectations. Be certain to understand and convey well your motivations and what you want to acheive. 

Set your timelines for accomplishments, and map out a plan with your teacher to meet them.

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