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  • Jimmy Kunz Guitar Lessons

    Jimmy Kunz Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · jimmy Kunz

    My teaching approach: In my younger years I opened up for acts such as the Allmand bros .Fleetwood Mac.I have played for over 45 years and I play by ear and teach others to really play what they want to. Im a pretty laid back teacher and want the student to have fun in the lessons. If you just want to learn c...

  • Charles Williams Guitar Lessons

    Charles Williams Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · charles Williams

    My teaching approach: My approach is simple: I ask the student what their goals are and then we map out an approach to meet those goals. The most common method is to learn music/songs by their favorite artists and use the music as a vehicle to identify weakness to focus on improving. For improvising, working ...

  • New School of Music

    New School of Music

    Atlanta, GA · nick Smith

    Best describes my music education organization: music school offering a guitar curriculum, music store offering guitar lessons, guitar studio offering guitar lessons Instrument Type: Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Classical guitar, Electric bass Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerstyle,...

  • Amy Lashley Guitar Lessons

    Amy Lashley Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · amy Lashley

    My teaching approach: I have taught guitar for 3 years. I am a performing singer-songwriter and am currently completing my B.M. in Music Education. My teaching approach is simple- I listen to what the student wants to accomplish, and outline a plan of study that suits their needs. For students who have no ide...

  • Chris Bowman Guitar Lessons

    Chris Bowman Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · chris Bowman

    My teaching approach: Lessons are privately tailored to meet the student's goals and expectations. A goals sheet is filled out, and we direct the lessons to meet the student's goals. Having fun with it is important. My guitar lessons take place in: In the teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place i...

  • Sean Patterson Guitar Lessons

    Sean Patterson Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · sean Patterson

    My teaching approach: I'm teaching classic rock tunes exclusively. Right from the beginning, my students learn the songs that they want to play, that they've heard on the radio and identify with. This makes them want to practice, and practice is what makes them better players. They play note-for-note with the...

  • Andrew Connors Guitar Lessons

    Andrew Connors Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · andrew Connors

    My teaching approach: Instructing guitar students of all levels and styles (ages 9 and up). Pupils will learn to build upon a strong foundation rooted in fundamental techniques, and an understanding of music theory (as directly pertains to the guitar). These elements will be further applied through developing...

  • Johnna Jeong Guitar Lessons

    Johnna Jeong Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · johnna Jeong

    My teaching approach: It is my goal as a music educator to nurture the talents of aspiring musicians of the next generation or simply share the joy of music with the novice player. My influences are: Too many to list. I enjoy listening to and playing a lot of different music. My guitar lessons take place i...

  • Adam Plato Guitar Lessons

    Adam Plato Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · adam Plato

    My teaching approach: I believe that keeping the student happy and motivated is the most important aspect. The way that I learned was a balance of techniques, scales, rhythms, chords and other bookwork and then applying those techniques to popular songs the student likes. This helps to keep all aspects of the...

  • Guy Fenocchi Guitar Lessons

    Guy Fenocchi Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · guy Fenocchi

    My teaching approach: Teaching Music is my profession and livelihood. I enjoy working with students who love music, and want to learn Teacher Expectation: Practice Show up to the lesson on time Be prepared with instrument and materials Ready to study music My influences are: Wes Montgomery, John Scofield, Em...

  • Adam Dumas Guitar Lessons

    Adam Dumas Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · adam Dumas

    My teaching approach: Students will get a fun learning experience in multiple styles of music. I have a signature "Slash" Les Paul and a full fu My influences are: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, U2, Green Day, The Beatles, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith nctioning recording studio. My guitar lessons take place i...

  • Jana Cummiskey Guitar Lessons

    Jana Cummiskey Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · jana Cummiskey

    My teaching approach: I teach the student how to BE as bass player. S/He learns the role of a bass player. Lots of attention is paid to rhythm, grooves, steady tempo, jamming, and following chord charts to create a bass line. I encourage improvisation of bass lines using a chord chart as a guide. My guitar l...

  • Randy Dobson GuitarLessons

    Randy Dobson GuitarLessons

    Atlanta, GA · randy Dobson

    My teaching approach: I meet my students on their level and really work to make them the best players they can be. My main objective is to unlock my students' potential and then work to develop it beyond ordinary expectations. I have a true passion for music and it shows in my teachings. I am an upper-class m...

  • Deidre McCalla Guitar Lessons

    Deidre McCalla Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · deidre McCalla

    My teaching approach: I have been a working professional for over twenty years. My approach is to emphasize solid guitar fundamentals which are the tools for playing every style of music. My influences are: My influences are Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, and James Taylor. My guitar lessons take ...

  • Matthew Chenoweth Guitar Lesssons

    Matthew Chenoweth Guitar Lesssons

    Atlanta, GA · matthew Chenoweth

    My teaching approach: de-mystifying theory for an advanced understanding of songs, songwriting and soloing. I studied at Berklee College of Music (also New England Conservatory, BU Conservatory) and prefer the simplicity of Berklee's theory approach. I use it continually as a player, songwriter and performer ...

  • Katherine McGuire Guitar Lessons

    Katherine McGuire Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · katherine McGuire

    My teaching approach: I have played guitar and ukulele for over thirty years. I studied acoustic guitar with Charlotte Adams and classical guitar and lute with Terry Muska, and hold a Master's degree in music performance (voice) from Appalachian State University. I teach classical and acoustic fingerstyle gui...

  • Marykate Arnold Guitar Lessons

    Marykate Arnold Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · marykate Arnold

    My teaching approach: I teach from a christian perspective My influences are: Third day, John Mayer, and Kari Jobe My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Douglasville Ga Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Performance, Jamming Skills, So...

  • Muse for Life

    Muse for Life

    Atlanta, GA · front Desk

    Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: Muse for Life is a community inspiration and arts center located in the heart of downtown Sandy Springs on Roswell Road. We believe that music is therapeutic to the mind, body and soul. Instrument ...

  • Brent Shelly Guitar Lessons

    Brent Shelly Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · brent Shelly

    My teaching approach: Music is in my blood. I am a multi-instrumentalist but specialize in guitar. I've been making music all my life. I am influenced by a wide range of musical styles from classical to hardcore and EVERYTHING in-between. I will customize your lessons based on your personal musical goals. One...

  • Key Music Center

    Key Music Center

    Atlanta, GA · bill Realbuto

    Academic Opportunities: private lessons, group lessons, ensemble classes, recitals/performance, composition/songwriting, harmony, rhythm, music reading, theory Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: We offer private and group classes to...

  • Tara Chiusano Guitar Lessons

    Tara Chiusano Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · tara Chiusano

    My teaching approach: I am a very patient teacher who is very good with beginners. Several of my students are children because I'm great with kids. I teach my students how to play the songs they love and also teach them valuable music theory. I am a professional singer-songwriter for children's music and I se...

  • John Maddox Guitar Lessons

    John Maddox Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · john Maddox

    My teaching approach: My teaching approach is to teach students how to play the basic chords by teaching them how to read a guitar chord chart. I teach the basics on positioning and holding the guitar properly. Also going over the most important components of the electric and acoustic guitars. My guitar less...

  • Todd Hardaway Guitar Lessons

    Todd Hardaway Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · todd Hardaway

    My teaching approach: My teaching approach applies totally as to were a individual is at in there playing skills so my approach totally lies in that and which will deterimine were we go from there their goals their ambitions and the style they are trying to achieve. My favorite as guitar players are wide rang...

  • Russell Rodgers Guitar Lessons

    Russell Rodgers Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · russell Rodgers

    My teaching approach: My system is broken down into 3 main sections - scales and technique, styles, and reading. All of these can be tailored to fit the student's needs and personal interest. The sections of my program were developed from my personal experience and challenges I faced in my development as a ba...

  • Devon Gronka Guitar Lessons

    Devon Gronka Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · devon Gronka

    My teaching approach: I graduated with a degree in music performance from Reinhardt College specializing in classical guitar with a minor in upright bass. I have experience playing a wide range of styles, from classical to oldies to jazz to hard rock. I teach students how to read sheet music and chord charts....

  • Al Rietti Guitar Lessons

    Al Rietti Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · al Rietti

    My teaching approach: With our innovative Guitar-teaching method anyone can learn at a record time. My influences are: Spanish and Latin artists My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar lessons typically take place on these days and hours: Any time - by appointmen...

  • Matthias Young Guitar Lessons

    Matthias Young Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · matthias Young

    My teaching approach: Each guitar lesson is tailored for the needs of each individual guitar student. I run the guitar programs at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center and at Emory Continuing Education at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Gu...

  • Rebecca Fox Guitar Lessons

    Rebecca Fox Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · rebecca Fox

    My teaching approach: I have played musical instruments for eleven years and currently play six separate instruments and sing. I am a major part of my church's praise team, preforming every Sunday. I believe that it is important that students enjoy and look forward to lessons. I will work toward this goal whi...

  • Ivan Pietropaolo Guitar Lessons

    Ivan Pietropaolo Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · ivan Pietropaolo

    My teaching approach: I have worked in Atlanta as a guitarist over the past ten years (Localuna, Cafe` Anis, Eclipse di Luna, Pampas, East Andrews, The Grape, Rio Grande, Sala, Apres Diem, Pricci, Fuego, Ritz-Carlton……) performing many styles of music (Jazz, Latin, Rumba/Nuevo Flamenco, Rock, Blues, Bossa) I ...

  • Moses Staimez Guitar Lessons

    Moses Staimez Guitar Lessons

    Atlanta, GA · moses Staimezq

    My teaching approach: Feel like a rock star from the start! Learn music from a true industry professional with a resume to back it up. I have years of experience recording and performing with some of the biggest names in the music industry including NEW EDITION,BOBBY BROWN, TYLER PERRY, INDIA ARIE and JENNIFE...

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