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  • Jensen Kvarnes Guitar Lessons

    Jensen Kvarnes Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · jensen Kvarnes

    My teaching approach: I teach beginning and intermediate acoustic and electric guitar to students of all ages above 8 yrs. I am friendly, fun and patient and will start you playing right away. Older students will start with two chords they can strum and play in the first lesson, and youngest students will st...

  • Dirk Johnson Guitar Lessons

    Dirk Johnson Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · dirk Johnson

    My teaching approach: I specialize in beginners on acoustic guitar. I have developed very sturctured, proven method that teaches the student to establish basics skills, and then build upon them, at their pace. My guitar lessons take place in: in the teacher's studio or student's home Guitar Lessons with m...

  • B&B Music World

    B&B Music World

    Fairfax, VA · bhagwan Khalsa

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: We provide private music lessons at the homes of our students. Our teachers are dedicated to sharing the joy of music. Because Music Matters! B&B Music Lessons is a Washington DC small business wh...

  • Scott Robertson Guitar Lessons

    Scott Robertson Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · scott Robertson

    My teaching approach: My one-on-one sessions always produce a "stress free" situation in which to receive the instruction, comprehend it, and then put it in to play. My influences are Hendrix, David Gilmour, SRV, Jimmy Page, Skynyrd, Danny Barnes, Allman Bro's, and many others Classic and Southern Rock guita...

  • Christopher Henry Guitar Lessons

    Christopher Henry Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · christopher Henry

    My teaching approach: I am a Murphy Method teacher, and I teach completely by-ear with no written materials such as tablature used. My guitar lessons take place in: either your home or my studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Winchester, Vienna, McLean Guitar Techniques: Lead...

  • Dan Lamaestra - One Step Up Studio

    Dan Lamaestra - One Step Up Studio

    Vienna, VA · daniel Lamaestra

    I have played music for my entire adult life, and started on guitar at the age of 16. The US NavyBand is my main job, where I work as a classical and jazz pianist, and occasionally play guitar and bass as required for the job. I have been there for 13 years, and hold the position of presidential support pia...

  • Anthony Granata Guitar Lessons

    Anthony Granata Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · anthony Granata

    My teaching approach: Mr. Granata... is a Musician, Composer, Teacher, & Author,- with over 35 years with the Guitar. He offers private guitar instruction through his company Guitar-Instruction, Inc., when availability permits,: In 2003 he produced his first book “ An introduction to the Guitar” In 2007-2008...

  • Seidenman's Guitar

    Seidenman's Guitar

    Germantown, MD · steven Seidenman

    I have been performing as a professional classical guitarist for over 25 years. I have at least 15 years of experience teaching guitar, including teaching at Dale Music Co. and Montgomery College Music Department as an adjunct guitar instructor. I started guitar lessons when I was 8 years old, and have studie...

  • Tony Greenfield Guitar Lessons

    Tony Greenfield Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · tony Greenfield

    My teaching approach: Low Stress… No Pressure… Set Your Own Pace… Have Fun! I have no teaching degree, but I've taught many and they all Love it! If you REALLY Want To Play Guitar… I can help you achieve this goal in a very Fun and Relaxed way… Singing too! R E A D Y ? ? ? Let’s Go! Call Me: 703-407-8277 Hi!...

  • Rich Russman Guitar Lessons

    Rich Russman Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · rich Russman

    My teaching approach: Learn guitar by building a repertoire. Ear training, music theory, improvisation, playing technique, and practice methods are all incorporated into the songs you learn. My influences are: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Pete Townshend, The Allman Brothers, Robben Ford, Robert...

  • RockNfunmusic


    Fairfax, VA · diane Glass

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: Lessons are in home or in our Arlington studio. Students should start with learning the songs they enjoy playing while simultaneously learning the basics of their instrument....

  • Anthony Vespoli Guitar Lessons

    Anthony Vespoli Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · anthony Vespoli

    My teaching approach: I believe in teaching beginner students their favorite songs using tabs. Then after they become comfortable playing a guitar, we can begin to slowly integrate musical theory and I can teach them how to read sheet music, identify chords, create scales, etc. My influences are: My previo...

  • Anthony Gerogosian Guitar Lessons

    Anthony Gerogosian Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · anthony Gerogosian

    My teaching approach: Classical method approach to acoustic guitar, to include music reading, theory, ear training and sight singing (to assist in recognizing intervals and matching pitch). Guitar Duo Classes, as well as Private Instruction, are available. The "duo" class is a half hour per week, and session...

  • Joshua Walker Guitar Lessons

    Joshua Walker Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · joshua Walker

    My teaching approach: My areas of expertise are jazz and improvisation, rock, funk, and R&B. I build the lesson plans around the student's (or parent's) aspirations for the guitar. I will use a combination of theory, examples from recorded sources, music reading, and improvisation, depending on what the stud...

  • Deffenbaugh House Of Music

    Deffenbaugh House Of Music

    Fairfax, VA · mark Deffenbaugh

    My teaching approach: Mark Deffenbaugh is the founder and operator of The Deffenbaughn House of Music In addition to his work at The Deffenbaugh House of Music, Mark is an active music educator, pianist, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, composer and producer. Mark started making music at the age of six. At s...

  • Alex Salser Guitar Lessons

    Alex Salser Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · alex Salser

    My teaching approach: I am a nationally touring musician with the folk band Dear Creek and play in a wide variety of groups in the D.C area. I have a degree from Shenandoah Conservatory in Arts Management and Jazz Guitar. I like to help my students develop their musical style and get them to where they are p...

  • Dan Sachs Guitar Lessons

    Dan Sachs Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · dan Sachs

    My teaching approach: Playing guitar since the age of 8. Have performed in 12 counties and 30 states with over 80 bands of various styles. My influences are: Too many to name. Probably anyone I ever heard in one way or another. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me...

  • Michael Hill Guitar Lessons

    Michael Hill Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · michael Hill

    My teaching approach: Student will learn blues basics and move into generic rock as we go. Blues is the basis for most modern music, so we start with the basic blues and rudimentary guitar skills, then move into learning full songs. My influences are: Anything good :) My guitar lessons take place in: The...

  • Carl Grossman Guitar Lessons

    Carl Grossman Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · carl Grossman

    My teaching approach: I'm very ethical and don't like to waste students money so I don't mind - if they are not prepared for a lesson - to skip it, rather than sit there and watch them practice what they should have done during the week. I was raise on classical but am a verteran of many bands so I can go ei...

  • Steve Killian Guitar Lessons

    Steve Killian Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · steve Killian

    My teaching approach: I design lesson plans to fit the individual student. Please visit my website at to hear audio samples, read student testimonials and more! My influences are: Joe Pass, George Benson, Chet Atkins, Barney Kessel My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's stud...

  • Mark Maggiolo Guitar Lessons

    Mark Maggiolo Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · mark Maggiolo

    My teaching approach: Almost 40 years of professional playing and teaching on guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, dobro, keyboard and fiddle. My influences are: Influences range from guitarists of the 1920s to the modern greats. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me tak...

  • Jeff Doan Guitar Lessons

    Jeff Doan Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · jeff Doan

    My teaching approach: I have always taught using tabs, eventually once we work up to it I teach guitar theory (chords, notes, etc). Along the way I will teach you techniques and exercises to strengthen your skills as well. My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take ...

  • Morgan Henry Guitar Lessons

    Morgan Henry Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · morgan Henry

    My teaching approach: I teach popular styles except classical, hiphop, ethnic and flamenco. Guitar playing is FUN. My teaching style is to find songs you want to play, and inject necessary concepts into the process of learning it. Includes music theory and technique. I use ear training, chord diagrams, tab, ...

  • Gerard Moreno Guitar Lessons

    Gerard Moreno Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · gerard Moreno

    My teaching approach: FLamenco-total immersion. This includes understanding the musical forms, the history, and the right approach to this musial tradition. I will also be conducting classes for dance accompaniment. Onece students have received a basic orientation in the art, an important part of the program...

  • Billy Hancock Guitar Lessons

    Billy Hancock Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · billy Hancock

    My teaching approach: I prefer my students to read music, but do not insist on it. I teach reading on all levels but also tablature. My approach is to make each student feel comfortable with custom made lessons. I do not believe in a one size fits all program. I am an expert at chord-melody. I also excel in ...

  • Jerry White Guitar Lessons

    Jerry White Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · jerry White

    My teaching approach: I specialize in creative learning. Students will learn how to read tablature, sheet music, & chords. My students also learn to improvise by playing melody over a chord structure. They will learn how to create background tracks and play melody over it. I also incorporate creative marketi...

  • Mark Campayno Guitar Lessons

    Mark Campayno Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · mark Campayno

    My teaching approach: Mark's career in music began with the guitar in 1982. Already 34, there was a long road ahead. He taught himself theory and guitar and continued to wait for an opportunity. Mark decided to pursue a degree in Music Education. Upon graduating from Seton Hill University in 2003, Mark accep...

  • Justin Pirocchi Guitar Lessons

    Justin Pirocchi Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · justin Pirocchi

    My teaching approach: Students of mine will learn starting from some of the very basics all the way up to some more advanced techniques. They will learn the theory behind the music and how to compose their own songs. My areas of expertise are blues, improvisation, rock, pop, and folk guitar. I teach on a Fen...

  • James Peterson Guitar Lessons

    James Peterson Guitar Lessons

    Fairfax, VA · james Peterson

    My teaching approach: I like to emphasize good technique. This way the students can apply this at home and learn a lot on their own. I like to help students help themselves. I also like to use songs of the student's choice to learn with and I am open to any style of music. I can help you become anything from...

  • Life Music Academy

    Life Music Academy

    Fairfax, VA · michelle Fragar

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: We have lessons in vocals, piano, drums, guitar. Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading ...

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