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  • Seattle Guitar Coach

    Seattle Guitar Coach

    Seattle, WA · will Vukin

    I am a patient, professional teacher with over 20 years of experience working with students of all ages, from beginner to advanced. If you are a beginner, I will get you off to a great start and you be surprised at how much you wil be able to play after only one lesson. If you've already been playing for a wh...

  • Chris Lund Guitar Lessons

    Chris Lund Guitar Lessons

    Redmond, WA · chris Lund

    My teaching approach: I have been providing pro quality guitar instruction in the Tacoma are since 1997. In the beginning stages my job is to guide the student in building a strong fundamental foundation upon which to build. As the student becomes more advanced then we can specialize in the various style of t...

  • Amir C. Suleiman Guitar Lessons

    Amir C. Suleiman Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · amir C. Suleiman

    My teaching approach: I have developed a method that allows you to understand scale placement in a very simple manor. Many students that have come from other teachers and text like my quick and concise way of expressing the fundamentals of lead playing. I will train your ears and introduce you to music theory...

  • Luke Olver Guitar Lessons

    Luke Olver Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · luke Olver

    My teaching approach: I give students a great, fun learning experience to make sure they are getting their money\'s worth and attaining or surpassing their personal goals. Learning any instrument should be a fun process while still challenging, so I ensure my students are understanding what they\'re playing a...

  • Michael Hanrion Guitar Lessons

    Michael Hanrion Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · michael Hanrion

    My teaching approach: Playing the guitar should be fun as well as educational. I have been traditionally taught guitar for 7 years as well as one year of classical training. all togeather I have played for 17 years. If allow me to teach you I will teach you how to read as well as learn songs you enjoy playing...

  • Laurie Miller Guitar Lessons

    Laurie Miller Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · laurie Miller

    My teaching approach: I play bass for a living. Recently I was playing with Goldy McJohn (Steppenwolf's keyboardist). I have hung with some heavy jazz cats in LA - Sal Marquez - (trumpet - Zappa, Leno show, etc.). I like to teach from a basic theory - learning the 12 bar blues, and scales, so that the student...

  • Matthew Haller Guitar Lessons

    Matthew Haller Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · matthew Haller

    My teaching approach: I've networked/played with various members of Heart, Bad Company, & Queensryche. My name's Matt. I've been playing guitar since 1986, and teaching guitar since 1991. I've been certified with a 5-step music certification process that helps ensure students get matched with the best teacher...

  • David Hillman Guitar Lessons

    David Hillman Guitar Lessons

    Seattle, WA · david Hillman

    My teaching approach: I feel that learning the guitar should be a fun experience no matter how serious you are about it. I also like to show you how much you already naturally know about music. I've developed a great curriculum which I tailor around how you learn & what you want to know. Please read reviews w...

  • Jim Fitzpatrick Guitar Lessons

    Jim Fitzpatrick Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · jim Fitzpatrick

    My teaching approach: I've been playing for over 35 years, & teaching professionaly for 25 years - at various local music stores, EdCC community college, on cable television, and privately at my home studio. My father was a college music teacher, and I myself have attended 3 colleges studying guitar, music th...

  • Jamie Barrows Guitar Lessons

    Jamie Barrows Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · jamie Barrows

    My teaching approach: I teach from a series of books myself and a fellow guitar instructor consider to be some of the best and most informative books on the market. The books can be purchased on or through the shop. My influences are: Yngwie Malmsteen, Rusty Cooley, Darrel Abbot, John 5, Mark Mor...

  • Steven Pontius Guitar Lessons

    Steven Pontius Guitar Lessons

    Pike Place Market, WA · steven Pontius

    My teaching approach: My approach to teaching is simple, I teach you in the direction you would like to go, I try to make you the guitar player you want to be. I will show you how to read and write music, learn scales, chords, and how to construct and improvise a solo properly. I will use books i think fit yo...

  • Bob Crow Guitar Lessons

    Bob Crow Guitar Lessons

    Seattle, WA · bob Crow

    My teaching approach: My name is Bob Crow, and I've been teaching in Seattle full time since 2005. My lesson studio is in the Ballard neighborhood. Learn the techniques and theory needed to make the music you want to make, whatever that may be. My job is to help guide you through that process, and help you ma...

  • Music Lessons for All Ages & All Levels

    Music Lessons for All Ages & All Levels

    Seattle, WA · ari Joshua

    I encourage students to find their goals and together we make a pathway to success....

  • Shawn Bayly Guitar Lessons

    Shawn Bayly Guitar Lessons

    Redmond, WA · shawn Bayly

    My teaching approach: I take a different approach for each student depending on what they would like to learn. I specialize in electric jump-blues, fingerpicking acoustic blues/country/folk, travis picking and slide. & I base my music theory teachings off of the Jazzmaster Cookbook, which is a textbook I reco...

  • Cody DeLaney Guitar Lessons

    Cody DeLaney Guitar Lessons

    Redmond, WA · cody DeLaney

    My teaching approach: First, I listen to what the student's goals are. I fit lessons to the individual student. I am 17 but have been playing guitar for most of my life. I understand how students struggle when learning guitar and I will keep them confident while teaching them how to accomplish the goals that ...

  • Alvin Earick Guitar Lessons

    Alvin Earick Guitar Lessons

    Redmond, WA · alvin Earick

    My teaching approach: My approach is, the first lesson is about discovering your students intent with the instrument. Whether they are planning on playing around the campfire, or playing in front of crowds. If they are going to play with other musicians, or by themselves. Requirements are different, depending...

  • James Bilderbeck's Guitar Lessons

    James Bilderbeck's Guitar Lessons

    Seattle, WA · james Bilderbeck

    Music fosters a lifetime of fulfilling experience. Feel the joy of learning to play the songs you love! James Bilderbeck’s teaching method combines the technical aspects of playing guitar with music theory, giving students the tools to compose their own music....

  • Roberts Music Institute

    Roberts Music Institute

    West Bellevue, WA · rob Miller

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: RMI is a one of a kind music school and is designed to open the door to the artistic, creative and technical side of contemporary musicianship. The Roberts Music Institute is a performance oriented...

  • Clark Grogan Guitar Lessons

    Clark Grogan Guitar Lessons

    West Bellevue, WA · clark Grogan

    My teaching approach: I teach the student everything they need to know about music by helping them learn the music that they want to play. My approach is student driven. Every thing you need to know about me is at the myspace adress or website. this includes influences and recorded music. My guitar lessons t...

  • Phil Hansen Guitar Lessons

    Phil Hansen Guitar Lessons

    West Bellevue, WA · phil Hansen

    My teaching approach: Phil Hansen has been a full time music teacher since 1973 and has taught at 2 colleges, 3 high schools, and in many music stores since that time. He currently teaches private lessons on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and Bass in Auburn on Mondays and Tuesdays at Green River Music, on Thursday ...

  • Music Works Northwest

    Music Works Northwest

    West Bellevue, WA · front Desk

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: We have taken great care in selecting our faculty. Our teachers, therapists and ensemble directors/coaches have strong academic credentials (many with Doctoral Degrees, graduate level backgrounds, a...

  • Alan Roberts Guitar Lessons

    Alan Roberts Guitar Lessons

    Kirkland, WA · alan Roberts

    My teaching approach: I have performed in regional cover bands, hosted open mic nights and taught guitar for 25 years. I have also owned and operated two music retail stores that specialized in guitar and pro sound. Lessons are highly individualized to each student, focusing on their goals and helping them to...

  • Chris Weyers Guitar Lessons

    Chris Weyers Guitar Lessons

    Kirkland, WA · chris Weyers

    My teaching approach: All of my students receive an individual lesson plan and strategy designed to get the best results in the shortest amount of time based on their own individual goals. My influences are: There are far too many to name, and they range from nearly all genres, from rock to classical, metal ...

  • Acknowledge Music

    Acknowledge Music

    Seattle, WA · adam King

    Hello! I've been teaching guitar and piano in the Seattle area for about ten years now. I specialize in beginner students, but I am also available to help hone your technique if you're already off and running. I am classically trained, but I can teach any genre. I generally like to get to know what kind of mu...

  • Colin Bradford Guitar Teaching

    Colin Bradford Guitar Teaching

    Seattle, WA · colin Bradford

    I teach guitar in all styles. I have a degree in classical guitar from Columbia College Chicago. I balance fun with technique and music theory. I will give you the knowledge to grow musically, not only with me but in your own self study....

  • Joe Walker Guitar Lessons

    Joe Walker Guitar Lessons

    Seattle, WA · joe Walker

    My teaching approach: My teaching approach varies from student to student, but it always revolves around the music you love. The sooner and more often we can get you playing your favorite songs, the quicker your progress will be. My professional experience includes a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies, oc...

  • Brian Lundell Piano Instruction

    Brian Lundell Piano Instruction

    Redmond, WA · brian Lundell

    I believe that the key to successful learning at any age is making piano lessons fun. I am an accomplished piano instructor with 25 years of experience. I offer a unique approach by integrating the basics of piano instruction with music selection tailored to the individual student. This provides my students ...

  • Brian Lally, Guitar & Bass Lessons

    Brian Lally, Guitar & Bass Lessons

    Seattle, WA · brian Lally

    Learn from a performing professional! Gift certificates available. Brian's past engagements have included a live on-air performance on the Bob Rivers Morning Show on 102.5 KZOK FM, in-concert performances at the Seattle Arts in Nature Festival, the Northwest Faerie Festival, and the Seattle Museum of the My...

  • Alex Sturbaum Guitar Lessons

    Alex Sturbaum Guitar Lessons

    Redmond, WA · alex Sturbaum

    My teaching approach: I have played Irish rhythm guitar for over a decade, and have played in several nationally touring bands, including Gallimaufry and Countercurrent. I have thorough understanding of traditional Irish and related folk music, and play several other Irish instruments. I tend to teach via a h...

  • Musical Mind Piano Studio

    Musical Mind Piano Studio

    Mercer Island, WA · connie Wible

    Connie Wible is the Owner of Musical Mind Piano Studio and Store and the Founder of MI Music Technology Camp located on Mercer Island, Washington between Seattle and Bellevue. She has worked with young musicians for over 35 years, teaching, accompanying and performing and composing. Connie started lessons at...

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