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We offer Hot Yoga, warm Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Pilates which use the body and mind to study the self while practicing, and alleviate the impact of daily stress.

Hot Yoga is a sequence of poses and breathing exercises from Hatha Yoga, developed by Bikram Choudury. The sequence, scientifically designed, makes possible for all the internal organs, veins, ligaments and muscles to maintain optimum health and maximum function. Practiced Worldwide, Bikram Yoga has proved to systematically work every part of the body. Each posture takes care of a different aspect of the body and in their sequence, the postures work synergistically. Meaning each posture contributes to the success of every other, extending and maximizing the benefits of all. Through regular practice of Hot Yoga you will be able to change the construction of the body from inside out. To change your body, you need to warm and soften your body so it flexible and malleable. Regular practice of the Sequence leads to development of balanced healthy body and a balanced stress-free mind. You will also improve concentration, clarity of thinking, and confidence. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is practiced in a comforting warm room and greatly compliments Hot Yoga and vice versa. Each Vinyasa class is different; the sequences vary and challenge the habitual manner of practicing asanas. Practitioners develop inner awareness and understanding of the poses beyond the movement of the physical body with respect to asana's techniques and outline.

Renata Z.

My involvement with yoga began 10 years ago in a desperate attempt to heal chronic back pain. I played volleyball competitively as a youth and in early adulthood, I started to experience back pain, which eventually became chronic. I learned to live with this pain on a daily basis and just hoped that it would not worsen. But it did...and by the age of 45, I was in constant pain. My husband recommended that I try hot yoga. I was skeptical. How could I benefit from yoga, when I could barely bend forward or side-to-side? I finally gave it a try and gradually, committed myself to practicing 3-4 times a week. After about 2 years, my chronic pain disappeared. Not only did my life become 100% pain free, I also noticed many other benefits: a huge jump in my energy level; clarity and calmness of mind; improved focus and concentration; and my blood pressure and sugar levels were exemplary. This was magic! Yoga is for everyone - give it a chance - heal, feel better and celebrate you!

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